The Olive Book SAT & ACT Prep Review

The Olive Book is a service focused on effective teaching strategies for all aspiring college students. Each course uses three techniques to deliver a potent combination of substance and style, resulting in a uniquely helpful prep course.

The Princeton Review vs Kaplan SAT

SAT Prep Course Comparison: Kaplan vs. The Princeton Review

Right out the gate, the most important thing for most students is how much a test prep course costs. Ultimately, both of these courses are fairly expensive; they are the highest quality options from each company. For the sake of comparison, these serve as complete catalogs of all their study materials and features, making for an excellent point of comparison.

Best SAT Review Courses

Best SAT Review Courses

The SAT test is an extremely important aspect of college admissions and scholarships. Consequently, every student looking to enroll in college will take the test (or one of its equivalents). As a result, preparing for this test can be extremely stressful and it may be difficult to decide where to start.