If you’ve done any research into becoming a professional research analyst, you’ve probably heard about how confusing the Series 87 exam can be. Given alongside the Series 86 exam, about ¼ of test takers fail this exam, so you may want to look for extra study resources if you don’t want to be one of them!

Keep in mind that this securities exam tests your knowledge of a research analyst’s job functions more than asking you to solve clever puzzles. Because of that, the best way to prepare for this test is through a repetitive study schedule— such as the kind included with several online Series 87 exam study guides.

Here’s a short list of our favorite prep packages to help you ace your exam!

#1 Securities Training Corporation Series 87 Study Guide

STC Exam Prep Courses

STCUSA’s study guides for FINRA securities exams are popular among former students who went on to become industry professionals. Their website offers study tools that utilize modern technology, a substantial catalog of study materials, and a great support team to resolve any unexpected issues you may encounter.


Because students learn best in different ways, STCUSA embraces different learning methodologies. These include a range of study materials from physical textbooks to video explanations and targeted study plans. The standard version includes all the essential elements, but the Premier course adds on-demand packages, flashcards, and exam questions to the pack.

STC Has Been The Go-To in Securities Training for Over 50 years

STC even offers a money-back guarantee on their premier package— so you won’t have to pay anything if it doesn’t help you pass on your first try!


  • Enrollment valid for six months
  • Over 1,000 Flashcards & On-demand Online Lectures 
  • 24/7 Tech Support & Instructor Hotline
  • Free Course Updates 
  • Final Exams & Crunch Time Facts
  • Money-Back Guarantee

STC Series 87 Pros & Cons

  • Lectures: Includes on-demand online lectures.
  • Support: Commendable support features and fast response times.
  • Functionality: You can turn off answer explanation for a more realistic exam simulation.

  • Pass Guarantee: No pass guarantees for the standard package.
  • Compatibility: The online lectures require the latest browser versions.


STCUSA offers two different exam prep packages: the standard version at $125 and the premier package at $250. You can also access a combined Series 86/87 standard package at $380 or an on-demand online course at $145. When compared to other study resources available for research analysts, it’s impressive that these courses are so affordable without sacrificing quality.


Students who have enrolled in STCUSA’s courses describe their prep materials as short, clear, and straightforward. In some cases, they were able to read the materials, do some practice questions, and pass their exams with high scores in under two weeks.

Still, some students have said the material is boring with lots of memorization and zero cheat sheets. It fails to capture the tricks for the actual exams.

Bottom Line: Besides comprehensive study materials, STC provides the industry’s best instructors. Their materials are the Wall St. standard, and we highly recommend them as our top pick!