There’s a lot of responsibility on your shoulders when preparing for the Series 24 examination. As a future future financial professional, you won’t just be responsible for supervising corporate and venture capital level projects. You’ll also need expert-level knowledge about your chosen profession— which is why you should choose the best set of series 24 study materials you can find.

But here’s the good news:

We’ve already crunched the numbers and found the best FINRA Series 24 exam prep courses available. From online instruction to on-demand lectures, we’ve taken the time to see what sets the top competitors apart. Below is a compilation of our findings and the ranking we determined for each; read on to find the optimal fit for you and your personal goals!

These are the Top 6 Best FINRA Series 24 Study Guides in 2021:

  1. Securities Institute of America
  2. Securities Training Corporation
  3. ExamFx Series 24
  4. Knopman Series 24 Study Guide
  5. Kaplan Series 24 
  6. NRS Series 7 Study Guide

#1 – Securities Institute of America

Right off the bat, the best place for you to learn the ins and outs of investment banking is Securities Institute of America. Thanks to their partnership with another long standing financial institution, this company has heavily invested in educational materials related to the securities industry with fantastic results.

With the aid of experienced professionals, the practice questions and practice tests included with Securities CE’s products are realistic and offer tangible insight into the industry. You’re free to choose a package that best fits your learning style and budget, whether you’re interested in video content or text materials.

However, the best feature from this company by far is their GreenLight Guarantee. This works in conjunction with their Series 24 GreenLight exam— a final review meant to accurately judge your ability to pass the real exam. Under their guarantee, failing to pass your exam after successfully passing their simulation will qualify you for a full refund on all your securities exam study materials.

As you can see, this study resource is both extremely well-made and trustworthy. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about when using it for your Series 24 exam prep, which is why we rated it at the top!