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Best PE Prep Courses

It’s a challenging test and something you must work hard to prepare for. So where do you start? Enrolling in a top-rated PE review course is your best bet to pass the first time around.

Best FE Review Courses

The Best FE Review Courses

For people working towards becoming a professional engineer, the Fundamentals of Engineering exam is an important milestone. Completing this exam and earning an FE license shows both you and your future employers that you’re uniquely qualified as an engineer. As a result, the test can be pretty difficult; but there are a few good options to prepare for it.


PE Exam Dates for 2020

The world is changing. Nearly every licensure and certification on the planet is shifting to digital. The implications of these changes are vast, but we’re going to focus on the effect this has on 2020 PE exam dates in particular.

Best ARE 5.0 Study Materials

Best ARE 5.0 Study Materials

The ARE is a rigorous exam for a reason. It focuses on the services that most affect the safety, health, and welfare of the public. It assesses aspects of architectural practice that influence the soundness, integrity, and impact of a building.

Breakdown: FE Exam Dates 2020

Because of how important the FE exam is for your professional development — let alone its relevance to the PE exam as well — it’s important to be as prepared as possible to take it. Read on to learn the most important things to keep in mind for the 2020 FE exam!