Best Project Management Training PMP Prep Courses

寻找best PMP training courses online that will train you to pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam is tough because there are a lot of different study materials available. 因此, how can you make sure that you got the right PMP study guide when they all claim to be the best? 此外, will any of them help you pass the PMP exam better or are they all the same?

The truth is that although some online PMP courses have similar features, they are all different and will affect your preparation and exam performance differently. 实质上, there isn’t really one company that offers the best PMP prep courses for all project management candidates. 每次审查当然是设计的功能,帮助不同的方式考生略有不同. 于是, 我认为最重要的事情是,你找到一个适合你的需要和你的学习计划相匹配的PMP培训课程, 学习方式, 和预算,而不是看什么人说是“最好的”一. 基本上, the one that works for you is the best course for you.

例如, 如果你学得最好通过观看视频讲座, 你应该寻找一个课程,其中包括大量的PMP视频培训. Some project management training courses emphasize this feature and some don’t include video lectures at all. 同样, 如果你有一个繁忙的日程, 它没有意义得到一个学习指南,需要你经过漫长的教训坐. 你会的方式更好使用短的课程专为一口大小的学习课程.

机会是, 您将学习为 200-300 时间为下午考试. 所以, you want a PMP在线培训课程 that will help you reduce your study time and prepare for the exam more efficiently—not distract you and add additional study time to your schedule. You need a course that actually works for you. 毕竟, we all have better things to do than study. 🙂

That’s why I have tested out and reviewed the top Project Management Professional exam review courses on the market for you. 此外, I explain all of the software features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each course, so you can pick the right course for you and focus on studying rather than worrying about what course to get.

Quick Look at PMP Online Course Reviews and Rankings

Here’s a list of the best PMP prep courses online and on the market today.

Top PMP Training Online Study Materials and Review Courses of October 2021

  1. Brain Sensei PMP Review
  2. ExamsPM Prep Course
  3. PM PrepCast Review
  4. Dooey PMP Review
  5. PM硕士预科
  6. Grey Campus PMP Review
  7. Velociteach PMP Review
  8. Certification Academy PMP Review
  9. Becker PMP Review

Here are the best PMP prep courses and online study materials to help you pass the exam on your first try and become a 项目管理师.

#1 Brain Sensei PMP Review


脑老师 is an extremely unique PMP online study course that uses storytelling and an animated series to explain and reinforce project management topics and concepts while keeping you focused, 订婚, 甚至娱乐.

You journey back in time with a female Samurai to understand how she overcomes challenges and adversity with their animated series. 另外, the stories in each lesson are designed to help you understand the topics and retain the important information that is covered on the exam.

Brain Sensei cites numerous scientific studies that show people learn faster with stories than a textbook because candidates are more engaged and pay more attention to the topics being presented. 所以, this makes the information more interesting and engaging–从而, 一个更好的保留率.

Aside from the uniqueness of the course’s storytelling features, 脑老师当然满足PMP考试所需的35小时的PDU或接触小时.

另外, it also includes a modern mobile app that lets you study the 900+ 实践问题在测试银行任何你想要的. 你也可以拥有全套的易于阅读课本学习, 4 全长实践考试, 及以上 40 视频课程和讲座小时! 此外, you also get a personal instructor or personal sensei to guide you through the materials and give you help along the way.

Probably the best feature of all is the Pass Guarantee. If you complete the 35-hour prep course and fail the exam, you will be able to use the entire course again at no extra charge! No need to worry about extra fees.

最终,, this is a great course!