2019 Таѓйирот ба КФА Имтиҳони

2021 Changes To The CFA® Exam

Studying for the CFA® exam in 2019? Дар ин ҷо тағйироти охир имтиҳон ба шумо лозим аст, ки аз медонанд,!

cpa vs cfa credential comparison

CPA vs CFA®: Credential Comparison

Are you looking to advance your career but can’t decide between becoming a CPA or CFA®? Check out our comparison of their exams, career choices, ва бештар!

Best Investment Analyst Certifications

In order to work as a CIBA, you’ll need to understand US GAAP and IFRS accounting standards, key financial modeling concepts, and the credit quality of companies. ОИ, you’ll need to thoroughly understand every step of the M&A process.

Guide to Free CFA® Study Notes

Spend any time on the internet and you’ll quickly discover a ton of free resources available to help you learn about virtually anything. Studying for the CFA is no different, although some materials are a better use of your time than others.