Best Professional Engineering Review Courses

If you’ve passed the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam, you’re probably wondering what’s next? To create more opportunities and grow your engineering career, a Professional Engineer (PE) license is the answer.

This means you’ll need to study and review to pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam, otherwise known as the PE exam. It’s put on by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) and requires you to demonstrate competence in a variety of skills, such as:

  • Analytical reasoning
  • Quantitative deduction
  • Discipline-specific concepts

The PE course is held twice annually with the purpose of professional licensure. It’s a challenging test and something you must work hard to prepare for.

So, where do you start?

Enrolling in a top-rated professional engineering exam prep course is your best bet to pass the first time around. You should consider a number of factors when looking for the best review site.

This includes:

  • Practice questions and exams
  • Length of access
  • Price and guarantee
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Dynamic content (e.g. videos and podcasts)
  • Student support
  • Live instruction

2021’s Best PE Exam Review Courses

Ultimately, you want to look for something that best suits your learning process and schedule. With that in mind, these are the five best sites offering the top PE review courses today:

  1. School of PE
  2. PPI2Pass PE Review
  3. Ultimate Civil PE Review
  4. Capstone Learning Associates PE Review
  5. EET PE Review Course
  6. TestMasters PE Review

Here is how these courses can help you prepare:

#1 School of PE Review Course

School of PE Logo

If you need a comprehensive study plan, The School of PE is a great start. Just as the name implies, they have a robust catalog that rivals most traditional educational institutions. They have several different channels for learning, which include:

  • OnDemand Review Courses (Good for asynchronous studying)
  • Live Online Review Courses (Similar to a traditional lecture course)
  • Onsite Review Courses (Civil PE Only)

School of PE has been in test prep for a long time. Since 2004 they have trained individuals and employees from more than 6,000 organizations. People choose them over the competition because of their engineering focused subject matter experts who specialize in their fields, but also from these helpful features*:  

  • Refresher sessions focus on teaching and reviewing engineering concepts.
  • Workshop sessions focus on providing exam practice through problem solving.
  • Their Study Hub provides access to lecture videos, eBooks, Practice Portal Pro, flash cards, and more.
  • Their Personalized Study Plan creates a custom study plan based on student availability.
  • Their Practice Portal Pro contains a bank of practice problems and solutions to work through.
  • *Not all features available for each course, double check their website below for exact details

Regardless of your chosen field, your required Professional Engineer exam is covered at this school. And you’ll be able to work with an impressive curriculum, including thousands of practice questions and nearly 100 hours of video lectures.

Thanks to a highly customizable study planner, students enrolled in School of PE boast a passing rate of 80-90% for first-time exam takers. And if you’re stuck on specific parts of your study guide, you can always use their Study Hub to ask questions directly to the instructors. Another big perk is that they offer virtual one-on-one tutoring sessions for students who need guidance or support.

Unfortunately, you will be limited to online courses for most disciplines. Despite it’s name, School of PE is primarily web-based and has limited onsite instruction. This shouldn’t be an issue for most students, but if that’s your learning style it could be.

The Bottom Line: School of PE’s comprehensive lectures, study tools, and expert instructors edge out the competition and make School of PE our number one pick!