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Comparing CMA Review Courses: Becker vs. Gleim

I looked at 2 of the most popular CMA prep courses currently available for students. By comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each course, I can help you determine which of them is the best choice for your study needs.

Real Estate Express Review

Real Estate Express has a lot to offer for people interested in any aspect of real estate. Their expert instructors can easily teach you important concepts through an engaging visual style.

School of PE Review

One of the best ways to study for an exam is to practice. That’s why this review course comes with a well developed series of practice problems, which can be used to reinforce what you’ve learned during your lessons.

Surgent CPE Review

Surgent’s instructors are uniquely qualified to create effective lessons thanks to their professional experience. They can also help you avoid some of the career pitfalls they may have made when starting out— all you have to do is ask!

Best FINRA Series 87 Study Guides

Keep in mind that this securities exam tests your knowledge of a research analyst’s job functions more than asking you to solve clever puzzles.