far-cpa-exam-sectionThe FAR (Financing Accounting and Reporting) section of the CPA exam covers topics like GAAP, financial statements, financial transactions, and reporting for non-profits. Many candidates consider the CPA FAR exam to be the most challenging of the four because of its length and scope of information covered on the test.

The FAR CPA exam is also difficult because it tests your understanding of financial reports, statement presentation, and significant business transactions using GAAP, IFRS, and Governmental Accounting systems. It’s also common to see topics like employee benefits, 转让, 编制业务和研究成本, 计算公允价值人物, 和纠正在考试中交易的错误,以及.

不用说, 有覆盖在该测试一吨的信息. 让我们来看看,你需要它是如何格式化和怎样做才能远逝.

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The FAR section is a four hour exam.

FAR主题区 & 概念测试

Conceptual Framework and Financial Reporting: 25% – 35% – these topics cover different aspects of standard setting, understanding of financial statements, and several reporting. You should be familiar with the financial reporting process for both nongovernmental and non-profit organizations.

Financial Statement Accounts: 30% – 40% – these topics include the evaluation of balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and statement of retained earnings accounts as well as transactions that affect these accounts.

Transactions: 20% – 30% – will cover computation and recognition of certain operations and items on the statement like contingencies, leases, 等等.

State and Local Governmental Accounting: 5% – 15% – 这些主题通常包括一般基金会计和政府会计的广义和非特异性非常概述.



FAR开头 2 含选择题testlets 33 多项选择题. 经过这些testlets完成, 你将被允许接受可选 15 分钟的休息时间. 这打破了不会占用你时间的测试一样,如果你要参加考试的中间休息. 记住, 你没有,如果你不想借此休息.

After the break, you will start the second two testlets containing eight task-based simulations.

FAR Exam Section Structure

FAR Exam Section2016 CPA Exam2017 CPA Exam
Written Communication00


TestletsQuestion Sets
Testlet #133 多项选择题
Testlet #233 多项选择题
Testlet #32 基于任务的模拟
Testlet #43 基于任务的模拟
Testlet #53 基于任务的模拟

CPA FAR Exam Tip: Mark the multiple-choice questions you can’t decide on and move on. Don’t spend too much time on one question. You can always review the flagged questions before you submit the testlet.

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Ther are two multiple choice testlets in FAR. Each testlet contains 33 多项选择题. 第一组的问题将是中等难度的问题来衡量你的主题和概念的理解. 如果你对他们做的很好, 第二盘将以更先进的问题. 如果你在第一组做不好, 你会得到第二testlet一种更简单的设置. 这听起来有些不可思议, 但你要更难的问题. 一个正确回答的难题是价值超过数正确回答简单的问题.

在对 66 总多选题, 54 会朝着你的分数进行计数和 12 will be pretest questions that won’t count against you.

FAR CPA Tip: Don’t second guess your answer. More times than not, your first thought or gut reaction is correct. Second guessing yourself can lead to changing correct answers. Trust your gut!


The second two simulations are consist of 8 基于任务的模拟. These simulations are formatted in several different ways from matching to fill-in-the-blank. There will also be one research question where you will be required to cite the authoritative literature to answer a questions.

Most simulations are graded by computer and may involve the test-taker completing journal entries but can involve an array of tasks based on example case studies. Seven of these simulations are operational and 1 前测是.


You have to manage your own time while completing their exam. 从而, you could spend the entire four hours doing the first testlet and run out of time for the rest of the exam. The rule of thumb is to leave around 2 hours for the task-based simulation. This gives you about 110 seconds to answer each multiple choice question!

How is FAR Weighted and Graded?

The MCQs and the TBSs are weighted the same. 从而, 50% of your score will be based on the multiple-choice questions and 50% will be based on the simulations. Here is the FAR content area allocation by topic and weight. This table also shows the skill level allocation that the new CPA exam blueprint uses to test your knowledge of the topics.


MCQ and Simulation Grading Percentage and Distribution

有多大比例的档次是给予MCQ和模拟? In conclusion, 50% of the grade comes from the 66 MCQs and the other 50% comes from the 8-9 TBSs.

Exam Section2016 CPA Exam2017 CPA Exam
40% TBS
50% MCQ
50% TBS
15% WC
50% MCQ
35% TBS
15% WC
60% MCQ
40% TBS
50% MCQ
50% TBS
40% TBS
50% MCQ
50% TBS

FAR Exam Pass Rates

FAR CPA Exam Pass Rates

Since the introduction of the new FAR exam and the emphasis of IFRS, the FAR pass rate has declined over the past six years. 在 2010, the pass rate reached a high of 52.71%. The high of 2016 仅仅是 48.07%.

This trend is likely to subside as more candidates get used to the new testing model and the exam blueprint. 此信息由发布 AICPA.

FAR CPA Exam Study Tips

Study Everything: FAR is HUGE. The FAR exam covers so much information. There’s no way you are going to be able to memorize everything. The important part is that you make it all the way through your CPA exam review materials and brush up on all the topics covered. You know how it goes. The one subject you skip over in your review course will be the one that is covered extensively on the exam. Cover everything!

Give Yourself Enough Time: Too many candidates schedule their FAR exam too close to their other exams. You need at least 7-8 weeks to properly prepare for this test. Don’t try to squeeze it in. It won’t turn out well.

Know Your Journal Entries: There are tons of journal entires on this test. Make sure you understand how to record transactions both physically and conceptually. A lot of the questions might not actually ask you to make entries, but the concepts involved in the question can be easily answered by making an AJE on a scrape of paper. Know your entries.

Practice MCQs to Death: Keep working through your MCQs in your CPA review course. This is the best practice you can get. Do as many as possible.

Should I Take FAR First?

一般, I would not recommend this for people. FAR is a huge exam and can be pretty daunting to study for. If you take it first, you might get discouraged and stop studying altogether. 或者更糟, you might fail it and give up on the exam.

I wouldn’t recommend this one first unless your knowledge of financial accounting is extremely strong going into it. Here’s which exam you should take first.

Should I Take FAR Last?

I think choosing to take FAR last depends on your time frame. Are you running up against the 18-month window? 如果你是, FAR might not be a good choice for the last exam. If you fail it, your first exam will expire. Then you have to take FAR and your first passed exam again. I’d say FAR is best taken as your second or third exam.

This way it won’t push you up against the window and you will have one or two successful sections behind you to encourage you through the beast. 🙂

Who is FAR Easiest For?

FAR tends to be easier for candidates who have a good understanding of GAAP and financial accounting in general. Candidates who have recently taken advanced financial accounting courses in college and still have the information fresh in their minds also tend to do well. Don’t get me wrong though. A few recent college courses will not prepare you for FAR. You’ll need to study.

FAR is also easier for people working in the real world with GAAP. 从而, tax accountants might want to brush up on their GAAP skills.

Who is FAR Hardest For?

The FAR is the long CPA exam section and it also covers the most information. Up until the new AICPA blueprints2017 changes, FAR used to be the longest test. Now all the exams are 4 hour exams. I have to be honest. FAR is hard for everyone. A lot of candidates say it’s the hardest out of the 4 注册会计师考试部分. I don’t know if I would say it’s the hardest, but it definitely requires the most work to get through all of the information. Most FAR study guides are twice as thick as the other sections. 哎呀!

Typically candidates who have issues effectively scheduling their study sessions and don’t stick to a routine struggle with FAR. It’s a lot to cover and you have to dedicate yourself to this test almost more so than the other ones. If you don’t think you will be able to fully dedicate yourself to studying for FAR, 我建议选择一个不同的部分坐下一. 你不想弯腰驼背在这一个. 这是不是在我看来全有或全无.

Other CPA Exam Sections

Do You have the Right CPA Review Course?

你有没有开始研究却还是你失败一次FAR? 无论哪种方式, 你需要的是实际工作,为您和您的相匹配的学习风格复习课程. 我比较所有的顶级球场并排侧, 所以你可以看到在哪个适合你. 看看这个.

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