Tax Fraud By The Numbers

Tax Fraud By The Numbers: The Trump Timeline

It’s no secret that tax law in the United States is extremely confusing. Even the length of the official tax code is subject to wild speculation; people estimate it to be somewhere between 2,500 pages and four times the length of the complete written works of Shakespeare. As a result of this confusion, many people

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Tax Avoidance By The Numbers: The Paradise Papers

Here’s a quick riddle for you: what do Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Shakira, and Queen Elizabeth II have in common? All of them are mentioned in the Paradise Papers! This 1.4-Terabyte treasure trove of financial documents contains details about some of the world’s wealthiest people. The list of hundreds of people whose confidential transactions have been

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Small Business Tax Deductions in 2020

Small Business Tax Deductions In 2023

Although most small business owners realize that income tax is a necessary evil, they would love to find small business tax deductions and other ways to cut down their tax bill. Fortunately, this is perfectly legal and there are tons of ways to effectively do this!

Deep Dive: Recreational Marijuana Tax Revenue in the United States

Reframing the marijuana debate around its merits as a tool for government funding has been extremely helpful for the pro-legalization cause, and it’s led many states to experiment with legalization. But has this actually led to economic growth, and what does this mean for the future of marijuana legalization in the country?