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Paper books and Ebooks for each exam section:

1. CPA Review of Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) $60 paper, $43 electronic)

2. CPA Review of Auditing and Attestation (AUD) $60 paper, $43 electronic)

3. CPA Review of Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) $60 paper, $43 electronic)

4. CPA Review of Regulation (REG) $60 paper , $43 electronic)

Subtopic books in the Business Environment exam section (BEC):

6. Cost and Managerial Accounting ($50 paper, $35 electronic)

7. Accounting Applications of Present Value (for both BEC and FAR exam sections) $50 paper, $35 electronic )

Subtopic (different questions than the books above) books in Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR):

5. FAR Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting $50 paper, $35 electronic)

7. Accounting Applications of Present Value (for both BEC and FAR exam sections) $50 paper, $35 electronic)

8. Advanced Financial Accounting Topics ($50 paper, $35 electronic)

9. Balance Sheet Measurement Topics $50 paper, $35 electronic)

10. Income Statement Recognition Topics $50 paper, $35 electronic)

Each of the books listed above is a detailed review of the important elements of that topic, containing text, examples, and numerous questions, problems, and/or essays for you to work after studying the accompanying material. Answers with explanations are included for you to check your work. The books are designed for you to study at your own speed, grading your own work.


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Why are there so many different self study books? Because the people who are taking the CPA exam aren’t all stamped from one mold. People who took their college classes several years ago have different needs from those who have had all their accounting classes within the last couple of years.

People who haven’t had recent FAR college classes might best begin with the Present Value subtopic book, then move on to Balance Sheet Measurement and then Income Statement Recognition. After completing those, they will be ready for the Advanced Financial Accounting book, and finally the CPA Review of Financial Accounting and Reporting book itself.

In the BEC section, people who haven’t had a cost accounting class might start with the Present Value subtopic book (same book as the present value book in FAR), then move into Cost and Managerial Accounting.

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CPA Exam Review – Auditing

By Albert K. Francisco Ph.D., CPA and Kenneth A. Smith Ph.D.., CPA
Roles of auditing,generally accepted auditing standards, errors, irregularities, illegal acts, compilation and review, attestation, prospective statements, engagement letters, pro forma, proficiency, independence, due care, planning, supervision, engagement letters, audit committees, internal control evaluation, evidence standards, procedures, types of reports, disclaimers, special reports, information technology, audit sampling, comprehensive examinations.

CPA Exam Review – Business Environment and Concepts

By Albert K. Francisco Ph.D., CPA and Kenneth A. Smith Ph.D.., CPA
Corporate governance, economics, finance, operations management, information technology, two comprehensive exams.

CPA Exam Review – Financial Accounting and Reporting

By Albert K. Francisco Ph.D., CPA and Kenneth A. Smith Ph.D.., CPA
Financial reporting objectives and concepts, receivables, inventory, investments, fixed assets, constructed assets, land, intangible assets, asset impairment, short-term liabilities, long-term liabilities, contingencies, debt and equity issued together, pensions, postretirement benefits, compensated absences, leases, partnership and corporate equity, income statement, cash flow statement, disclosures, business combinations, special topics, comprehensive problems.

CPA Exam Review – Regulation

By Albert K. Francisco Ph.D., CPA and Kenneth A. Smith Ph.D.., CPA
Individual income tax, corporate income tax, partnership tax, fiduciary taxes (gifts, estates, trusts), business law, with several comprehensive problems.

CPA Exam Review – FAR and BEC Present Value Applications

By Albert K. Francisco, Ph.D., CPA
Review of present value concepts tested on the examination, including present value and future amount, annuities, presentation of notes payable and notes receivable, discounting of notes, bonds, extinguishment of debt, troubled debt restructuring, present value concepts in leases and in managerial accounting.

CPA Exam Review – FAR Balance Sheet Topics

By Albert K. Francisco Ph.D., CPA
Current assets (cash, inventory, receivables, notes), noncurrent assets (investments, equipment, buildings, land, intangibles), nonmonetary exchanges, contingent liabilities, stockholders’ equity, partnerships, balance sheet ratios, personal financial statements.

CPA Exam Review – FAR Income Statement Topics

By Albert K. Francisco Ph.D., CPA
Income, comprehensive income, discontinued operations, extraordinary items, troubled debt restructurings, continuing income, earnings per share, accounting changes (error corrections, entity changes, estimate changes, principle changes), revenue recognition methods, percentage of completion, completed contract method, installment method, accrual basis and adjustments, cash flow statement, nonmonetary exchanges, interim statements.

CPA Exam Review – FAR Advanced Financial Accounting Topics

By Albert K. Francisco Ph.D., CPA
Leases (operating, nonoperating), postemployment benefits, postretirement benefits, pensions, foreign currency financial statement conversion, foreign currency transactions, trading securities, available-for-sale investments, held-to-maturity investments, equity method investments, business combinations, intraperiod income tax allocation, interperiod tax allocation, comprehensive problem.

CPA Exam Review – FAR Governmental and Not-For-Profit Accounting

By Albert K. Francisco Ph.D., CPA
How government accounting differs, objectives, entity, proprietary funds, fiduciary funds, governmental funds, journal entries, groups of accounts, fund financial statements, government-wide financial statements, non-governmental not-for-profit entities, health care providers, voluntary health and welfare organizations, colleges and universities.

  • CPA Exam Review – BEC Cost & Managerial AccountingBy Albert K. Francisco Ph.D., CPA and Kenneth A. Smith Ph.D.., CPA
    Cost allocation, spoilage, process costing, joint costs, byproducts, standard costs, budgeting, responsibility accounting, variance analysis, cost-volume-profit analysis, capital budgeting, cost relationships, inventory costing, comprehensive problems.

    If you would like to know more about AIS, see answers to questions frequently asked about AIS.

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