6 Best CPA Exam Study Tips and Exam Prep Strategies

There are a ton of different CPA exam study tips, tactics, strategies, and techniques, but I have to be honest: none of them are better than mine. I developed these tips while studying for my first accountancy exam section. As I was about halfway through the process, I realized that I was spending way too

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How to Become a CPA

How to Become a CPA in the USA: a Step-by-Step Guide

Becoming a CPA is one of the most rewarding experiences that you will have in your public accounting career. Once you get your certificate in the mail from your state board, you’ll instantly feel a huge sense of accomplishment and pride that you were able to set your mind to something and conquer it. It’s

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Number of CPA Exam Study Hours

How Many Hours Should I Study for the CPA Exam?

In general, it’s recommended that CPA candidates study for 300-400 hours for the CPA exam in total in order to ensure they pass. Essentiellement, this equates to about 80-100 hours of CPA study hours for each exam section. Keep in mind that these suggested and recommended study times are just that. They are suggestions based

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CPA certificate vs CPA License

CPA Certificate vs CPA License: Quelle est la différence?

There always tends to be a lot of confusion between a CPA certificate vs license. They both mean completely different things. en outre, they give you different amounts of legal authority and responsibility although they seem like the same thing. A CPA certificate, in most cases, is simply an acknowledgment. It means that you passed the CPA

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Is a CPA Review Course Tax Deductible?

Every good aspiring CPA has probably asked him or herself, are my CPA review course fees and expenses tax deductible? I will admit that I thought about this too when I was shelling out thousands of dollars to pay for my AICPA-approved CPA prep course. Malheureusement, the IRS has ruled on several occasions that CPA

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best cpa study guide

Best CPA Study Guide to Pass the CPA Exam

During my CPA journey, I read every single CPA study guide that I could get my hands on and none of them actually told me how to study for the CPA exam. To my surprise, even the top CPA review courses don’t actually tell you how to study. Some of them include tips or a simple guide through the

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Ninja CPA Review

Ninja CPA Cours de révision et de la Banque d'essai

Ninja CPA Review a été lancé par Jeff Elliot de Après des années de fonctionnement du populaire forum CPA, il a décidé d'étendre son site dans plus seulement un endroit où les candidats ACP pourraient venir trouver le soutien des autres en passant par leurs voyages de l'ACP et mis au point un ensemble de documents d'étude d'examen Ninja CPA. Essentiellement,

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