Similar to the HESI A2 exam, the Assessment Technologies Institute’s Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is an exam you’re required to take in order to enter a nursing program. It’s also referred to as ATI TEAS 6, and it’s an important stepping stone towards a rewarding nursing career.

Are you prepared? If you want to put your best foot forward when applying to nursing school, a high TEAS score is important. Here’s what you need to know:

Using an online TEAS test prep course or study guide is a surefire way to ensure a higher overall score. These courses can also help you form an efficient and effective study plan, saving you a lot of time.

We’ve created a list of the best TEAS exam prep courses, study guides, and online classes you can use to get that high score, enter a nursing program, and start your career in medicine. Check it out below!

Mometrix Test Preparation TEAS Review (Rank #1)

Mometrix University

Mometrix should be your first choice in an ATI TEAS review. They have a ton of content, a mobile friendly platform, and audio versions of lectures to boot. Additionally, you can try their services out risk-free with their 1 week trial offer

What You Get

  • 1,700+ Multiple Choice Questions
  • 110+ Videos
  • 525 Flashcards
  • 8 Practice Exams
  • Audio Versions of Lessons Included
  • Mobile and Desktop friendly
  • 100% Pass Guarantee

Pro: Great Price

Less than $70 a month will get you access to all the review materials you can handle, leaving no subject on the TEAS uncovered. And it works, too— just check out some of their reviews. On the whole, customers are happy with the course and successful on their exams thanks to Mometrix.

Mometrix Test Preparation TEAS Review
Mometrix TEAS Test Prep Class

Pro: Modern Curriculum and Interface

Mometrix has not shied away from embracing technology within their approach to learning, employing features like progress tracking. Additionally, their instructional videos bridge the gap between self-taught and online learning. Complex concepts are broken into manageable chunks that make them much easier to understand. 

Online TEAS Test Prep Course

Con: Monthly Bill Cycle

Although very affordable, Mometrix’s monthly bill cycle means you might end up being charged for a service you don’t regularly use. Be sure to end your subscription once you’ve passed the TEAS and you should be completely fine.

Bottom Line

Few courses will respect your time and money as well as Mometrix. We highly recommend their TEAS study course due to the high quality and quantity of the content on offer as well as for their accessibility for all types of learners.

Ed2Go TEAS Review (Rank #2) 

Ed2Go offers a unique hybrid between online classes and traditional college courses. If you have a lot of experience with both, this should be a simple and effective learning resource to help you pass the TEAS.

What You Get

  • 6-12 Weeks of Access
  • 24-48 Hours of Content
  • 2-Part Course (Can Be Purchased Separately)
  • 2 Different Course Formats
  • Curriculum Based on Real World Situations

Pro: Specialization

Some courses will only come in one possible format, so only one kind of student will get the most out of it. On the other hand, Ed2Go allows you to specialize your curriculum to your personal preference. You can choose to only study a specific section of the exam by enrolling in a single part of this 2-part course, and you can also choose between a self-paced or instructor-led schedule.

Pro: Well-Defined Schedule

Are you interested in knowing exactly what you’re signing up for? Check out the detailed course breakdown for both parts of Ed2Go’s TEAS prep courses. These clearly demonstrate what you’ll learn in either course, in addition to why these specific subjects are included and what real-life experiences inspired them. Because of this, you can confidently apply the knowledge gained from this course to your exams.

Con: College Partnership

One of the top benefits to using Ed2Go for your test prep is the fact that they frequently partner with accredited universities around the United States. Just take a look at their CIA review course for an excellent example. However, their TEAS course doesn’t have any partnerships with other universities, so you won’t get the benefit of a college certificate once you’re done.

Bottom Line

Ed2Go provides a college-level education in TEAS exam readiness— although it unfortunately lacks the official college certification to prove it. Still, you’ll be in excellent hands if you choose this option to prepare for your nursing career! TEAS Test Review (Rank #3) TEAS Test Prep

It’s not just an ATI TEAS study guide; also offers a review course that extends to other topics, like the HESI A2 exam. 

Some of the most impressive features this TEAS test prep course includes are their video collection, cheatsheets, and discussion boards. Additionally, you can pay month-to-month or get a discount on 2 years of access.

What You Get

  • 500+ MCQ’s
  • 12 Additional nursing courses included
  • PDF Cheat Sheet Downloads
  • Mobile App
  • Private Facebook Group and Discussion Board Access
  • Create Custom Study Plans

Pro: Small Cost, Large Library

While still billed monthly like Mometrix, your monthly cost with will total to less than $40. It also includes a wider range of content, so you can study for other essential academic skills related to nursing.

Pro: Friendly Community

Your subscription will grant you access to the user discussion boards as well as a private Facebook group. From there you can interact with other students— which is a great way to stay motivated while studying for your exams!

Pro: Updated and Expansive

Studying for the ATI TEAS or the HESI with will also grant you access to additional courses. The additional topics you can immerse yourself in range from Anatomy & Physiology to Sociology. 

Con: Split Resources

Do you only want to study for the TEAS with no extra practice questions? If so, you’re probably not interested in all of the additional material included— but you’ll still have to pay for them.

Bottom Line

Nursing students that need to take more exams after TEAS should definitely check out For a low price you’ll get an unprecedented amount of content that works perfectly with your phone or mobile device.

ExamEdge TEAS Exam Review (Rank #4)

Exam Edge

ExamEdge is different from Mometrix or in one key aspect. Instead of lesson plans, videos, and other study materials, ExamEdge is your one-stop-shop for TEAS practice exams only.

What You Get

  • 20 Practice Tests
  • 168 Unique Questions per Exam
  • Up to 4 Retakes
  • Bonus Gift “Test Taking Strategies” for Purchase of 5+ Tests
  • 100% Pass Guarantee

Pro: Pick and Choose

With ExamEdge, you can select practice tests based on specific academic skills you need to improve. You can fine-tune your study focus for cheap, making this a great supplement to another course.

Pro: Appealing Bundles

You have the option to purchase anywhere from 1 practice test to 20. Of course, you’ll receive a larger discount for bulk purchases— but you never run the risk of paying for something you don’t absolutely need.

Con: Limited Library

Do you want to watch video lectures or work with other students? Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do these things with ExamEdge. If you want a more involved prep course, we recommend’s Pre-Nursing Academy instead.

Bottom Line

Because it’s not a fully-fledged course, it’s tough to recommend ExamEdge over our top picks. However, their TEAS practice tests are a great supplement to Mometrix or another course.

Achieve Test Prep (Rank #5)

Achieve Test Prep

Achieve offers ATI TEAS test prep material, but where they really stand out is in their video lessons. Thanks to their Live TEAS Virtual Classroom, you can access a unique and highly engaging learning environment similar to a university experience.

What You Get

  • 20+ hours with a BSN instructor
  • 10 hours review videos
  • 50 flashcards
  • 100+ TEAS test-style practice questions
  • 80% or higher pass guarantee

Pro: Live Instruction

If you sign up for this course, you’ll have access to 7 live classes over a 7-week span. It’s just like taking an online college course— yet another great way that Achieve prepares you for nursing school.

Pro: Pass Guarantee

When you study with this ATI TEAS study guide, you’re guaranteed a grade of 80% or higher on test day. But if you don’t hit this goal, you’ll be able to retake the entire course for free!

Con: Pricey

Seven weeks of ATI TEAS practice is a lot, but not quite enough to justify the $500+ price tag. For a fraction of the cost, you can enroll in either Mometrix or for the same amount of time— or much more, if necessary.

Bottom Line

If you need an instructor-led course to prepare for your exam, this is a good choice. But you can save a lot of money by choosing one of our top picks instead.

Kaplan TEAS Test Prep (Rank #6)

Kaplan Nursing TEAS Test Prep Class

Kaplan is closer to our #3 pick in terms of how they structure their content. But instead of just practice exams, Kaplan’s Qbank practice-style TEAS questions are a bit more interactive. Their platform also has a slew of other features to help keep track of your progress.

What You Get

  • 500+ ATI TEAS Practice Questions
  • Full, Comprehensive Answer Explanations
  • Customize Quizzes by Content/Topic
  • Performance stats
  • 4 Extra Practice Questions Available for Free

Bottom Line

If you want some more customization with your practice test questions, Kaplan is a great complement to a full course— but not ideal as a standalone study resource.

ATI Testing TEAS Test Prep (Rank #7)

ATI TEAS Test Prep

ATI Testing’s ATI TEAS Comprehensive Study Package offers 30 days of unlimited access to an impressively wide array of study materials. And when you consider the fact that they made the exam, it’s easy to see why their TEAS practice test can be a helpful addition to your study schedule.

What You Get

  • 65 Lessons across all ATI TEAS subjects:
    • Science
    • Reading
    • Math
    • English and Language usage
  • 650 practice questions
  • Customized Study Plans

Bottom Line

ATI Testing provides thoroughly detailed material with insightful answer explanations. But when you compare it to Mometrix


How many questions are on the TEAS test?

The exam is comprised of 170 questions of:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • English and Language Usage

How is the TEAS exam scored?

While the passing score you will need to obtain will vary from school to school, the exam itself is scored by a system known as equating. This essentially means that questions have different point values. You won’t know which, but the test consists of easier and harder questions alike.

How many times can I attempt the TEAS?

On average, students can take the TEAS 3 up to times within a year.

When do I get my TEAS results after taking the exam?

In most cases, you’ll receive your scores immediately after the test. However, some schools will have a waiting period of 2 days; check your school’s specifications for more information.

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