The world changes at an alarming rate — especially in the last year — taking things that we took for granted and turning them completely on their head. 

Project Management Professionals have some additional changes to look forward to as well; the PMP Exam is going to be changing at the start of 2021, shaking up the entire certification process as we know it.

Look, we get it. Change can be tough. So in an already turbulent time we’ve crafted a list of resources surrounding the PMP Exam. 

We’ve included an overview of the exam, some of the changes that are incoming in 2021, and a ton of FREE online PMP prep exams and review materials. There are sure to be some tips sprinkled throughout as well.

Let’s get started! When PMP practice exams and study materials are cheap as free, you’re sure to gain an advantage with obtaining your PMP Certification, and furthering your career as a project manager.

Meet the PMP Exam: A brief overview

With the PMP exam update in 2021 in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to get a head start on the makeup of the new exam. And if you want to find the most accurate and timely info, the best place to look is on the Project Management Institute’s own website.

PMI are the creators of the PMP exam and gatekeepers of most project management certifications. First things first— you’ll want to bookmark this page and check out their 2021 PMP Exam Content Outline.

Here are the specific subjects/domains and their associated percentages of the overall exam to take into account when it comes to the 2021 PMP Exam:

Free PMP Practice Exams Questions and Training Courses

How to get your PMP Certification with the PMP Exam

There are three steps to prioritize when working towards PMP certification:

  1. Apply to take the PMP Exam via PMI: Your project management experience and education will be validated at this step.
  2. Take the PMP Exam: Study hard and pass the exam in order to obtain your certification.
  3. Maintain your Certification: You’ll need to continue to enroll in professional development courses to keep your certification up to date.

The PMP Exam & Scoring

Although the PMI has detailed how the PMP exam is scored, the education provider doesn’t share specific info on what score is needed to pass the PMP exam. 

But when considering what we know for the 2020 version of the exam, there’s probably not an exact score for passing. Ada 200 questions on the PMP exam, with 25 pre-test questions that don’t count toward your grade. Anecdotally, people typically pass the test with a score of around 71% or higher— so your best bet is to shoot for this or higher!

Which section of the PMP Exam should you prepare for first?

As with any exam, we recommend that you prepare for it by focusing on your problem areas first. This will give you as much time as possible with topics that you may not be as comfortable with. 

Once you’ve completed fortifying your knowledge of these topics, a good next step is to circle back to your stronger topics. But it’s also important to keep in mind which sections make up the largest percentage of your total score.

Not sure what I mean? Let me explain:
If you’re having trouble with concepts that relate to the Business Environment section — or you’ve struggled in the past with the BEC section of the CPA exam — know that it only amounts to 8% of your total score. Because of that, you should still prioritize People (42%) and Process (50%) more heavily, since they’ll have a larger impact on your score.

“Ada 200 questions on the PMP exam, with 25 pre-test questions that don’t count toward your grade. Anecdotally, people typically pass the test with a score of around 71% or higher— so your best bet is to shoot for this or higher!”

How do I study for the new PMP exam?

Everybody learns at their own pace. This is key to remember as you prepare to take your PMP exam. Take into account your own personality traits and try to identify your unique learning  style; this will ultimately help you absorb the content presented in any study guide or exam review course.

Are you a highly organized person that can craft your own study schedule? Jika begitu, you’ll have an advantage when studying for the PMP exam. All you need are some solid materials from a workbook or online test bank.

Namun, not everyone is capable of self-motivation— and that’s okay! 

There are courses available online that can provide the backbone of your study plan for you. If you sign up for one of these, you can usually get some extra help from an expert instructor through pre-recorded lectures, live streams, or office hours.

Before we jump into those, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Plan ahead: Procrastination is one of the cardinal sins of test prep. Don’t be an educational heretic; plan your study schedule out from the beginning before you start engaging with the material. 
  • Be reasonable: Remember to set a realistic schedule. Break the material down into manageable “chunks” and give yourself enough time to actually complete each one within a given day. Consistency is key, so pace yourself in order to avoid burnout. Studying is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Do the research: With a simple Google search, you can pull up pages of PMP practice exams and exam questions from previous years. PMI’s website also provides an exact breakdown of the sections included in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Use this information to get the upper hand with the exam! 
  • Join the community: You can learn a lot from other project managers that have passed their exams. Read reviews, look at forum discussions, and try to learn from those who have come before you. You’d be surprised at the amount of information that can be gleaned within a Reddit thread.
  • Do a dry run: The current PMP exam environment can throw people a curveball if they’re unprepared. The best way to avoid this is to take a few practice exams prior to the real thing. It’s especially helpful to take your practice exam under the same limitations you would run into on your actual test, like a time limit. Pada dasarnya, this will make the experience as authentic as possible and greatly reduce your anxiety on exam day.

“Are you a highly organized person that can craft your own study schedule? Jika begitu, you’ll have an advantage when studying for the PMP exam. All you need are some solid materials from a workbook or online test bank.”

Recommended PMP Exam Simulators and Practice Exams

Whether you appreciate a helping hand through your project management study sessions, or you just want a pre-established study plan with proven results, we recommend enrolling in one of the best PMP practice courses available online.

Don’t worry— there are tons of free PMP practice exams listed below. Namun, keep in mind that this paid content is well worth your consideration; it can save you a ton of time and energy.

Check out our quick list below:

Master of Project Academy PMP Training

Master of Project Academy PMP - Free PMP Practice Exams Questions and Training Courses

For starters, take a look at all of the PMP courses that Master of Project Academy has to offer. There’s a ton of variety in their catalog: PMP Certification training courses and bundles, PMP Certification renewal courses, and even one-on-one online coaching options.

We recommend checking out their PMP Exams and Math Lectures which includes 7 realistic PMP Exams, lebih ,1400 sample PMP exam questions, lebih dari 30 Lectures, and other additional content.

We also recommend Master of Project Academy’s PMP Exam Simulator. Those who enroll will have access to 7 practice PMP real-like exam questions, including the same library of over 1,400 PMP exam questions specifically designed for the 2021 exam changes.

Now for the best part; Master of Project Academy has an entire section of free courses covering a wide array of topics. Try their Free PMP Training Course if you need a quick primer for your first PMP exam attempt. 

Selain itu, itu Free PMP PDU Training Bundle is a great way to learn how to complete your PMI certification renewal cycle while also earning 4 PDU hours for free. You’ll cover PMI PDU requirements as well as a guide for PMP certification renewal. 

Velociteach PMP Course

Velociteach - Free PMP Practice Exams Questions and Training Courses

If you’re interested in customizing your project management practice tests, check out Velociteach’s “build your own bundle” feature. Aside from their premium content, you can also check out some of their free resources, including a Project Management Blog and podcast.

Velociteach has a ton of bundles that include courses designed to help you pass the PMP exam on your first attempt. There’s also several self-study resources for the independent learner.

Do you like to study on the go with your smartphone or tablet? Velociteach’s PMP Exam Flashcards app is an awesome and convenient way to study for your exam while on the go— or for quick review sessions when you’re short on time.

PM PrepCast Training


PM PrepCast’s 5-Day Official PMI Course is one of the only courses developed and approved by PMI. This certification exam study guide includes a PMP Exam Simulator with over 2,000 sample questions, 200 real PMP Exam questions (courtesy of PMI) dan 35 contact hours. You can also reach out to other students and project managers with their exclusive forum.

But here’s the best part:

PM Prepcast offers a top-notch, low-hassle PMP Practice Exam that is absolutely free and requires no signup. There’s even a timer included on the page, so you can accurately experience real certification exam conditions. Ada 120 exam sample questions, all of which have been updated for the 2021 PMP exam. Even if you don’t have any interest in their paid courses, this is a fantastic practice exam— so be sure to take advantage of it while it’s still free!

Free PMP Practice Tests, Exam Questions, Simulators, Training Courses & Bahan studi

Now for the reason you clicked on this article in the first place. Check out all the free project management practice exams and exam sample questions in our huge list below!

Provider NameType of ContentDescriptionLink
PM PrepCastFree PMP® Practice Exam Questions120 Sample Test QuestionsClick Here
BrainSenseiPMP and CAPM Exam Prep Free TrialFree trial granting access to the first module of Complete PMP Exam Prep course.Click Here
PMtrainingPractice Exam DemoPMtraining offers a demo of their PMP Practice Exams.Click Here
Oliver Lehman PMP Exam PrepPDF DownloadDownload contains sample PMP practice questions.Click Here
PMP BankPractice Questions260 practice PMP Questions.Click Here
QuizletPMP Flashcards1,547 PMP Flash CardsClick Here
QuizletPMP Flashcards208 PMP Vocabulary Flash CardsClick Here
QuizletPMP Flashcards284 PMP Formulas and Terms FlashcardsClick Here
QuizletPMP Flashcards413 PMP questions plus answers in a flash card format.Click Here
Oliver Lehman PMP Exam PrepFree PMP Practice ExamSimulated practice PMP Exam.Click Here
Tests.comPMP Practice Test25 question practice test.Click Here
Project Management AcademyFree PMP® Exam Practice Questions50 question practice test.Click Here
simplilearnPMP Practice TestTimed 20 minute test that includes 200 Multiple Choice QuestionsClick Here
EdWel ProgramsPMP Practice Test75 question PMP Practice ExamClick Here
UdemyPMP Exam Prep CourseIntroduction to Project Management Professional (PMP) ExamClick Here
UdemyPMP Exam Prep CourseHow to Prepare for Your PMP ExamClick Here
UdemyPMP Certification CoursePMP Certification: PMP Project Selection Methods – 1 PDUClick Here
UdemyPMP Exam Prep CourseHow to Pass PMP Exam in 10 DaysClick Here
UdemyPMP Exam Prep CoursePMP – Project Management Professional Master ClassClick Here
PMPPracticeExam.orgPMP FAQFrequently Asked Questions section specifically regarding the PMP Exam.Click Here
SPOTOPMP Practice TestSPOTO PMP Practice TestClick Here
PM-TrainingPMP Practice Test200 Question PMP Practice ExamClick Here
PM Study CirclePMP Practice Test100 Free PMP Exam Sample QuestionsClick Here
PM Exam SimulatorPMP Practice Test7-Day Access Free PMP Exam SimulatorClick Here
WhizLabsPMP Practice Test50 Questions Free PMP Practice TestClick Here
TestUdaanPMP Practice Test21 Questions PMP Short Type TestClick Here
MyExamCloudPMP Practice TestFree Practice TestClick Here
Master of Project AcademyPMP Exam Prep CourseFree PMP TrainingClick Here
Master of Project AcademyPMP PDU Training BundleFree PMP PDU Training Bundle (4 PDUs for free)Click Here
Master of Project AcademyPMP PDU Training BundleFree PMI-ACP PDU Training BundleClick Here
OpenPMPMP Practice TestPMP Questions not included in PMBOKClick Here

Frequently Asked Questions About the PMP Exam

Still confused about the Project Management Professional certification exam? Check out these quick answers to common questions:

What are the requirements to take the PMP Exam?

Applicants hoping to take the PMP exam must have one of the following:

  • A secondary degree plus 7,500 hours leading projects, 35 contact hours of education (to be completed by time of application submission), dan 5 years of project management experience.
  • A 4-year degree plus 4,500 hours leading projects, 35 contact hours of education (to be completed by time of application submission), dan 3 years of project management experience.

How do you apply for the PMP exam?

Apply for the Project Management Professional certification exam through PMI’s online system. Once you’ve opened the application you will have a time limit of 90 days to complete this step. 

How much does it cost to take the PMP exam?

This will depend on whether or not you are a member with PMI. The member price is $405, while the price for non-members is a higher cost of $555. Should you need to retake the test, the additional fee is $375 for non-members and $275 for members.

What are PDUs, and why do PMPs need them?

PDU stands for Professional Development Units. PDUs measure where you are in the process of renewing your PMP Certification. 1 PDU is equal to about 1 hour of learning or activity.

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