CFA vs FRM | Which is Better for Your Career, Salary, and Wallet?

Both the chartered financial analyst (CFA) and financial risk management (FRM) credentials designate professionals who are knowledgeable in finance and capable of analyzing investments. Although both certifications are financially based, they are very different in nature and allow their holders to perform different tasks and specialize in different activities. Let’s take a look at both

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How Many CPAs are in the USA

664,532: The Total Number of Active CPAs in the USA

There are well over half-a-million licensed Certified Public Accountants in the US according to a recent study performed by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. This is roughly the population of El Paso, TX! This data was assembled from NASBA’s interstate database that holds records from all 55 state boards and licensing authorities

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Best Accounting Certifications: CPA, CFA, CMA, EA, CIA

There are a ton of different accounting certifications that accountants can use to enhance their careers, achieve promotions, and get pay raises. Each of these of these accounting designations are slightly different and have a different career focus. So depending on what you want your career to look like, some of these might be right

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