Here are the steps we went through to install the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software needed to view the e-books).

First we went to this Adobe page.

Then we clicked on “DOWNLOAD NOW” and followed the steps listed.

After a while the window said “installation complete”


You download the book file itself at E-books CPA Review (Right-click on the title of the book on that page to download it.)

When you do that you get a list of choices.

Select “save target as” and

then choose the folder in which you want to save the book on your hard disk. If you don’t know where to save it, you might create a new folder called “CPA exam self study books” and put it there.

That way you’ll know where to look for the book on your hard disk and won’t have to download it every time you want to use it.

Estimated download times (per book) for cable/DSL: 1-2 minutes


Once you have the PDF book text file saved on your hard disk, double click on the icon for that file.

That automatically starts the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. It will ask you for a password to view the file.

When you pay for the e-book you are asked for the e-mail address where you would like the password sent.
The password will come to you in an e-mail from Yvette at
Please put this address in your list of acceptable e-mail addresses to be sure it doesn’t wind up in your spam folder.

Type that password in the box, click “OK” (or just hit the enter key), and you should see the title page of the book on your screen.

Reading the e-book is actually easier than reading a paper book because of the ease with which you can “jump around” in the book.

    • The “page down” and “page up”keys work.
    • You can “drag” the scroll bar on the right side of your screen to go to various parts of the book.
    • You can go directly to any page in the book (document – go to page).
    • You can search for terms.
    • In the index, you can click on an index topic to go directly to that page.
    • You can print pages to take them with you to study where you won’t have your computer.
    • Many of the AIS self study CPA review e-books have a dictionary of terms at the back to help you understand the meaning of obscure technical terms.
For more information on e-books see the CPA Review Self Study E-books.