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Best CPA Exam Review Self-Study Books of 2021

There are many different CPA exam review books on the market today. Some are better than others and some are just different. Donc, how are you supposed to know which ones are right for you? Premier, you need to look at your learning style to understand what type of CPA study book you should be

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Best CPA Review Course Video Lectures

Almost all CPA exam review courses include video lectures in their study materials because they are really helpful. Video lectures were one of the most important study tools I used to pass the exam and I’m sure they will be important to your success with the exam as well. Mais, how are you supposed to

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How Do You Apply for the CPA Exam as an International Student?

The CPA exam application process for non-citizens or people who live outside the United States is complicated. Heck, the application process is complicated for citizens. It’s way too complicated for international candidates and non US citizens. Let’s discuss the ways you can apply for the CPA exam as an international student. Who Can Take the

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Which Section of the CPA Exam Should You Take First?

One of the most popular questions we hear from CPA candidates is, “which CPA exam section should I take first?” That’s a great question. If you don’t already know what the four parts of the CPA exam are, you should read my post about the sections of the CPA exam; it will give you more information

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CPA Exam Schedule [ 2021 Dates, Testing Windows, & Blackout Months]

The CPA exam schedule is pretty confusing because there are so many different testing windows, exam dates, blackout months, and other oddities. aditionellement, recent global events have made the situation even more confusing with numerous cancellations and rescheduling for seemingly every event. par conséquent, the scheduling process can difficult to figure out for first-time candidates. Donc,

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CPA Exam Requirements

Quelles sont les exigences à l'examen CPA?

CPA exam requirements are set by individual state boards and thus vary by state jurisdiction. Although every state board of accountancy has slightly different requirements to sit for the CPA examination, most states have the same core set of qualifications that candidates must meet in order to be eligible. Let’s take a look at what

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CPA Exam Sections | Format, Structure, & Content | Each Part Explained

There are four CPA exam sections, or parts, including: vérification des comptes & Attestation (AUD) Financial Accounting & Reporting (LOIN) Regulation (REG) Business Environment & Concepts (BEC) Essentiellement, each part of the Uniform examination is a 4-hour test covering a different subset of topics and concepts. Par conséquent, in order to become a CPA, you must pass all

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Why Become a CPA? | Haut 4 Reasons and Major Benefits

Why become a CPA? Should you get a CPA? I’ve heard these questions time and time again. Taking the CPA exam was one of the most nerve-wracking and crazy experiences of my life. It was the most challenging thing I had ever done up to that point in my life. Cela étant dit, it was

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