fast-forward-academyo Fast Forward Academy CPA review course is one of the most modern CPA exam study materials on the market today. O seu curso preparatorio reinventó a idea de aprendizaxe rápida e veu con unha plataforma de software. ademais, este curso en liña axuda a estudar máis rápido, concentrando-se sobre os temas e conceptos que son máis débiles en vez de estudar os seus puntos fortes.

guías de estudo CPA típicos son lineais na natureza. Isto significa que un candidato traballa a través dun capítulo de cada vez. Cando un capítulo está completa, el ou ela se move no seguinte capítulo. Estes capítulos son xeralmente categorías por temas ou áreas de estudo. Isto soa familiar para ti? ben, it should because this is how all study materials have been presented since the beginning of time.

Fast Forward Academy developed a smart learning system that tracks what you know and what you don’t, based on your testing results. aquí, it then modifies the study materials to focus on topics that you need to work on more. así, this self-study course is unique for each candidate using it.

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Let’s look at the Fast Forward CPA exam full course format.

Fast Forward Academy CPA Course Format

The structure of this CPA study guide is different from others on the market. Although there is a study book with chapters and topics, it is set up to guide you through the information you need to study instead of allowing you to read the book from front to back. dito, let’s look at the components of this course.

Video Lectures

As a new update this year, Fast Forward Academy just introduced a full set of video lectures. They offer over 80 hours of lectures on all of the key topics covered on the exam. o 470 lessons explain concepts with real-world examples, so you can understand them. These lectures are more engaging than a traditional University lecture, but I wouldn’t say they are entertaining by any means. They are still informational accounting lectures. 🙂 They do have an auto-generated study text next to each video, so you can follow along with the key points and make notes during the videos.

Fast Book Study Textbook

The Fast book is FFA’s study text and contains all of the reading materials for the course. It’s fairly direct with a little commentary about the subjects. It’s more of a series of bullet-pointed lists than an accounting textbook that explains concepts in great detail. In some ways, iso é unha cousa boa, con todo. Some CPA textbooks are too long and detailed causing candidates to read too much and spend way longer studying than they need to. The Fast book is a good middle ground. The most important aspect of the Fastbook is its intelligence. It’s programmed to learn what you know and what you don’t, polo que pode suxerir temas e lecturas para ti. Isto é case como ter un titor seleccionar áreas para estudar nunha base continua. moi eficaz!

Fast Forward Academy Banco Proba

A base estudo FFA CPA inclúe máis de 6,800+ cuestións de múltiple elección en que se integran na súa adaptativa, sistema intelixente estudo. Isto quere dicir que, como facer probas, asistir as conferencias, e ler o texto de estudo, the test bank automatically generates practice exams for you to work through based on your current knowledge of the subject or concept. This allows you to focus on testing topics you need to work on rather than testing you on everything. You can also make custom quizzes covering any topic or length of exam questions if you want to, but the adaptive approach is much better.

Simulacións Task-Based

The FFA CPA study materials include 230 simulacións baseadas en tarefas. Although this isn’t more than other courses out there, it is implemented differently. Similar to the test bank, as simulacións son integrados no sistema adaptativo, de xeito que o curso será automaticamente sugiro que faga simulacións con base no seu coñecemento actual. así, se hai unha simulación dispoñible para o tema que está loitando con, o curso pode poñelas automaticamente no seu horario de estudo para traballar con. Tamén pode tomar este cada vez que quere ou facer probas individuais con base en temas ben.

exame Simulator

O simulador de exame FFA é unha gran representación do esquema exame AICPA. Ten algúns dos stylings Seguinte Rápido nel, pero a función é o mesmo que o exame CPA reais. Podes usar o simulador en modo de exame ou modo de práctica, quere emular o exame real ou simplemente probar-se sobre os temas. Cada pregunta ofrece explicacións detalladas para as respostas correctas e incorrectas na sección de análise do panel de control.

Notas de estudo

O panel ten unha sección de notas que poden ser marcadas para as conferencias, texto de estudo, ou mesmo preguntas. This is a powerful feature because it allows you to review different parts of the study guide based on your note. Por exemplo, if you wanted to go review a practice question, you could make a note of the question and video. When you click the note, it will take you to the question or the lecture directly. This makes reviewing extremely quickly.

That’s all of the main components included in the study materials. Let’s discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of this course compared with others on the market.


aprendizaxe Adaptive

This benefit can also be a drawback if you don’t embrace it. If you try to use this course like a tradition linear course, it won’t work for you. It will be frustrating. dito, if you use it the way it was intended to be used, it is amazing. The course automatically creates a study schedule for you and tells you what you need to study and learn next. It also changes as you go through it, so it can keep targeting areas you need to study until you know them all.

acceso ilimitado

Fast Forward Academy offers unlimited access to all of their products. This is a huge benefit because it means you won’t ever have to pay an extra fee to keep using the course.

Academic Support

Unlike other courses that have message boards or emails that don’t get answered, FFA allows you to talk directly with academic experts about your course material questions. This is a big help for people who need more explanations about topics.


Fast Forward Academy ofrece varios descontos e cupóns diferentes nos seus materiais de revisión. Aquí están os actuais.

desconto de estudante: FFA ofrece aos alumnos unha 10% desconto no seu curso de revisión intelixente paquete. Prema aquí para obter 10% o curso completo.

Os cupóns promocionais especiais: Fast Forward normalmente ofrece varias diferentes cupóns especiais promo desconto durante todo o ano. Prema aquí para ver a promoción actual.


Non uso sen conexión

Desafortunadamente, non hai formas de usar este curso offline. You’ll need to login to their website in order to use the test bank or watch the lectures. You can order a printed study book, but that’s it.

No Cram Course

FFA does not offer a cram course at all. Although this isn’t really a must-have, it is nice to have a final review.

No Audio Lectures

Some people enjoy listening to audio lectures on their commute to work or while they are working out. FFA doesn’t currently offer them.


Fast Forward Academy is an excellent CPA exam review course for anyone who wants to embrace the adaptive approach to studying. This system does work and it includes more than enough materials to properly prepare for the exam. It is different than what you are probably used to. If you are willing to give it a chance, I’m sure you will be happy with it and it will help you pass the exam on your first try.

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Fast Forward Academy Frequently Asked Questions

📱Does Fast Forward Academy have an app?

Currently, Fast Forward Academy doesn’t offer any kind of app for their educational courses and study materials. con todo, their prep course has been designed for easy access and use on a variety of smartphones and tablets.

1️⃣ What is the best study material for enrolled agent exam?

Although Fast Forward Academy has some definite upsides, if you’re not satisfied that it’s a fit for you, Surgent EA Review is one of our strongest Enrolled Agent courses available to English and Spanish-speaking students. This is due to their large volume of practice questions, clases en vídeo, and interactive study planning tech.

📃 Do you need a degree to be an EA?

According to the IRS, you don’t need to have a college degree to become an Enrolled Agent. The only requirements are that you obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), pass the three-part Special Enrollment Exam (SEE), and pass an IRS suitability check. Some of these steps can be bypassed if you have previous experience working at the IRS.

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