CIA Exam Pass Rates Explained

Volgens het Institute of Internal Auditors, the CIA exam pass rate is 39% – 42% in de afgelopen vier jaar. Dit is een relatief lage passerende tarief in vergelijking met andere professionele examens. Verrassend genoeg, dit waar is, ondanks wat je hebt gehoord over de Certified Internal Auditor examen. If you are considering becoming

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Gleim CIA Review Course

Read why Gleim’s CIA Review course is consistently cited by industry professionals as one of the most effective ways to prepare for the CIA exam! Learn about the pros and cons, course features, and pricing options.

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Wiley CIA Review Course

Passing the CIA exam is an important step for any future auditor. Read my in-depth review of Wiley CIA review to see if it is the right course for you.

What Is A Certified Internal Auditor

What Is A Certified Internal Auditor?

Learn what it means to become a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), from passing the exams to career options. See if becoming a CIA is the right path for you!

Vergelijk de Top 5 Best CIA Review Courses & Study Guides in 2021

Choosing the best CIA review course that will help you pass the Certified Internal Auditor exam isn’t easy. There are tons of different CIA prep courses out there, so how are you supposed to decide between them all and figure out which one will prepare you for the CIA exam the most? Click here to find out!

Wat-is-een-cia-gecertificeerde interne auditor

Wat is een CIA en wat doet een Certified Internal Auditor Do?

Een CIA, of gecertificeerd interne auditor, is an auditing professional. They’ve passed the CIA exam and fulfilled the educational and work experience requirements of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). Echter, it shouldn’t be confused with the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA agents, even though they share an acronym. The CIA designation is used all

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