mofulumira patsogolo sukuluThe Fast Forward Academy CPA review course is one of the most modern CPA exam study materials on the market today. Their prep course has reinvented the idea of fast learning and came up with a software platform. Komanso, this online course helps you study faster by focusing on the topics and concepts you are weakest on instead of studying your strengths.

Typical CPA study guides are linear in nature. This means that a candidate works through one chapter at a time. When one chapter is complete, he or she moves on to the next chapter. These chapters are usually categories by topics or areas of study. Does this sound familiar to you? Chabwino, it should because this is how all study materials have been presented since the beginning of time.

Fast Forward Academy developed a smart learning system that tracks what you know and what you don’t, based on your testing results. Motero, it then modifies the study materials to focus on topics that you need to work on more. Motero, this self-study course is unique for each candidate using it.

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Let’s look at the Fast Forward CPA exam full course format.

Fast Forward Academy CPA Course Format

The structure of this CPA study guide is different from others on the market. Although there is a study book with chapters and topics, it is set up to guide you through the information you need to study instead of allowing you to read the book from front to back. Kuti zikukambidwa, let’s look at the components of this course.

Video nkhani

As a new update this year, Fast Forward Academy just introduced a full set of video lectures. They offer over 80 hours of lectures on all of the key topics covered on the exam. The 470 lessons explain concepts with real-world examples, so you can understand them. These lectures are more engaging than a traditional University lecture, but I wouldn’t say they are entertaining by any means. They are still informational accounting lectures. 🙂 They do have an auto-generated study text next to each video, so you can follow along with the key points and make notes during the videos.

Fast Book Study Textbook

The Fast book is FFA’s study text and contains all of the reading materials for the course. It’s fairly direct with a little commentary about the subjects. It’s more of a series of bullet-pointed lists than an accounting textbook that explains concepts in great detail. In some ways, this is a good thing, Komabe. Some CPA textbooks are too long and detailed causing candidates to read too much and spend way longer studying than they need to. The Fast book is a good middle ground. The most important aspect of the Fastbook is its intelligence. It’s programmed to learn what you know and what you don’t, so it can suggest topics and readings for you. This is almost like having a tutor select areas for you to study on an ongoing basis. Very effective!

Fast Forward Academy Test Bank

The FFA CPA study bank includes more than 6,800+ mafunso angapo-kusankha kuti cigawo mu dziphunzitsiranso awo, dongosolo wanzeru kuphunzira. Izi zikutanthauza kuti ngati inu kutenga quizzes, penyani nkhani, n'kuwerenga vesi kuphunzira, mayeso banki basi amapanga mayeso kumapeto kwa inu kuti ndithetse pa kudziŵa kwanu wa nkhani kapena mfundo. Zimenezi zimathandiza kuganizira nkhani kuyezetsa muyenera ntchito m'malo Akukuyetsani pa zonse. Mukhozanso kupanga quizzes mwambo kuphimba mutu kapena kutalika mafunso mayeso ngati mukufuna, but the adaptive approach is much better.

Zitsanzo ntchito Limanena

The FFA CPA study materials include 230 zoyeserera ntchito ofotokoza. Although this isn’t more than other courses out there, it is implemented differently. Similar ku banki mayeso, the simulations are integrated into the adaptive system, so the course will automatically suggest you do simulations based on your current knowledge. Motero, if there is a simulation available for the topic you are struggling with, the course will automatically put it in your study schedule to work through. Mukhozanso izi nthawi iliyonse mukufuna kapena quizzes mwambo zochokera nkhani komanso.

mayeso pulogalamu yoyeseza

The pulogalamu yoyeseza FFA mayeso ndi chizindikiro chachikulu cha AICPA Kamangidwe mayeso. Iwo ali ena a Fast Forward stylings mu izo, koma magwiridwe ndi zofanana kwa lenileni mayeso CPA. Mukhoza kugwiritsa ntchito pulogalamu yoyeseza mu mayeso mode kapena mode chizolowezi kapena atsanzire ndi mayeso weniweni kapena kungoti podziyesa nkhani. Funso lililonse lili mafotokozedwe mwatsatanetsatane kuti mayankho olondola ndi lolakwika mu analytics gawo la galasi lakutsogolo.

Study Notes

The dashboard has a section for notes that can be tagged to the lectures, kuphunzira malemba, kapena ngakhale mafunso. Iyi ndi mbali wamphamvu chifukwa timatha kukambirana madera osiyana a kalozera kuphunzira zochokera pa cholemba wanu. Mwachitsanzo, ngati inu mukufuna kupita tikambirane mchitidwe funso, inu mukhoza lembani funso ndi kanema. Pamene inu dinani cholemba, kudzatenga inu funso kapena nkhani mwachindunji. Izi zimapangitsa kupenda mofulumira kwambiri.

Ndizo zonse za zigawo zikuluzikulu m'gulu zipangizo kuphunzira. Tiyeni tikambirane zina mwa ubwino ndi zovuta ndithudi poyerekeza ndi ena pa msika.


dziphunzitsiranso Learning

This benefit can also be a drawback if you don’t embrace it. If you try to use this course like a tradition linear course, it won’t work for you. It will be frustrating. Kuti zikukambidwa, if you use it the way it was intended to be used, it is amazing. The course automatically creates a study schedule for you and tells you what you need to study and learn next. It also changes as you go through it, tingathe kusunga kutsata m'madera muyenera kuphunzira mpaka inu mukudziwa iwo onse.

mALIRE Access

Fast Forward Academy amapereka mwayi malire onse a malonda awo. Ndi phindu yaikulu chifukwa izo zikutanthauza kuti palibe kulipira ndalama zingati owonjezera kusunga ntchito maphunzirowa.

maphunziro Support

Mosiyana ndi maphunziro ena amene ali ndi matabwa uthenga kapena makalata kuti musakhale anayankha, FFA limakupatsani kulankhula mwachindunji ndi akatswiri maphunziro za Inde mafunso chuma. Izi ndi thandizo lalikulu kwa anthu amene ayenera kuwafotokozera zambiri za nkhani.


Fast Forward Academy amapereka kuchotsera yosiyanasiyana ndi amutumizire pa zipangizo zawo review. Apa ndi amene panopa.

ana asukulu: FFA amapereka ophunzira 10% kuchotsera pa anzeru mtolo awo obwereza Inde. Dinani apa kuti 10% kwathunthu.

Special Kutsatsa Makuponi: Fast Forward ambiri amapereka osiyana wapadera makuponi angapo Kutsatsa kuchotsera chaka chonse. Dinani apa kuona Kukwezeleza panopa.


No Ntchito olumikizidwa ku makina

Mwatsoka, there are not ways to use this course offline. You’ll need to login to their website in order to use the test bank or watch the lectures. You can order a printed study book, but that’s it.

No Cram Course

FFA does not offer a cram course at all. Although this isn’t really a must-have, it is nice to have a final review.

No Audio Lectures

Some people enjoy listening to audio lectures on their commute to work or while they are working out. FFA doesn’t currently offer them.


Fast Forward Academy is an excellent CPA exam review course for anyone who wants to embrace the adaptive approach to studying. This system does work and it includes more than enough materials to properly prepare for the exam. It is different than what you are probably used to. If you are willing to give it a chance, I’m sure you will be happy with it and it will help you pass the exam on your first try.

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Fast Forward Academy Frequently Asked Questions

📱Does Fast Forward Academy have an app?

Currently, Fast Forward Academy doesn’t offer any kind of app for their educational courses and study materials. Komabe, their prep course has been designed for easy access and use on a variety of smartphones and tablets.

1️⃣ What is the best study material for enrolled agent exam?

Although Fast Forward Academy has some definite upsides, if you’re not satisfied that it’s a fit for you, Surgent EA Review is one of our strongest Enrolled Agent courses available to English and Spanish-speaking students. This is due to their large volume of practice questions, nkhani kanema, and interactive study planning tech.

📃 Do you need a degree to be an EA?

According to the IRS, you don’t need to have a college degree to become an Enrolled Agent. The only requirements are that you obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), pass the three-part Special Enrollment Exam (SEE), and pass an IRS suitability check. Some of these steps can be bypassed if you have previous experience working at the IRS.

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