BEC CPA Exam Study Tips | sectie Format, Structuur, Behandelde onderwerpen

De BEC CPA-examen sectie staat voor Business Environment and Concepts. Out of the four sections that comprise the Certified Public Accountant certification exam, it’s the one that evaluates a candidates’ comprehension of responsibility and professional duty. Vandaar, understanding management, principle economic concepts, corporate governance, and Informational Technology (HET) is crucial to mastery. Het onderzoekt

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CPA Exam Task-Based Simulations: Review Guide, Practice Tips, & Grading

CPA exam task-based simulations (TBS) make up the last testlet on each of the four CPA exam sections: VER, REG, AUD, and BEC. The AICPA designs these to test candidates’ higher learning and processing abilities by combining several functions, and areas of study, and applications into each simulation. If you are like most candidates, de

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Hoe vraagt ​​u voor de CPA-examen als een International Student?

The CPA exam application process for non-citizens or people who live outside the United States is complicated. Heck, the application process is complicated for citizens. It’s way too complicated for international candidates and non US citizens. Laten we praten over de manieren waarop u kunt zich aanmelden voor de CPA-examen als een internationale student. Wie kan Neem de

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CPA Ethics Exam Tips, Course Guide, and Requirements

The AICPA ethics exam is required by most state boards after passing the CPA exam in order to become certified and obtain a CPA license. The CPA ethics exam is a take-home test that comes with a textbook and is taken online. I’m sure that last thing you want to hear after you pass the

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Important Changes to CPA Exam Blueprint Featured Image

2021 CPA Exam Changes – Blueprint Updates

Make sure you’re studying for the latest version of the CPA exam by checking out our breakdown of all the latest changes. This is critical for all CPA candidates to know as the content is updated regularly!


How to Become a CPA Without a Degree in Accounting

Is it possible to become a CPA without a degree in Accounting? Ja, it is possible for non-accountants and non-accounting majors to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). It’s just getting a lot harder than it used to be. Let’s take a look at how you can become a CPA if you are not an

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