Best CMA Study Materials

Deciding on the best CMA review courses & suesuega mea that will help you pass the Certified Management Accounting exam and become a CMA in the shortest amount of time possible isn’t that easy. 

There are a few different companies that make CMA exam prep courses and — believe it or not — all of them boast their study materials to be the best. How are you supposed to differentiate between them all and decide on one? Below you’ll find all the best information on finding the right CMA review course for you.

It’s important to find CMA study materials that match your learning style and will help you stay focused. Ae uma ane, you’ll most likely end up spending over 100 hours preparing for the Certified Management Accountant exam. 

O le mafuaaga lena ou toe iloiloina le uma top-rated CMA study materials. I wanted you to be able to look at each one and understand which fits your learning style, suesuega faasologa, and most of all, your budget. I review the study text, vitio tautalaga, and all of the features of each CMA training class, a ina ia mafai ona e vaai i le faamanuiaga ma drawbacks uma.

Check out our rankings below, starting with our number one pick!

Which CMA Course Is Right for You?

This short questionnaire will help you decide what is the best option for you when it comes to preparing for the CMA exam.

These Are The Top 5 Best CMA Prep Courses & Study Materials in November 2021:

  1. Becker CMA Exam Review Course
  2. Surgent CMA Review Course: Aoaoina Adaptive
  3. Wiley CMAexcel Review Course
  4. Gleim CMA Course Review suʻega: Best Fesili CMA
  5. CMA Academy suʻega Review Course: 1-I-1 latou aoaoga
  6. Hock CMA Course Prep: Taiala Tele Suesuega

Here are the best CMA study material & review courses to help you pass the CMA suʻega i lou muamua taumafai ma avea ma se Tausitusi Pulega o Tusi Faamaonia.

1. Becker CMA Review

Becker Review Courses

Becker has a heavy focus on proficiency, which means they want to make sure that you understand concepts instead of just memorizing them. That’s why their course comes in with a built in proficiency tracker. 

Every time you finish a study section your proficiency chart will be updated based on how well you did. Checking in on this chart allows you to fine-tune your study schedule; you only need to spend time on the most important subjects. Once you understand everything in that section, a green badge will indicate you are ready to move on.

Aside from that, there are a few additional features that Becker CMA Review offers that will help you study efficiently:

Meet the New Becker

When you’re working on multiple choice questions, there’s an option to only see questions you’ve answered incorrectly. Every question includes a detailed explanation for the correct answer; this ensures you actually understand the logic behind each answer instead of just “teaching to the test.”

Becker’s courses also come with extra resources like paper and digital textbooks. Each textbook offers key coverage of every subject involved in the exam. It even summarizes certain areas to make them more approachable and understandable. This works great alongside their CMA flashcards if you want to organize shorter study sessions.

Mulimuli ane, you’re in extremely capable hands if you rely on Becker’s CMA review course to study. We recommend signing up for the Pro package to get their full library of content and extra one-on-one tutoring sessions.

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2. Surgent CMA Review

Surgent CMA Review

Surgent CMA Review has crafted one of the top exam prep courses for those seeking a Certified Management Accountant certification. With 3,945+ multiple choice questions, 65+ essay problems designed to help you think critically, unlimited CMA practice tests, and more, this is one of the most comprehensive study tools on the market. 

E le gata i, the course takes note of the areas you’re excelling in and where you’re struggling. It then uses this information to craft a personalized study planner for your progress through the course.

O se tasi o mea e lelei tele o lenei ala o ai ua fuafuaina mo le lelei i le suesueina. Surgent has revolutionized studying by cutting out a shocking amount of wasted study time. This is primarily accomplished by focusing on turning weak areas into strengths. Tekinolosi atamai i le tulaga e fesoasoani ai ma lenei, faaaogaina muai iloiloga ma suega soo faiga e iloa ai le mea e te manaomia lava le galuega e sili ona!

Ae peitai, lenei taulaiga i lelei Suesueina mafai ona vaaia e pei o se lelei e nisi, aemaise tamaiti aoga oe ola fiafia i se potuaoga. The CMA Prep Course is self-led; you’ll need to hold yourself accountable to read the text, study, and maintain your progress. There are no instructors or activities to keep your interest, so you’ll really need to power through some of the drier portions of this study course.