Top 5 CPA CPE Courses Online

Trying to meet the NASBA CPE requirements as a CPA? Check out our list of the Top 4 Best CPA CPE courses to fulfill your credits quickly!

illumeo CPE review course

Illumeo CPE Review

As if this wasn’t a helpful tool in and of itself, Illumeo also asks for your self-assessment on competencies that may not be related to your current position. That helps you self-assess your knowledge and compare your skills against all benchmark jobs in your professional function.

Free CPE Resources for CPAs

2022’s Best Free CPE for CPAs [Webcasts, Webinars, & More]

Increasingly, CPAs that do tax work are specializing in the field. Because the tax laws change frequently and are so complex, tax preparation is becoming a year-round occupation. Continuing ed courses are a good way to stay informed on tax law changes.

Lambers CPE Review

Lambers Inc. was established in 1966 and is currently a leader in review courses for EA, AFSP, and CPA exams. They’re one of the biggest CPA Review programs in New England and have helped over 250,000 students with their Lambers CPA Review prep course.

Surgent CPE Review

Surgent’s instructors are uniquely qualified to create effective lessons thanks to their professional experience. They can also help you avoid some of the career pitfalls they may have made when starting out— all you have to do is ask!