leida best CPA exam cram course isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a ton of different CPA review courses out there that offer different last-minute crash course review materials. How are you supposed to know which one you should go with?

esimene, you should look at your learning style and what study materials you already used to get you to this point. meeles pidama, a cram course isn’t designed to prepare you for the CPA exam by itself. It’s simply designed as a last minute study plan so you can brush up on all of the important exam question topics that you need to remember before your exam day.

Näiteks, a course focusing on the REG section of the CPA exam would include important tax facts, dates, rates, and percentages that you need to remember off the top of your head for the exam. It’s not going to go into detail about how these numbers are applied. They assume you already know it and just need to review the material and cram as many facts into your head as possible before the exam.

See öeldud, a CPA cram course is an extremely helpful self-study tool. It could mean the difference between remembering and forgetting a key fact that shows up on the exam multiple times. It might just be me, but it seems like the one thing you forget or don’t have time to study always shows up on the exam.

Let’s take a look at your choices for the best CPA exam cram course on the market today!

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2021’s Top 4 Best CPA Exam Final Review and Cram Courses Below:

  1. Becker CPA Review Cram Course
  2. UWorld Roger CPA Cram Course
  3. Wiley CPAexcel Cram Course
  4. Yaeger CPA Cram Course

#1 Becker CPA Cram Course


Becker CPA review offers a full cram course for each section of the CPA exam. It’s the perfect supplement to their full review courses; it adds nearly 40 hours of video content and over 900 additional questions/simulations.

If you only need to cram for one or two exam sections, you can spend a little less and just get materials for the sections you need help understanding. Kuid, it’s a better deal to get all four in one bundle, with the best deal coming as part of Becker’s Pro package. You get unlimited access with Pro, but purchasing separately still provides two full years of study time; either way, you’ll have plenty of time to work through everything included in these cram courses.

Check it out below!

#2 UWorld Roger CPA Cram Course

UWorld Roger CPA Review has been making a cram course for several years now. It’s probably the best stand-alone CPA prep course out there right now because it’s specifically designed to be a separate CPA exam prep course. It’s not simply a trimmed down version of the real Roger CPA review course.

Sellisena, see sisaldab erilist keskendunud loenguid esitatud Roger, mis on ainult 10-25 minutit pikk. Sel moel saab lennata läbi loenguid ja saada valikvastustega küsimusi kiiresti. Kõik MCQs pakub üksikasjalikke selgitusi ja lahendusi. Muidugi ka kaasas täielik komplekt CPA tuupima õpikute.

The course is offered in either an online format that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection or downloaded for offline access via their mobile app. Although it was previously available as a standalone purchase, these excellent cram courses have now been added to their Elite-Unlimited package in a recent update.

#3 Wiley CPAexcel Cram Course


kahjuks, Wiley CPAexcel ei ole tegelikult on tõsi tuupima muidugi. selle asemel, this course provider offers a set of focus notes that can be used for a final review, kuid nad ei ole tõsi muidugi ja ise.

Although this is a much cheaper alternative than the full-length Roger and Yaeger crash courses, see ei sisalda nii palju funktsioone. Näiteks, there are no video or audio lectures, ülesanne põhinev simulatsiooni, or test bank of multiple choice practice questions included with the Wiley CPAexcel focus notes.

The study notes are more like a huge set of flashcards that help you memorize facts, võrrandid, ja põhimõisteid mnemoonikaga ja muud memorization strateegiad. Nad on suurepärane meelde asju, kuid nad ei ole tegelikult kursuse.

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#4 Yaeger CPA Cram Course


Yaeger CPA läbivaatamine tuupima kursus on mõeldud lõpliku läbivaatamise pärast olete lõpetanud läbimas oma muidugi. See on osutunud nii edukaks, et nad reklaamivad kandidaadid, kes kasutavad tuupima muidugi suurendada nende üldist seisu 5 et 15 punktid. See on päris hull! Teisisõnu, this set of CPA study materials could mean the difference between you passing and failing.

The Yaeger CPA cram course is completely separate from their main CPA exam study course. See sisaldab keskendunud video loengud esitatud Yaeger instruktorid, et katta põhimõisted ja peab teadma üksikasju, et sa pead on meelde laskumist eksam. Muidugi formaat töötab läbi MyYaeger veebiportaali, mis annab teile juurdepääsu sellele 24 tundi päevas.

kahjuks, this study planner does not come with printed textbooks, kuid see ei tule koos täiskomplekt digitaalne õpikute. Seda saab osta üksikute eksamijaotist või täielik komplekt. ka, Yaeger annab teile täieliku 6 kuud juurdepääsu oma materjalid enne nende kehtivuse.

Do You Need a CPA Review Cram Course to Pass the Exam?

Lühike vastus on ei. ei, sa ei pea lõpliku läbivaatamise läbida eksam. Tonni inimesi sooritama iga aasta ilma lõpliku kiirkursus, kuid nad ei haiget.

põhiliselt, if you really study your regular test prep course thoroughly and at your own pace, sa peaks olema trahv. Enamik inimesi ei tee seda küll, nii et tuupima muidugi tulevad mugav.


Kui teil on tõesti, tõesti hea õppimise ja hoolas oma peamised õppematerjalide, I would recommend getting a last-minute cram course. See on väärt investeering. Ma oleks palju parem maksta paarsada dollarit tuupima ja sooritama eksami asemel ei eksami ja maksta paarsada dollarit ekstra eksami tasu. pluss, kes tahab õppida eksamiks uuesti? Mitte mina.

See öeldud, mõlemad UWorld Roger CPA and Yaeger CPA are great courses. Ma arvan, et see taandub lugemisel stiili ja eelistus. Kui teile meeldib optimistlik, motiveerivat Roger loengud, go with UWorld. kui, teiselt poolt, leiad tema loenguid liiga kiiresti ja unwatchable, sa peaksid minema Yaeger.

Kenneth W. Boyd

Kenneth W. Boyd is a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the author of several of the popular "For Dummies" books published by John Wiley & Sons including 'CPA Exam for Dummies' and 'Cost Accounting for Dummies'.

Ken has gained a wealth of business experience through his previous employment as a CPA, audiitor, Maksu ettevalmistaja ja College professor. Today, Ken continues to use those finely tuned skills to educate students as a professional writer and teacher.