The FINRA Series 10 exam is a four-hour, 145-question monster of a test. If you’re considering advancing your career beyond regular sales activities to becoming a general securities sales supervisor, this is an intimidating hurdle to clear.

Even if you’ve already taken the Series 9 exam, there’s still a lot of new information to cover. Using the right study tools is essential, so how do you find them?

There are plenty of excellent Series 10 study guides out there to choose from that will give you all the information and prep you need to pass your exam. There are several well-made exam preparation courses that contain all the vital information you need.

So if you want to avoid having to sit through this four-hour exam more than once, we’ve got you covered! We looked into each program’s price, content, and competitiveness and picked out the five best options below:

#1 Securities Institute of America

Securities Institute of America Exam Prep

The Securities Institute of America is dedicated to offering the best possible training for their clients— and they’ve got the stats to prove it.

Their website claims that they have a 90% pass rate for the past 25 années. Their secret is a Greenlight Exam, which guarantees that students who pass will also pass the actual test or receive a full course refund.

Securities Institute of America Features

  • 1,800 Questions pratiques
  • Customize Practice Exams in 15 Different Ways
  • 12 Hours of Video Instruction
  • 250+ Page Ebook
  • Checkpoint Exams and Greenlight Exams
  • Pass Guarantee or Full Refund

Course Details

Securities Institute of America offers two different test prep packages. Their basic package is $249; it includes a study guide and a practice exam. This is a great resource if you’re self-motivated, pressed for time, and don’t need a ton of extra features.

But if you’re looking for extra features, you may want to consider their second option:

If you need a little more help, check out their Complete Self Study Solution package for about $30 more. In addition to the study guide and practice exam, this adds 11 hours of video instruction for more hands-on help with the numerous topics included on this difficult qualification exam.

No matter what choice you make, Securities Institute of America will let you access their test bank for up to six months. You can also buy their materials individually if you’re not interested in the packages— but they also have a fantastic Series 9 et 10 bundle offer that we highly recommend.

résultat financier: The vast majority of FINRA test takers will get an excellent education from Securities Institute of America. You’re essentially guaranteed a passing score as soon as you sign up.

#2 Securities Training Corporation Series 10 Exam Prep

Securities Training Corporation Exam Prep

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Securities Training Corporation is a trustworthy resource if you want to pass the Series 10. They have the highest pass rates in the industry— and while our readers know to take these kinds of claims with a grain of salt, the varied and well-designed course materials they provide add legitimacy to theirs.

Securities Training Corporation Features

  • 400+ Questions pratiques
  • Online and Print Study Materials
  • 24/7 Tech Support and Crunch Time Facts
  • Lectures, Flashcards, and Practice Exams
  • Pass Guarantee

Course Details

Like our top pick, STCUSA also has two Series 10 study packages. Their Standard package is for “self-starters” who want just the materials and no instructor. It costs a little over $300 and includes the basic study manual (online and printed) and final exams.

Their Premier package is good if you need some extra instruction; it includes everything from the Standard package along with:

  • Progress exams
  • “Green Light” exams to let you know you’re ready to move on
  • On-demand lectures
  • Flashcards

Both packages include access to an instructor hotline, 24/7 tech support, and free updates. You can also buy the materials individually if that’s more your speed.

How to Study For Your Securities and Insurance Licensing Exams

Keep in mind that only the Premier package is covered by Securities Training Corporation’s Pass Guarantee. This program guarantees that you’ll get your money back if you don’t pass your Series 10 exam on the first attempt. So if you fail after studying with the Standard package, you’re out of luck!

résultat financier: It’s really only worth getting this course if you sign up for their full package. But if you do, you’ll be in excellent hands!

#3 ExamFX Series 10 Study Guide

ExamFX Courses

Scoring a fantastic 4.5 out of 5 on Trustpilot, ExamFX is a pre-licensing training company with more than 65 years of industry experience and a 90% satisfaction rating. According to their website, they were the first name in the game and continue to be one of the best a t providing exam prep for General Securities Sales Supervisors. 

Their Series 10 Exam Prep bundle costs about $300, which is a bit more expensive than Securities Institute of America’s best course.

ExamFX Features

  • Access to their Interactive Learning Portal
  • Online flashcards
  • A readiness exam
  • Online exam simulations 
  • Instructor support throughout the entire study process
ExamFX Securities Exam Study Steps

One unfortunate drawback to this municipal securities prep course is its access period. Despite being more expensive than our top pick, you only get half the amount of time to study. Unless you’re a quick learner who’s interested in an accelerated schedule, this is more of a negative than a positive.

résultat financier: It’s a bit more expensive than the top pick with half the study time, but ExamFX is still a great resource if you’re interested in starting your career ASAP.

#4 Knopman Series 10 Study Guide

KnopmanMarks Exam Prep Courses

Knopman is one of the youngest companies offering FINRA test taker training courses, but they’re clearly doing something right. Their pass rates are no joke— up to 97% for some courses! aditionellement, their curriculum is dedicated to making sure you’re prepared not only for your exam but for the career ahead. This level of career guidance isn’t something you find in a lot of online courses.

Malheureusement, their Series 10 Exam Prep course costs $500, making it the most expensive program on our list. Fortunately, you get a serious amount of study materials for your money, so it’s still a worthwhile investment if you can afford it.

Knopman Marks Features

  • Access to a textbook (both print and ebook)
  • Supplements
  • A benchmark exam
  • More than 10 heures de cours vidéo
  • A mobile app to study offline
  • Access to their online question bank and training center
  • Email updates from your instructors with tips and reminders as you go

If you desperately need a confidence booster, Knopman promises an easy-to-follow path to a passing score on this notoriously difficult exam. The program is divided into seven lessons, each covering a different section of the test. It’s frequently updated and driven by the most recent data to make sure that you’re getting the correct information as fast as possible.

résultat financier: If it weren’t for the high price, Knopman would be a lot higher on the list. Don’t let it’s ranking deter you from checking them out, even if you’re only interested in continuing education!

#5 Kaplan Series 10 Study Guide

Kaplan Financial Classes

Kaplan is focused on providing educational content for learners of all ages. They’ve got programs for kids as young as kindergarten all the way up through 12th grade— as well as tons of courses for undergrad and post-grad certifications. They’re one of the most ubiquitous education companies out there— so you can expect their General Securities Sales Supervisor content to meet their high standards.

Out of all the courses listed above, Kaplan has the widest variety. All of their tools are available for individual purchase, and they also provide three full course packages.

Kaplan Features

Their Basic package costs a little over $250 and comes with:

  • A practice exam
  • A performance tracker
  • A study calendar
  • A License Exam Manual (PDF and print form) that breaks the exam into short, easy-to-learn units
  • Their SecuritiesPro Qbank, which lets you build your own exam question simulations and dive into the topics you need to review the most
Securities QBank Demo

Their Essential package is $399; it comes with everything from the Standard package as well as:

  • Checkpoint exams
  • A midterm exam
  • A video library

Their Premium package is $449, including everything from the Essential package as well as:

  • Class notes
  • A mastery exam
  • Access to InstructorLink, which connects you with a Kaplan instructor anytime you want additional help

All of these packages are accessible for up to five months from purchase, with the option to extend your access another five months for an additional $49.

So why is this at the bottom of our list? bien, it’s far from a bad option— it’s definitely among the best online resources if you want to be a municipal securities broker dealer. toutefois, this company lacks the personal touch from options like Securities Institute of America ou STCUSA.

Here’s what I mean:

If you run into an issue and need to contact support, you’ll need to navigate a ton of menus in order to find someone who knows about FINRA courses specifically. Since Kaplan Financial covers tons of subjects, you’re not going to get the fast and well-informed responses to your questions that you would with those other choices.

résultat financier: Kaplan is a safe bet for your educational needs, especially if you’re already familiar with their work. toutefois, you can get a better deal and more effective support if you’re willing to try a lesser-known company.

Questions fréquemment posées – FINRA Series 10 Exam

What’s the Difference Between a Series 10 and a Series 24?

According to FINRA, Series 9 and Series 10 exams are limited principle exams, meaning they qualify you for a single category of position– a supervisor. There are different kinds of supervisory positions, but they all fall under the same specific category and area of expertise and therefore require the same knowledge.

UNE Series 24 exam is a more general qualification. It lets you supervise over all banking and securities business areas and covers a broader scope of study. Cela étant dit, a Series 24 is much more limited in what products it covers than the Series 9 and Series 10.

Do I Need to Go to Classes for My Series 10 Exam?

Strictly speaking, you don’t need to take full classes to qualify for your Series 10 exam. According to the rulebook, you just need to be sponsored by a FINRA member and have passed your SIE et Series 7 exams first.

Cela étant dit, the exam is 145 questions in four subcategories that take roughly four hours to complete. It’s an extremely detailed, in-depth exam that’s going to require a significant amount of preparation. If you choose not to register for a preparation class, you need to have at least some kind of study material available to you. That’s what makes the programs on this list so important!

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