CPA Exam Cost and Fees

CPA Exam Costs Explained (Plus 3 Hidden Fees)

Chances are if you’ve looked into pursuing CPA exam application and becoming a Certified Public Accountant, you’ve found out that it’s not free. There are several different CPA exam costs involved in sitting for the exam and getting your license that many people don’t tell you about. Getting your CPA certification is a big investment

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Can College Students Take and Pass the CPA Exam

Can You Take and Pass the CPA Exam as A Student in College?

If you are an ambitious college student who wants to start a career as a CPA immediately after college, you probably wonder if you can take and pass the CPA exam in college. The answer is yes, kind of. Every state has different CPA exam requirements that you must meet in order to sit for

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Best CPA Exam Audio Courses and Lectures

There are a few different CPA review courses that offer audio lectures and audio CPA study materials. This format is a great option for CPA candidates who are on the go a lot and don’t have tons of time to sit in front of their computer or a book. Hence, the best CPA learning materials

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CPA Exam Pass Rate

What is the CPA Exam Passing Rate?

Historically, the average CPA exam passing rates for each section have been around 50 percent. According to the AICPA, at least half of the CPA candidates who take the Certified Public Accountant exam each quarter fail their exam part. This isn’t an encouraging statistic by any means if you are looking to take the exam, but

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Does A High or Low CPA Exam Score Matter if You Passed?

A lot of CPA candidates ask if it matters whether they get a high CPA exam score or a low score just above passing. Many candidates study excessively, so they can get crazy high scores and tell everyone how well they did when their score releases. But does your score actually matter? Truthfully, no one knows

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4 Factors That Impact the Audit Opinion

4 Factors That Impact The Audit Opinion

It can be difficult to understand the way audit opinions work, especially when studying for the CPA exam. To make things easier, we describe some common change factors!