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With the high cost of law school looming in the near future, the last thing you want to do is waste a lot of money on a test that you are (hopefully) only going to take one time.

LSAT vs GRE – Which Test Do Law Schools Prefer?

In 2016, the Arizona School of Law made history when they began to allow prospective students to apply using GRE scores in place of the LSAT. After conducting a study into the reliability of GRE scores for predicting law school performance, Arizona found that the GRE was a “valid and reliable” predictor of first-term law

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LSATMax Review

LSATMax Prep Course Review

Read our comprehensive review of LSATMax and see why it’s currently the best LSAT prep course on the market. Save yourself countless hours of research and hundreds of dollars with special discounts!

AlphaScore Featured Image

AlphaScore LSAT Review Course

There are many courses designed to maximize students’ LSAT scores, but few are as involved or effective as the Alpha Score LSAT Review program. [Маълумоти бештар]

The Digital LSAT

The Digital LSAT: Чӣ шумо бояд донед,

Дар ин мансаби меҳмон аз Кайл Ryman, омӯхта дар бораи тағйироти меояд имтиҳони LSAT дар 2019 ва чӣ тавр шумо метавонед барои онҳо омода!

Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses

Blueprint goes about making LSAT prep fun by introducing game-like elements to their courses as well as social features that encourage a higher level of interactivity for their students. Best of all, they have the results to support their approach.