cfa-exam-fees-and-costsCFA® Exam fees can be very expensive, partly because it’s actually made up of three separate exams that are very comprehensive. Most candidates think about the registration fees and the costs of actually taking the CFA® exam, but they don’t consider all of the additional expenses that go with it.

Becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst is a huge investment in your career that will help you earn higher salaries, better opportunities, and more respect than you would have had without it. That’s why it’s worth paying for it. In the article, we will delve into the costs associated with enrolling in the CFA® exam, ongoing CFA® membership fees, and additional fees associated with the CFA® exam and membership.

Let’s check out how much becoming a CFA® costs!

How Much Does it Cost to Take the CFA® Exam?

CFA® Study Material Costs

Before we get into all of the different CFA® exam fees, I think it’s important to talk about CFA® exam prep courses. This, in my mind, is an essential cost. If you don’t get a good review course, you will most likely fail at least one part. There’s no reason to take that risk.

Think about it this way. If you fail one CFA® level, you will have to wait almost a year to take it again. You will have to spend another 200-300 hours studying for it. Plus, you will have to pay another $650-$930 registration fee to sit for the part again.

The time involved in this process alone isn’t worth it, let alone the money of retaking the test. I wouldn’t chance it. Get a review course that fits your learning style and don’t look back. Most of them are really affordable. Here’s a list of different courses you can choose from and compare their features.

CFA® Program Enrollment Fees

The first fee you will pay is the Program Enrollment Fee. This is a one-time fee to enter the series of CFA® exams. The fee is $450 and is paid when you register for your first Level I exam. You can consider this your application fee since you have to pay this in order to apply for the CFA® exam.

CFA® Exam Registration Fees

You will pay registration fees are every exam you take. In addition to the exam, the fee mainly covers the eBook which has the complete curriculum, topic area practice tests and mock exams. As you can see below, the price of the exam varies greatly depending on when you register. In order to save money, make sure you register your exam date early for all three exams. Avoid late registration at all costs!

CFA® Exam RegistrationCFA® Exam Fees and CostsSign up Deadline
Early Registration$6508 – 9 months before exam
Standard Registration$9303 –4 months before exam
Late Registration$1,380< 3 months before exam

CFA® Institute Member Fees

Once a you pass all three exams and your application is approved, you must pay annual dues. Regular dues are $275 ka selemo, which runs from July 1 through June 30. Some of the benefits you receive as a CFA® Member include exclusive career resources and continuing education, access to select publications and discounts on CFA® Institute Conferences. This fee must be paid annually to be considered a CFA® Member.

3 Hidden CFA® Exam Fees You Didn’t Expect

In addition to the fees mentioned above, there are some hidden and/or ancillary fees associated with the CFA® exam to be aware of. Ba bang ba ditefello tsena kenyeletsa:

Exam Re-take Fees

Haeba u ha ba feta e 'ngoe ea litlhahlobo le, o tla lokela ho lefa hape ho botjha nka tlhatlhobo. Tsena tjhelete ka potlako kopanya haholo-holo haeba u hlōleha ho feta hang.

Travel Fees

The CFA® exam is offered in only 170 metse June le 70 metse e ka December lefatšeng ka bophara. Boholo ba libaka tse sa tlhatlhobo tse libakeng tse ka sehloohong toropokgolo. Haeba u swathika ho lekaneng ho e phela ka ho e 'ngoe ea litsi tekong, ebe ditshenyehelo leeto tla ba fokolang haholo. Leha ho le joalo, haeba u lokela ho nka leeto la ho nka teko, u ka 'na lokela ho ikarabella bakeng sa khase sebaka, litekete sefofane le / kapa likamore hotele.

Additional Study Fees

Many candidates use study resources other than those provided by CFA® Institute to help prepare for the exam. Ka mohlala, the Kaplan Schweser CFA® Exam study packages range from $379 bakeng sa ho intša ho ithuta o re ho $2,099 bakeng sa litlelase ka-motho le ulasan pelanggan ithuta.

Ho na le theko tekanyetso ho reka thupelo qalong. Haeba u hlōleha tlhatlhobo kapa feta letsatsi tla felloa ke matla ka tlhahlobo le tsela ea lōna, o tla lokela ho lefa tjhelete e eketsehileng ya ho nchafatsa e. Sena ke hlile hlokang kelello hobane u se u ntse lefile bakeng sa eona hang. That’s why I would recommend a study guide like Wiley CFA® that doesn’t have an expiration date. U ka sebelisa e bakeng sa ka nako e telele ha u ntse u lokela ho feta tlhatlhobo. 🙂

Total Costs to Become a CFA®

ka chelete, the cost to become a CFA® Member can be significant and vary greatly depending on additional ancillary fees. Ka bonyane haholo, le Setho tla qeta $2,650, ho nka lefa ditefello mathoasong a ngoliso le selemo se le seng ya ditefello tsa selemo le selemo botho.

CFA® Exam Fees CFA® Exam Costs
CFA® Program Enrollment Fees$450
CFA® Level I Registration (Standard) $930
CFA® Level II Registration (Standard) $930
CFA® Level IIII Registration (Standard) $930
CFA® Annual Membership Fee$250

In another, arguably more realistic scenario, a Member can end up paying over $4,800 for the total cost of the CFA® exam and membership. This is assuming you are paying standard registration fees, one exam re-take fees, some travel fees and purchasing Schweser notes (minimum package) for all three tests.

CFA® Exam Fees CFA® Exam Costs
CFA® Program Enrollment Fees$450
CFA® Level I Registration (Standard) $930
CFA® Level II Registration (Standard) $930
CFA® Level IIII Registration (Standard) $930
CFA® Exam Re-take Fee$930
Tavel Fees$300
CFA® Study Material Costs~$1,137
CFA® Annual Membership Fee$250

While the CFA® exam is not cheap, the largest chunk of the cost comes from registration. Make sure you register early for all exams to save a significant amount of money.

Is a CFA® Certification Worth It?

Without a doubt, becoming a CFA® will open the door for many different career opportunities that you couldn’t even dream of without it. Not only will you be able to fulfill new roles in companies; you will also be able to broaden your career options into fields you wouldn’t have access to without it.

It goes without saying that with more responsibilities and importance in your duties, you will get paid way more. It’s a long journey from your Level 1 to your Level 3, but it’s worth it.

Stop questioning yourself and get started studying today!

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Kenneth w. Boyd

Kenneth w. Boyd is a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the author of several of the popular "For Dummies" books published by John Wiley & Sons including 'CPA Exam for Dummies' and 'Cost Accounting for Dummies'.

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