A set amount of CE credits are required for you to maintain your real estate license. But because this is so important, there are plenty of convenient ways for real estate professionals like you to earn the credits you need.

Илова бар ин, there is an extremely wide array of classes available to take as well–sustainable housing, Fair Housing compliance, property management, short sales, and dozens of other options. 

And the most effective method of preparing for license renewal by far is taking an online CE course!

In order to help you find the right course for you, I’ve looked at what’s available and found the top 5 on offer. Read on to see how the best real estate continuing education courses stack up against each other, and which one is right for you:

These are the Top 5 Best Real Estate CE Courses in 2021:

  1. McKissock CE Review
  2. CE Shop Real Estate CE Review
  3. Mbition Real Estate CE Course
  4. Aceable Agent CE Course
  5. VanEd Real Estate CE Course
  6. Kaplan Real Estate CE Course

#1 – McKissock Continuing Education Review Course

Best Real Estate Continuing Education Courses Online - Mckissock Learning

Every author and instructor working for McKissock has years of real world experience under their belts. Because of that, you’re guaranteed to receive the best possible real estate education when working with them. ОИ, each instructor brings a unique business perspective to their work due to how long they’ve been working as a real estate agent.

McKissock’s online courses are updated weekly. This ensures that you’ll always have access to the most up to date information available. Илова бар ин, it allows them to stay on top of important trends in real estate. All of that adds up to make an extremely competitive and effective real estate continuing ed course.

Each course comes with hundreds of career resources— including worksheets, articles, videos, and much more. All of these resources are handpicked by McKissock’s instructors, so you can rest assured that everything is relevant to what you’re learning.

But despite a strong set of self-study materials, there’s no live content included in any of McKissock’s CE classes. This isn’t too big of a downside, but it would be improved by at least adding the option of live courses.

– поёни Line –

McKissock is number 1 for a reason: their materials are effective and easy to follow and all their content is constantly kept up to date. You don’t want to miss out on what they have to offer!

#2 – CE Shop Review Course

One advantage The CE Shop has over its competitors are their multi-state packages. If you’re licensed in multiple states, these custom packages will allow you to meet education requirements for both of them at the same time. Each one is also customized for your needs so you won’t have to waste any extra time while learning.

With this company, all courses are available at all times. This allows people on irregular schedules to have access to the same education as everyone else. ОИ, this lets you fully customize your study habits; you could easily fit in some of the course content during breaks at work, or at night right before bed. It’s entirely in your hands!

Each interactive real estate course with The CE Shop has been built to make learning as simple and straightforward as possible. Much like a professional realtor, this course isn’t interested in wasting your time— they understand that you may have a busy schedule and they want you to complete your continuing education classes with time to spare.

With that being said, there is one criticism worth mentioning. Online content is fantastic for most people, but it can be a pain when you want to learn on the go. Despite their simple online access, CE Shop could really benefit from adding some physical materials to their course for offline study.

– поёни Line –

CE Shop is an excellent choice for people who want some quick and easy credits. Everything about this service has been designed to maximize your learning while minimizing wasted time. Check them out for yourself if that sounds good to you!

#3 – Mbition Real Estate CE Review

Mbition Real Estate allows for a great deal of customization in your education. For starters, their professional development courses can either be purchased individually or in packages. This allows you to only learn what you’re interested in without wasting your time or money.

They also offer physical versions of their coursework in addition to their digital ones. This allows you to learn even when you don’t have internet access, such as during a commute. Not to mention that some people (such as myself) just prefer physical books when learning, so this is a great feature if you feel that way too. Just about every type of student is catered to with this real estate CE course.

Each course offered by this company has also been designed to be entirely self paced. You won’t be forced to learn on a schedule— you’ll make your own schedule. This degree of freedom leads to less stress when studying and allows you to better control your own free time.

бадбахтона, Mbition doesn’t have courses for every single state. While they have most of them covered, if you work in a state without any courses — like Massachusetts or New Mexico — you’re out of luck.

– поёни Line –

The only reason not to use this service is if they don’t cover your state. Дар акси, they’re a great way to get the credits you need to keep your broker license and continue your real estate career.

#4 – Aceable Agent CE Classes Review

Aceable Agent’s focus is on making their content as engaging as possible. In order to do so they take on a more personal and conversational tone. Videos are filled with jokes and memes, but they’re still able to convey the information you need. Because of that, learning becomes much easier and fun.

Илова бар ин, each course supports multiple devices, which means you’ll never lose progress no matter what device you’re using. Learn at home on your computer, then continue later in the day on your phone. ОИ, all content works with no issues on all devices— which is a far cry from services with tacked-on mobile features that were clearly designed with a desktop in mind.

Unlike other courses, Aceable Agent has no set start date; simply begin as soon as you’ve signed up. Thanks to that, you won’t waste any time getting the CE credits you need and you’ll be able to finish much sooner. 

Ин истодаанд гуфт, the fact remains that this is an online only course. This is because their focus on engaging content has led them to remove traditional learning materials like textbooks. Дар натиҷа, this course is engaging and effective, but some people may be put off by the lack of traditional learning.

– поёни Line –

Aceable Agent is a good course for people who want a more personal learning style. But if you want something with more structure you should look into a course like McKissock instead.

#5 – VanEd CE Classes Review

Depending on where your business is located, VanEd might be an extremely helpful and cost-effective method of maintaining your professional status. 

What does that mean? It means that if you’re not located in one of the eight states they cover, you’ll need to look elsewhere for your CE credits. Илова бар ин, not all of these states have equal representation in this course’s curriculum— just compare their Colorado course catalog to their Texas catalog and you’ll see a drastic difference.

Despite this, the fact remains that VanEd can provide a much-needed crash course to continue your professional real estate practice in a convenient eBook format. Whether you only want one or two courses to meet your credit requirement, or you want a complete package with everything you need, this company can hook you up. Аммо, you’re definitely incentivized to purchase CE materials in bulk due to their heavy discounts, so keep that in mind.

– поёни Line –

If you’re in Colorado or Nebraska, this is one of the best resources for meeting your professional education requirements as a real estate agent. But if you’re in any other state they service — or outside of this narrow umbrella — you should keep looking.

#6 – Kaplan Real Estate Continuing Education Course

Unlike the others on this list, Kaplan’s CE courses have a heavy focus on live content. Each course can be taken as a live online package similar in structure to their on demand courses; the exception is that you’ll have plenty more opportunities to interact with your instructor. As a result, you’ll find yourself more connected to the class when earning CE credits.

Kaplan also offers courses that cover a wide range of subjects. These can be both broad or extremely focused based on what you’re looking for. This allows you to focus on areas important to your business without wasting time on unnecessary subjects.

Much like McKissock ва The CE Shop, Kaplan also focuses heavily on their video content. As a result, its video lectures can be very helpful when learning about real estate concepts. Plus each lecture is delivered by an experienced professional.

бадбахтона, the most hours Kaplan can give you in certain states is 9, which is extremely low when compared to CE requirements in most states. Still, this can be worth your time if you’re just a couple hours short of your goal.

– поёни Line –

Kaplan is a good choice if you only need a couple more CE credits. But if you want to maximize your CE hours, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Real Estate CE Frequently Asked Questions

❓What does CE mean in real estate?

In real estate, CE stands for Continuing Education. In order to maintain a license as a real estate broker or agent, you’re required to complete a certain number of CE hours every year.

❓How many CE hours do you need for real estate?

Depending on where in the United States you practice, your real estate CE hour requirements can vary. Check the National Association of Realtors to find the specific CE requirements for your state.

❓Who has the best real estate training program?

While there isn’t one perfect real estate training course that can help everyone, we believe that McKissock currently offers the best program for most real estate students. They have a reasonable price for regularly updated online study materials that can be extremely helpful when preparing for your exams.

❓Who is exempt from continuing education in real estate?

Much like the yearly CE hour requirements, exemption from fulfilling real estate continuing education varies by state. Аммо, it’s not uncommon to see exemptions for real estate agents and brokers with 15 to 30 years of professional experience that have been in good standing.

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