Many people have recently become interested in AI stock trading software as a way to build a solid portfolio without the experience of a full-time trader. However, it can be tough to find the right automated trading platform to use when you’re just starting out. That’s why we’ve gathered information on all the top sites and compiled a list of the best AI trading software currently available.

Best AI Stock Trading Software

Each of these platforms has something unique to offer, so read on to see our rankings of the best

#1. Trade Ideas AI Stock Trading

Trade Ideas Review - AI Trading Software

Trade Ideas appeals to investors of all experience levels. Beginners can easily get their footing and learn what they need to know through simulated training and practice sessions. More intermediate traders can build up experience by relying on prebuilt AI trading management. Finally, experts can fully customize what trade strategy they want the AI to accommodate and tweak the service to their liking.

What features does Trade Ideas have to offer?

  • Simulated Trading
  • Full Quote Windows
  • Alert Windows
  • One Click Trading
  • Real Time Stock Racing

Pros and Cons

  • Suggested Entry and Exit Signals: When using this site you’ll receive automated entry and exit signals based on AI readings of the risk and reward of a given trade.
  • Full Quote Windows: Trade Ideas makes understanding a stock’s price easy with their full quote windows. At any time you can pull up a window with all of the fundamental data contributing to the stock conveyed in an effective visual style.
  • Simulated Trading: Investors can apply their techniques in a safe environment and see what actions are effective and which mistakes will lose you money. Testing your techniques here before using them for real trading ensures that you only use what’s effective.
  • Custom Layouts: It can be tough to trade through a confusing layout. That’s why Trade Ideas lets you fully customize your channels or choose from a preconfigured layout.
trade ideas platform

Bottom Line

Trade Ideas is currently the most customizable and easy to understand AI trading platform around for investors of all experience levels. Whether you want to build a solid portfolio for your retirement, you want to learn more about trading strategies, or you’re looking for a way to manage detailed technical analysis, this AI stock trading software has features that will help you see a clear picture of the best performing strategies to beat the market!

#2. Tickeron AI Trading Platform

ticker on

Tickeron is a more advanced platform that offers a wide array of AI trading options. Investors can use predicted trends, automated exit/entry points, real time AI patterns, and more when managing their portfolio. Plus, there are plenty of customization options to focus on certain types of stocks or stick within specific confidence levels.

What features does Tickeron have to offer?

  • Custom Pattern Search Criteria
  • AI Trend Forecasting
  • AI Active Portfolios
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • 100s of Back Tested Algorithms

Pros and Cons

  • AI Trend Forecasting: Tickeron’s AI trend prediction engine uses historical price data to predict the shifting of market trends for the next week or month. This also comes with a confidence level so you can see what the odds of success are for each predicted trend.
  • Real Time Patterns: Tickeron’s AI can scan thousands of stocks and EFTs within minutes to see current patterns and analyze how well they’ve worked in the past.
  • Customize Confidence Levels: Each user can set a minimum confidence level for AI recognized trends and patterns. That way those who are more risk averse can stick to more proven techniques and eliminate the riskier trades from consideration.
  • Not For Beginners: This site assumes that you already understand AI trading when you’re coming in. There will be no hand holding to get you started— if you’re looking for something more beginner-friendly, consider running simulated trades with Trade Ideas instead.

Bottom Line

Tickeron is an excellent option for people who already understand AI trading and want a more complex tool-set.

#3. Trend Spider AI Software for Trading


Trend Spider offers a complete toolkit containing all you need to become a more efficient technical trader. This primarily consists of real time stock, crypto, and forex data paired with effective charting software. All information is made easy to read so you can make quick and well informed trading decisions. Plus, Trend Spider offers free 1-on-1 training with a trading expert who will walk you through all of your tools and teach you how to use them.

What features does Trend Spider have to offer?

  • Options Flow
  • Backtesting
  • 60 Second Chart Analysis
  • Mobile App
  • Price Seasonality

Pros and Cons

  • Free Training and Support: Trend Spider offers free 1-on-1 training with a real professional for anyone who needs help starting out. You can also speak with a support team at any time. This makes it a great pick for intermediate traders looking for ways to improve their own trading strategy without spending a ton of money on consulting fees.
  • Trade Scanner: Any customer can find a better trade setup by automatically scanning the market for technical chart conditions. By researching past performance in the market, you can look for patterns that may indicate lucrative trading opportunities in the near future.
  • Limited Graphical Flexibility: Other platforms allow you to manipulate the charts as you like in order to more closely analyze certain areas for better analysis on a macro or micro level. On the other hand, Trend Spider only lets you see the full timing of the graphing frame with limited manipulation of the point of view outside of the aforementioned trade scanning.
  • Crowded Graphic Design: It can be tough to parse out useful information on a graph after the automated trend line analysis because of how crowded and busy all the visual information gets.

Bottom Line

Trend Spider is best suited for intermediate traders who have some prior knowledge of the trading rules and techniques who want insight from experts and AI software. If you’re already comfortable reading crowded stock charts, this can be seriously beneficial for your trading process.

#4. Algoriz AI Trading for Crypto & Stocks

Algoriz Site Details

Algoriz’s main claim to fame is the way you can design trading strategies. You don’t need any coding experience to make a strategy— simply type out what you want to do in plain English and they’ll automatically turn it into an algorithm for you. Algoriz also states that none of your strategies will be shared with anyone. Everything you come up with stays completely private in a secure database.

What features does Algoriz have to offer?

  • Intuitive Interface
  • Easy to Design Strategies
  • Secure Connection to Broker Account
  • Automated Trading Alerts
  • Supports Stocks and Crypto

Pros and Cons

  • Design your Own Strategies: This service focuses on helping you build your own automated trade strategies instead of working off of prebuilt ones. That makes it a great choice for traders who have experience in the stock and financial markets but aren’t as experienced with designing algorithms or programming.
  • Intuitive Interface: Algoriz is very easy to use if you already have working knowledge and experience with trading software. This is thanks to the well made user interface that helps you easily access different data vendors.
  • No Support: Unlike Trade Ideas or Trend Spider, there’s currently no option to receive 1-on-1 support from a human. That makes this a poor choice for beginner or intermediate traders.
  • Still Requires Human Input: Most of the “automated” trading still needs your input to go through. Algoriz mostly just sends you alerts to buy or sell assets instead of doing it automatically.
  • No Forex Trading: Currently the site is limited to just stock and crypto trading. Anyone interested in the foreign exchange market will need to look elsewhere— I recommend Trend Spider for this.

Bottom Line

Although it offers limited functionality when compared to Trade Ideas, the process of creating trading strategies with Algoriz is simpler than other sites. That’s why I thoroughly recommend it as an automated trading system best suited for customers with a lot of experience in stock market trading.

#5. Equbot AI Tool For Trading

Equbot Site Details

Equbot pulls information from new articles and other alternative data sources and combines them with traditional market data to create AI trading algorithms. This focus on hard data makes their technology more effective overall, but the downside is that users can’t directly affect their portfolio when using these services. Instead, everything has to go through the AI. Plus, you need to purchase one of Equbot’s ETF funds to use this service instead of just paying directly.

What features does Equbot have to offer?

  • Design Custom Strategies
  • Simulate Each Trading Plan
  • On Demand Portfolios
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Alternative Customer Data

Pros and Cons

  • Risk Mitigation: Equbot automatically identifies new risk patterns and accounts for them while executing AI trades. This is an effective “hands-off” solution that may appeal to traders who don’t want to babysit their portfolio.
  • Limited Control: Equbot allows for barely any input when it comes to sales. You’ll have to trust fully in their AI; you won’t be able to tweak trading strategies on the fly.
  • Pricing: The only way to use Equbot is to purchase shares in one of their ETF funds. This is in stark contrast to the other services which simply allow you to pay a subscription.
  • Customer Support: The only way to contact customer support for help is via email. This slow communication can be debilitating in a field as fast moving as trading.

Bottom Line

I can’t personally recommend this course. Having limited control over your purchases in such a risky field is a deal breaker; consider Trade Ideas or Tickeron instead.

AI Trading Software Honorable Mentions



MetaStock’s AI led analysis tools are intended for active traders of all levels. Users can choose between the most popular systems or a custom trading plan. Building your own plan is easy when using MetaStock’s market price forecaster and OptionScope chain display. Buy/Sell signals are automatically sent to you based on whatever plan you choose. Plus, you can easily back test your strategies with the 30 years of historical data included with this site. This can help mitigate a lot of risk before you start applying your strategies.

What features does Metastock have to offer?

  • Expert Advisor
  • Backtesting
  • QuoteCenter
  • OptionScope


VectorVest analyzes, ranks, and graphs over 18,000 stocks every day. Rather than just showing the raw data, they also include expert interpretations of what it all means. This can then be used to design a custom AI algorithm to trade according to the trends you’re interested in. An easy way to get started is to run your current portfolio through their database and see which stocks are worth keeping and which ones need to go. From there, you can easily start making changes towards a more profitable style of AI trading.

What features does VectorVest have to offer?

  • Free Stock Analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Investment Calculator
  • RoboTrader
  • Back Testing


Kayout uses deep learning to find relationships, signals, anomalies, and insights between stocks. That data is then used to predict trends and mitigate risk exposure. This is then summarized into an equity rating score for each stock. Each score ranges from 0-9 and shows how effective your AI trading strategies can be. Portfolio building becomes much easier with this information at your fingertips. Plus, Kavout will automatically diagnose your portfolio before you start trading.

What features does Kavout have to offer?

  • Portfolio Builder
  • Portfolio Diagnosis
  • Multi-factor Screener
  • Deep Learning
  • Predictive Equity Rating


ImperativeX’s main claim to fame is the speed with which they execute your AI trading strategies. Orders are matched within milliseconds of market changes. This allows you to be more responsive than some of the other slower platforms. Of course, this does carry some risk; trades are so fast that it’s difficult to immediately course correct from a bad strategy. That’s why it’s essential that you back test all of your plans before implementing them.

What features does ImperativeX have to offer?

  • 15 Milliseconds Matching Engine
  • ASPEN Intelligent Bid
  • Continuous Order Management
  • NBBO Midpoint Orders
  • Supports All Major Order Types

Best AI Trading Software FAQs

Q: Is it legal to automate stock trading?

A: Automatic trading is perfectly legal. In fact, this is a very well known and accepted trading practice throughout financial markets.

Q: Can AI beat the stock market?

A: Not on their own. AI trading is an effective tool, but it’s not going to completely replace the human element. Currently, this technique is best served to analyze large amounts of data quickly and allow the user to decide what to do with the results.

Q: Do trading bots make money?

A: Trading bots are only as effective as the strategy they’re using. However, they do have some inherent advantages when it comes to making money. For instance, trading bots don’t get distracted by fear or greed when reading trends.

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