Becker CPA Review Course

The Becker CPA Review Program amapereka odalirika, palibe-zamkhutu njira kukonzekera kwa mayeso CPA. It’s one of the oldest CPA review courses available and is highly regarded for the quality of its study material.

Komanso, one feature that makes the Becker CPA prep course stand out from the competition is that the Big 4 accounting firms endorse it. Motero, izi zikutanthauza kuti pali nthawi zambiri ofuna ntchito Maphunzirowa kukonzekera mayeso CPA, kuyambira yaikulu komanso yapamwamba Makampani ntchito Becker.

In order to make sure that the greatest possible number of students can enroll in their course, Becker has made changes to justify the cost of their courses and ensure it’s easier to pay for them.

kwenikweni, Becker is the best CPA prep course on the market hands-down. Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed with what it has to offer, even with its high asking price!

Becker CPA Review amapereka akamagwiritsa atatu osiyana kuphunzira. Ngati inu kulembetsa pulogalamu awo, muli njira wodzilamulira kuphunzira, makalasi Intaneti, ndipo ngakhale moyo makalasi mu-munthu. Chifukwa cha izi, mukhoza pokonzekera mayeso CPA pogwiritsa ntchito mtundu kuti bwino akumana amafuna anu kuphunzira, amene ayenera wolungama mtengo kuchuluka kwa ophunzira ambiri

Becker CPA Review 2021 (Compare vs Top Rated CPA Exam Prep Courses)

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Becker CPA imachitika

Tiyeni tione zina zabwino njira Becker:

Khalani Mafunso ndi Mayesero

Ngati inu asankhe Njira Becker CPA yokonzekera, mungakhale otsimikiza kuti ndi mwayi kuti nambala okwanira a mafunso mchitidwe. Komanso, pulogalamu chikuphatikizapo oposa 9,200+ mafunso angapo sankhani (MCQs).

Komanso, pali mayeso awiri wotonza pa gawo. ofuna kwambiri kulankhula kwambiri za izi ndipo kuti iwo mwayi kwambiri kumvetsa zimene adzadutsa pa tsiku la mayeso. Pamenepo, most students find that they earn higher scores on the actual CPA exam than they do on Becker’s mock exams!

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Becker Simulated Exams

Zitsanzo ntchito Limanena (TBSs)

Becker ali ndi banki amphamvu zoyeserera ntchito ofotokoza (TBSs). Pali 580+ awa mu pulogalamuyi ndi mobwerezabwereza nthawi zonse kudzakuthandizani kukonzekera mayeso anu komanso kungakuthandizeni kukhala odzidalira.

Tikuphunzira Video

Video lectures are one of the best features of this course. Ichi ndi chifukwa chakuti alangizi amadziwa ndi kufotokoza iliyonse mfundo bwinobwino.

Becker SkillMaster Videos

Vuto lakulimbana ndi maphunziro kanema ndi ena a iwo amakhala wotopetsa. Nthawi zambiri, alangizi saika mu khama kwambiri mu kupanga nkhani zosangalatsa, monga ena a ophunzira amene asankha pulogalamu Becker a. Koma ngati mukhoza kukhala kupyolera mu, ichi ndi chabwino mwayi yophunzitsa.


Flashcards kupereka njira yabwino kwambiri kuphunzira ndi kusunga nkhani yovuta, ziribe kanthu chomwe phunzirolo liri kuti inu mukuwerenga. Komanso, Becker chimapereka Intaneti ndi kusindikiza flashcards kwa CPA yokonzekera; pali pa 1,000 available for no additional cost.


Clearly, Becker provides a large volume of varied study materials for students preparing to take their exams. And while these are impressive resources on their own, the way this company applies this material for individual students is unlike any other course on the market.

Thanks to a partnership with Sana Labs, Becker CPA Review has powerful adaptive learning technology seamlessly integrated in all of their CPA prep course packages. It’s called Adapt2U and it can do the following:

  • Generate custom study schedules for each student
  • Track your progress with simple graphics that are easy to understand
  • Correlate specific questions with passages in study text and clips from video lectures
  • Eliminate knowledge gaps and reinforce memorization of important concepts
  • Form custom exam simulations based on content relevant to each student
  • Create an effective and unique Final Review for last-minute cramming

kwenikweni, every aspect of Becker’s course is combined into one dynamic and highly effective study program that’s catered entirely around each student’s specific study needs. Adapt2U is often imitated, but never duplicated: it’s the biggest draw to their course by far!

Inde Mtengo

pa $2,299, Becker CPA Review is among the more expensive review courses that you can currently buy. kawirikawiri, accounting firms will subsidize or completely cover the costs for this course when training their employees. But if you’re not able to get your company to sponsor your education, another way to kupulumutsa ndalama is to try one of Becker’s Zosintha ndalama.

If you opt for the Premium package (one step above Advantage) you’ll pay even more than the base cost for a truly premium educational experience. Whether or not you want to pay that price is up to you, but it’s not a bad investment in your future career if you do!

Course Access Period

The study material obtained through the Becker CPA prep course has unlimited access for students. This means that in the worst-case scenario where you fail to pass all CPA exam sections in time, you won’t have to repay for Becker’s Premium kapenaovomereza courses in order to study your problematic exam sections.

Course Updates

Although this wasn’t always the case, Becker has listened to criticism from students (and from us) and corrected one of their biggest problems. Tsopano, students who enroll in any of Becker’s packages will receive all updates to their study materials free of charge!

Becker Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure whether Becker CPA Review is the right course for you? Here are the answers to some questions that candidates commonly ask:

Will I get enough practice with this course?

Becker provides 275+ (per section) maola nkhani za kanema, 9,200+ MCQs, ndi 580+ TBSs. That should be more than enough to give you all the practice you need. Kumene, you need to put in the time and effort that is required to complete the entire course material.

One important feature of the program is that it is specifically designed to match your need to pass the CPA exam. Zotsatira zake, this means that the time that you spend studying helps you in two ways: you learn new topics and concepts, and you receive training on the skills and techniques needed to pass the exam.

What if I can’t understand a topic or I need an explanation that isn’t covered by the study material?

Don’t worry, Becker’s program takes care of that. Buying the program entitles you to access their Message Board as well as phone and email support. You can post your query to a professor and get a response within 48 hours. Komanso, there’s one more major advantage for Becker ovomerezasubscribers: five 1-on-1 academic tutoring sessions live over Webex.

What is Becker’s Adapt2U technology?

Every exam candidate has strengths in certain areas and requires additional study time in others. Mwachitsanzo, you may be confident about the AUD section but may find FAR more challenging. Choncho, it doesn’t make sense for everyone to follow a common pattern of study.

Keeping this in mind, Becker’s program has developed its proprietary Adapt2U technology. When you start the course, an assessment will be carried out of your current level of knowledge. You will then be required to follow a study program that caters specifically to your strengths and weaknesses. Choncho, this will ensure that your time will be spent in the most optimum manner. It will also raise your chances of passing the exam!

Becker Adapt2U Technology

Why should I choose Becker over less expensive review courses?

Even though Becker is the most expensive course, it is also highly popular. Why is that? One reason is that all the top 100 accounting firms, including the Big 4, use this program to help their employees pass the exam. Over 2,000 firms, government bodies, universities, and other organizations use Becker, and they trust its ability to prepare students for a career in public accounting. You can actually leverage the fact that you’ve trained with Becker to land a great job! Kumbukirani, Becker frequently offers discount codes on their courses as well.

CPA Course Comparison

Here’s a table that shows how Becker stacks up against other courses:

 BeckerRoger CPA ReviewWiley CPAexcelSurgent CPA ReviewGleim CPA ReviewFast Forward Academy
Video Lecture Hours275+120110350 video lessons10080+
Response to Your QueriesMessage Board, Phone, & Email Support24/7 Homework Help CenterMessage Board 24 Hour Response TimeDedicated Coaching, Live Chat, Email & Phone SupportPersonal Counselor Phone & Email SupportEmail Support & Community Forum
Audio CourseNoIndeNoNoIndeNo
mALIRE AccessIndeIndeIndeIndeIndeInde
Mobile AppIndeIndeIndeIndeNoNo
Offline Course (Flash Drive)NoIndeIndeAccess offline via mobile appNoNo

Final Malangizo

Komabe mwazonse, Becker is an excellent course, and you won’t go wrong by giving it a shot. But if you’re still unsure, here’s what you should do:

Examine the features of Becker’s and the other review programs that you have shortlisted. If you think that a course that costs much less than the Becker CPA Review Program has everything that you need, then maybe it’s a better choice for you!

But what if you have the money to spend on Becker, or your company is willing to cover your costs? Here’s my advice:

Becker more than justifies its course costs through its many excellent features. Mwachitsanzo, you may consider the live classes to be a deciding factor, since they’re so hard to find at any other CPA prep company. Many candidates also think very highly of the video lectures.

And honestly, when considering something as important as your future career prospects, can you really spend too much?

Becker CPA Coupon Codes & kuchotsera

Becker CPA Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 Is Becker CPA good?

Inde! For 60 zaka, Becker’s CPA exam review courses have helped more than one million CPA exam candidates prepare for and pass this challenging exam. Although its asking price is high, recent additions to their already impressive and comprehensive review courses ensure that you really do get what you pay for.

💲How much is Becker CPA Review?

Becker offers two CPA review course bundles for students to choose from. The premium option currently costs $2,299, while the non-premium option is $2,199. Kapenanso, students can purchase study materials for specific sections of the exam for $799 each.

⌚️How long does Becker CPA Review last?

Becker’s Premium ndiovomerezamemberships are unlimited, so you can access your study materials up to your exam and long after you pass. Komabe, their Advantage course only provides 24 months of access.

1️⃣ Which CPA review course is the best?

zabodza, Becker, and Roger all offer compelling benefits depending on what is most important to your study (video content, mafunso mchitidwe, scheduling technology, exam simulations, etc). Aliyense amene waphunzitsidwa ndi osiyana, so use our comparison charts to choose the strongest provider in the most important area to you.

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