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The LSAT is an extremely important milestone in the career of any law student. انهيء, choosing the right course is key for any student as they need to make sure they receive only the best instruction. And when it comes to excellent instruction, that’s something that Kaplan LSAT Review handily offers.

As one of the most ubiquitous names in test prep, Kaplan is a well-established brand that provides high-quality learning materials for many different certifications and careers. سندن LSAT البته مختلف ڪو نه آهي, قانون جي هڪ فعلي ڪم علم واڌ ڪرڻ رهندا عبرت ۽ جامع حوالي مواد جي ميلاپ کي آڇي.

اوھان کي پرکي تياري جا مواد جي باري ۾ عجيب آهين پر انھن سان تجربي ايندي ته, Kaplan هڪ لاجواب وسيلن آهي. هنن جي مواد قانون جي شاگردن کي هڪ بنڊل ته ٻنهي ور ۽ approachable آهي ۾ ضرورت پيش.

جيڪڏهن آهي ته توهان کي سٺو آوازن, وڌيڪ هيٺ ڪڍي وٺنديون!

Kaplan LSAT جو خلاصو

Kaplan LSAT ٽيسٽ تياري جا جو خلاصو

Kaplan ٽيسٽ تياري جا ۾ قائم ڪيو ويو 1938 and has provided quality preparation materials for standardized tests ever since. They operate in more than thirty countries and provide education for 2.1 million people yearly. Kaplan provides test prep for more than 90 different standardized tests, including admissions tests for secondary schools such as the LSAT.

Students of Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Course learn from both online and in-person resources throughout their study period. وڌيڪ, paid courses include seven meetings of four hour core learning sessions. مفت ۾ بند ڪيو ۽ عملي تجربن ڪيئن حقيقت کي هلائي رهيو آهي ۾ دلچسپي هر ڪنهن لاء وارو گذران ڪندا آهن. نتيجتن, سندن اعلي معيار جي خدمت ڪرڻ سندن جو اولين مان هڪ طور ڏنل پئي ڪيو 100 ٻنهي جي ٻاهرين نوڪريء لاء ڪمپنين فوربز ۽ Flex نوڪريون.

هتي صرف چند مضمونن جي اوھان کي Kaplan LSAT تياري جا مان اميد ڪري سگهو ٿا:

  • کان وڌيڪ 4 رهندا عبرت جو ڪلاڪ بنيادي سيشن
  • 3 مڪمل-ڊيگهه ۾-طبقاتي proctored عملي طور LSATs
  • 80+ خود proctoring اوزار سان حقيقي آزاد LSATs
  • هر حقيقي LSAT سوال ڪڏهن آزاد ڪو عملي طور لائبريري ۾ شامل
  • LSAT سبق ڪتاب


Kaplan LSAT What's Included

What’s Included With Kaplan LSAT Prep Course

LSAT Practice Library

Kaplan’s practice library provides ample study materials for all of their students. In addition to hundreds of practice quizzes, you will also gain access to every official LSAT question ever released. All 8000+ questions are organized by question type and difficulty to allow you to work on test pacing and timing on a manageable difficulty curve.

One on One Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring from Kaplan combines personal teaching from an LSAT expert with a study plan customized for each student. Tutoring sessions are available both online and in-person to create a more flexible review schedule. Included with every purchase of private tutoring is one of Kaplan’s LSAT prep courses. انهيء, attending class in addition to tutoring allows you to tailor your private tutoring sessions to focus on areas you struggle in.

The LSAT Channel

Kaplan offers countless hours of live, top rated video content through their LSAT Channel program. The channel has been designed to offer access to live instruction on almost every day of the week. Rather than one-size-fits-all content, Kaplan’s LSAT Channel allows you to pick and choose episodes related to areas of review you need the most. Unlimited access to this service is included with all LSAT courses offered by Kaplan Inc.

But there’s even more to the LSAT Channel than meets the eye:

Kaplan makes sure to only hire the best of the best instructors. All of their instructors are committed and engaging professionals who know that there’s more to teaching than just memorizing facts. These teachers offer more than 70 combined years of LSAT instruction and have taught more than 20,000 students.

Kaplan LSAT Awards

Between Kaplan’s revolutionary video technology and their amazingly qualified teachers, it’s no wonder that the LSAT Channel won the 2016 Bronze Stevie and Cooltool awards.

Kaplan LSAT Pricing

Kaplan LSAT Pricing

Kaplan’s LSAT review course offers four different pricing options. Their most popular course is the In Person Prep Course priced at $1399. تنهن هوندي به, their Live Online course is only $100 cheaper and offers the same material as the first minus in person lessons.

Kaplan’s cheapest course option is the Self Paced course at $799. The final course Kaplan offers involves one-on-one tutoring, both at home and/or online. اهو خرچ $2599 and includes one of the two prep courses at no extra cost.

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Pros & Cons

To learn more about the positives and negatives of Kaplan LSAT Review, keep reading below:

Pro – Engaging Video Content: All video content provided by Kaplan offers helpful LSAT instruction without boring any students. Other services may mindlessly drone facts at their students, but Kaplan knows that uninteresting teaching styles won’t cut it when it comes to preparing students for their upcoming exam.

Pro – Expert Teachers: Kaplan’s teaching staff is exclusively made up of experienced teaching professionals. نتيجتن, they truly demonstrate their knowledge and skill though their engaging core sessions that cover everything you need to know to ace the LSAT.

Pro – Class Times and Makeup Sessions: In person classes are held in several different locations and times based on your area code. Each location has at least three different class schedules based on meetings on different weekdays and times. Sessions typically meet at either 10:00 am or 6:00 pm and last for four hours each, although some locations offer more varied times. Fortunately, if you ever miss a class session, Kaplan offers makeup sessions for no extra charge.

Con – Price for Tutoring: Although it is easily the highest quality course option on offer, جي $2599 price tag for one-on-one tutoring is fairly high. اڃا, for any student willing to pay for it, the tutoring is guaranteed to work wonders on your LSAT score.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you would still like to know more, check out these answers to some of the most common questions asked about Kaplan LSAT Review:

Q: What’s the difference between in person and online tutoring?

هڪ: The only difference between in person and online tutoring is meeting location. In person tutoring takes place in a Kaplan learning center and online tutoring happens via two-way audio/video chat. Online sessions are also recorded so that you can play them back later.

Q: How much homework will I have between core sessions?

هڪ: All homework assignments are optional but highly recommended. Between sessions, students can expect to receive 4-6 ايندڙ هڪ لاء پوئين طبقي کان جائزو وٺڻ ۽ پريو جي consisting خدمات.

Q: ڪيئن ايتري مون کي منهنجو آن لائن مواد رسائي ڪرڻ جي قابل ٿي ويندي?

هڪ: آن لائن مواد تائين رسائي جي خدمت ڪرڻ لاء جيستائين اوھان جي داخا آهي ته جيئن محنت ڪريو. عام طرح داخا جي جي ڪامياب مڪمل ٿيڻ کانپوء جو مدو LSAT.

Kaplan LSAT Ideal ڪسٽمر

مثالي ڪسٽمر

توهان Kaplan سان enrolling جي باري ۾ ان جي بچاء تي اڃا تائين آهن? جي ائين آهي, اهي صرف چند شين جي هڪ شاگرد جي Kaplan LSAT جائزو ڪورس ۾ پيش نظر ڪري سگهن ٿا:

  • If you’re the kind of person who learns best in an in person classroom environment, هي توهان لاء يقينن آهي.
  • If you are a student interested in highly qualified and engaging instructors, هي توهان لاء يقينن آهي.
  • If you want unrestricted access to every officially released LSAT exam, هي توهان لاء يقينن آهي.
  • If you want a flexible class and tutoring schedule, هي توهان لاء يقينن آهي.

آخري سفارش

Kaplan LSAT Review has more than earned its positive reputation in the field of test prep. سندن instructors ۽ LSAT چينل سندن شاگردن جي سڀني لاء هڪ دلفريب سکيا جا تجربا مهيا.

انهن جي بلند ترين جي بدعنواني تي نظرثاني ڪورس لاء جيئڻ جو آن لائن ڪورس آهي $1299, جيتوڻيڪ مون کي ذاتي طور تي ان جي روشني وڌي ڪلاس روم لھڻ لاء جيء ۾ ڪورس جي صلاح. جن معيار لاء نجي پرائڻ بنڊل ادا ڪرڻ تي راضي لاء ايندڙ LSAT ۾ پنهنجي ڪارڪردگي کي فروغ ڏيڻ لاء ڀرپور انداز ۾ آهي.

توکي وڃائڻ لاء ڪجھ به نه ۽ سڀڪنھن شيء کي Kaplan ٻاهر چيڪ ڪرڻ کان حاصل ڪرڻ آهي!

Kaplan بار جائزو

Kaplan FINRA Series 65

ويب سائيٽ: Link

Physical Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Year Founded: 1938

Exams Covered: CFA, FRM, ACT, SAT, LSAT, Bar

Continuing Education: ها

BBB Grade: B-

Trustpilot Rating: 4.6

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

Contact Page: Link

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