Best Online Real Estate School Reviews

Choosing the best online real estate school to help you meet your career goals can be challenging with a wealth of options available online. From websites alone, it can be difficult to understand which courses are worth the cost and time, let alone if they help prepare you for your state exam in the first place!

That’s why we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the best online resources to help you pass your real estate exam. We’ve reviewed the top online real estate schools based on course content, pass rates, and the included study materials to bring you the top courses available online. 

With any of these pre-licensing courses, you’ll have the knowledge, materials, and habits you need to CRUSH your real estate exam. And if you’re already a real estate agent, many of them offer continuing education resources that can help you stay in business. Check it out below:

These Are the Top 10 Best Real Estate Schools of December 2021

  1. Real Estate Express
  2. Aceable Agent Real Estate Course
  3. The CE Shop Real Estate Prep
  4. PrepAgent Real Estate Courses
  5. CompuCram Real Estate
  6. Aypo Real Estate Course
  7. Real Estate Exam Scholar
  8. VanEd Real Estate Course
  9. Mbition Real Estate Course

Real Estate Express Review - Best Online Real Estate Schools

#1 Real Estate Express Review

Real Estate Express is a pioneer in online real estate and one of the most trusted course providers out there. This company has been around since 1996 and has created world-class real estate education for over 20 tausaga! 

The team at Real Estate Express learned early on that aoaoina hopefuls sooupu esetete moni e pulea mea moni faatulafonoina-tulaga ma mea suʻega tulaga matai na mea eseese e lua. O le mafuaaga lena latou vavaeeseina i latou mea moni i laasaga eseese se lua – Education Laisene Faalapotopotoga o Esetete ma le suʻega PrepMaster. O lenei vasega suega prep o le mafuaaga lena o loo tu mai faailoa Faalapotopotoga o Esetete mai le motu o tagata. E le faapitoa geared e liua ai le malamalama e manaomia mai mea moni faatulafonoina-tulaga i le malamalama e tatau ona e faia le suʻega tulaga!

Real Estate Express swears by Exam PrepMaster’s ability to help you pass your state exam. If you’re not satisfied with any aspect of your experience, you’ll receive a refund from Real Estate Express for the material cost! Exam PrepMaster is extremely affordable too, with most state exam preps costing $99. Although pricing points vary by state, the packages fall between a range of $200- $500. 

The Real Estate License School packages are well worth the cost as well. The offerings are divided up into four tiers: 

  • The Basics
  • suʻega Sauniuniga
  • Suʻega Sauniuniga Plus
  • Aoaoina tupito

kia mamanu Course nei tiers i lou tulaga o le moni esetete malamalama ma le lagolago manaomia, ma filifiliga tusi aoga, lagolago faiaoga, seevae tolauapiga, suʻega preps, ma maua mea lagolago. Faalagolago i au suesuega faiga ma le malamalama atoa, e mafai ona e mautinoa o le ala saʻo lea i se tau taugofie e fesoasoani e te ausia au sini.