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You have business needs. We have business answers!
We have the fastest turn-around times along with the friendliest staff around.

You want an experienced advertising print and mail house that has a proven track record. Our company is CASS and PAVE CERTIFIED by the U.S. Post Office – the highest accreditation you can earn. We process mail in all categories; standard presort (bulk), enhanced saturation carrier route, first-class presort, non-profit certified. We will provide you with the best postage discounts available. We’ll add new contacts to your existing client database, verify your addresses, zip+4+2 delivery point address them and get them in YOUR potential clients hands!!

The U.S. Post Office prefers your company use a mail house. This is why we can get discounts for you, automating your mail that you couldn’t ordinarily get on your own. The fact that continuing postage rate increases make it more and more costly to get your word out to potential customers should not deter you from advertising! We do all the work for you, and when your postage savings are realized, you SAVE MONEY! If you don’t advertise, your customers don’t know what you can do for them, and you don’t gain customers. We will process your mail from BEGINNING TO END in the most COST EFFECTIVE and SUCCESSFUL way to advertise today. No mailing too small or too large.

Put The Paperwork Place, Inc. to work for you!!

Here are just some of our quality services:
• ALL mailing services; folding, tabbing, cutting, inserting, collating, printing, spray imprint direct impression addressing, bar-coding, permit use and postal metering
• Mailbox rental and forwarding services
• Mailing lists
• Warehousing and shipping services
• Binding of all types
• Fax services
• Laminating
• Business Cards, Appointment Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Business Forms
• Personalized printing
• Customer list database management services
• Local delivery and pickup – Free

The Paperwork Place, Inc.
534 South 5th
Pocatello, Idaho 83201

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