These videos are intended to be helpful for people studying for the CPA exam. They are supplemental to the material covered in our in-person seminars, and they are available free of charge while being tested in beta format.

BEC Exam SectionComputing Cost of Goods Sold for a Manufacturing Company
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Accounting Institute Seminars® (AIS) provides intensive review courses for people taking the United States CPA examination. These seminars are taught in person by one of the two authors of the course and are offered in a number of cities in the U.S. each year.

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We also offer self study CPA exam books written by the same authors. Most are available on-line, for download to your computer. The electronic version is less expensive than paper books. You can magnify pages on your screen, fill the screen (view – full screen), search for terms, and print pages. Best of all, you can start studying it now instead of waiting days for it to arrive!

Here is the list of our currently available E-BOOKS CPA REVIEW.

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