If you want to work as a research analyst for a broker-dealer, you’re required to pass the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Series 86 exam.

Studying for such a crucial exam can be nerve-wracking, but having a good study plan can improve your confidence. 
On average, it’s recommended that you study for 80 hours over the course of four weeks. This time commitment may seem like a lot, but there are tons of different study options available to assist you. Keep reading to discover the best FINRA Series 86 study guides for you.

#1 Securities Training Corporation Series 86 Review Course

Securities Training Corporation Courses

The Securities Training Corporation consistently provides students with new and modern courses. You are guaranteed to earn a passing score if you study with their multifaceted FINRA exam study course.

Course Details

Securities Training Corporation has a few different study packages on offer. Depending on your budget and self-study needs, each package offers something different.

Starting at $275.00, the Series 86 Study Package is ideal if you’re a self-motivated student on a budget. This course includes access to the instructor hotline for extra assistance, as well as 24-hour tech support. Unlike many online services, STCUSA goes to great lengths to ensure all support needs for their students are met as quickly as possible— even for their lowest-priced courses.

They also include Crunch Time Facts, free course updates, online and printed study manual, and access to practice final exams. Considering all that it includes, this package is a great deal at only $275.00 and is an excellent choice to get you through your exam.

However, the STCUSA Series 86 Examination Premier Package is why Securities Training Corporation has the top spot on this list. For $395.00, you get everything the standard package offers, plus four progress exams, the green light exam, on-demand lectures, and flashcards. Most importantly, this package comes with STC’s pass guarantee— so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money on this course.

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  • Instructor Hotline & 24-Hour Tech Support
  • Flashcards and Crunch Time Facts
  • Six Month Enrollment Period with Free Updates
  • Both Print and Online Study Materials
  • Practice Final Exams, Progress Exams, and Green Light Exams
  • On-demand Lectures
  • Pass Guarantee

STC Series 86 Pros & Cons

  • Pass Guarantee: Incredible resources such as the pass guarantee and green light exams.
  • Great Offers: Even the base package is effective if you are a disciplined student.
  • Materials: It offers both printed and online material so you can choose how to study.
  • A La Carte: You can purchase the lectures and flashcards separately from the packages.

  • Premier Package: The majority of the best features only come with the premier package.
  • Practice Tests: Limited practice test options.

Bottom Line: You can’t go wrong with the Securities Training Corporation, no matter which package you choose. They believe in their product to the point where they guarantee you a passing score, so there’s no downside to trying it out!