LSAT vs GRE在 2016, the Arizona School of Law made history when they began to allow prospective students to apply using GRE scores in place of the LSAT. After conducting a study into the reliability of GRE scores for predicting law school performance, Arizona found that the GRE was a “valid and reliable” predictor of first-term law school grades. Now, 过度 23 US law schools accept GRE scores.

So the big question is: LSAT vs GRE, which one do law schools prefer?

Should Law Students Take the GRE or the LSAT?

With names like Harvard, Northwestern, and Columbia Universities on this list, the debate over whether prospective law students should take the LSAT vs GRE has heated up. Accessibility, suitability, and expenses are all factors for determining which entrance exam is best for each individual student, but which is the better choice overall?

  1. Which schools accept the GRE and why?
  2. 第一, let’s look at which law schools are open to GRE scores. As of now, 23 的 205 American Bar Association approved law schools accept GRE scores as an LSAT substitute:
  3. Brigham Young University Law School
  4. Brooklyn Law School
  5. Columbia Law School
  6. Cornell Law School
  7. Florida State University College of Law
  8. George Washington Law School
  9. Georgetown Law
  10. Harvard Law School
  11. Illinois Institute of Technology College of Law
  12. John Marshall Law School
  13. New York University Law
  14. Northwestern University School of Law
  15. Pace University School of Law
  16. John’s University School of Law
  17. Texas A&M School of Law
  18. University of Arizona College of Law
  19. University of California, Los Angeles School of Law
  20. University of Hawaii School of Law
  21. University of Pennsylvania Law School
  22. 南加州大学法学院
  23. 唤醒法林学院
  24. 华盛顿大学法学院
  25. 法叶史瓦大学卡多佐学校

如你看到的, 有这个名单上的一些沉重的打者. 的主要原因之一是,GRE正在成为法学院的热门选择是 通用性和可访问性的难以置信的,它提供. 造成这种情况的原因很多, 但这里有一些最突出的:

  • GRE给予更多的时候
      1. 该GRE几乎可以在任何一天的一年中以超过一个取 1,000 nationwide test centers. In comparison, the LSAT is only offered 4 times in a calendar year.
  • GRE offers faster turnaround
      1. As a computer-based exam, the GRE registers and reports students’ scores immediately upon completion of the test.
  • GRE is taken by students from many disciplines
    1. From science and math to the humanities, most prospective graduate students will be taking the GRE regardless of their specific program. By accepting the GRE as an LSAT replacement, law schools are able to widen their net and attract more diverse students.

Comparing LSAT vs GRE Formats

As mentioned above, one of the key distinctions between the LSAT vs GRE is that the GRE is a computer-based test, whereas the LSAT is administered by way of traditional pen-and-paper. This has a great impact on score turnaround but also appeals to different learning and test-taking styles. Some applicants may find that they are simply more comfortable with a physical exam, feeling more in control of their ability to brainstorm and work through problems. There are many differences between the GRE and LSAT, some stemming directly from this fundamental disparity in formatting.

The GRE is a personalized adaptive exam. This means that a student’s accuracy when answering questions towards the beginning of the exam will determine how difficult later questions will be. 简而言之, do well and the questions get harder; answer incorrectly and the difficulty will adjust accordingly.

The LSAT, 另一方面, is always a predetermined exam. Each testing session features questions that are set in stone and student performance does not factor into their difficulty.

Comparing LSAT vs GRE Sections

The LSAT exam is made of six timed sections, five multiple choice sections, and one writing section. Students are given 35 minutes to complete each section and the test is geared toward assessing reasoning and analytical skills.

Of the multiple choice sections, 一个是不计分,并意味着衡量潜在的问题,为今后的考试中使用,. 虽然它可以是令人不安知道,一个部分不会被分级, 学生并没有被告知哪些部分是不计分,直到返回的结果后,. 四个分级部分, 两个是逻辑推理 (游戏), 一个分析推理, 和一个阅读理解.

最后一节, 写作样本, 呈现学生有两个相互对立的立场,并要求他们选择和捍卫一方. The goal here is to assess a test taker’s argumentative writing, language skills, and clarity. While unscored, responses are sent as part of law school applications.

The GRE has six sections: two verbal reasoning, two quantitative reasoning, and two analytical writing sections. Altogether, the test lasts about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Much like on the LSAT, the GRE verbal sections are meant to test a student’s ability to extract and synthesize information. In the analytical writing sections, students are tasked with evaluating the structure of a presented argument in addition to crafting an argument of their own.

The GRE tests math skills. This particular difference can be seen as either a positive or negative, depending on each student’s history and preferences. Seeing mathematics questions on an entrance exam can be troubling for students with humanities backgrounds, who may not have directly dealt with math in years. This is no secret, 然而, and many of the top GRE prep courses focus specifically on not only refreshing students’ mathematical knowledge but teaching helpful strategies for tackling these questions efficiently.

The LSAT focuses instead on what the test calls “logic games.” These types of questions are like puzzles, requiring students to set up unique situations and establish their own rules for solving the problems. This tends to be where students get tripped up the most on the LSAT; luckily, the majority of LSAT prep courses 为解决这些问题,游戏为学生提供提示和深入的战略.


GRE考试是由研究生课程多个学科的接受了广泛使用的入学考试. 这也许是最突出的原因GRE是许多法学院和未来的学生一个有吸引力的选择.

根据 声明 从法律的哈佛学院, many prospective law students are also looking at other types of programs and they take the GRE while considering their various options. The Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow believes that students, schools, and the field of law in general benefit greatly from a diverse pool of students “in terms of academic background, country of origin, and financial circumstances.” Alleviating the financial burden of applying is a big part of this.

Let’s quickly recap the 积极和消极的选择要参加GRE考试在LSAT 考试作为一个潜在的法律系学生:



提供更频繁 只有接受 23 法学院
更多职业选择 可以采取 5 每年倍
选择送什么分数 数学测试
没有游戏节 适应性测试


LSAT考试仍然是绝大多数法学院的主要入学考试. 虽然GRE是越来越流行,并可能继续这样做, that doesn’t change the fact that the LSAT is the only test currently accepted by ALL law schools. If law school is the only career option you are considering, then taking the LSAT is probably the right choice as it allows for your performance to fully dictate where you apply.

The LSAT exam comes with its own list of positives and negatives, and the right choice will depend on each student’s learning style and career interests. Here’s a quick comparison of some benefits to the LSAT vs GRE certification:



Accepted by all 205 ABA-Approved Schools Accepted only by law schools; not interdisciplinary
No Math Section Tricky Logic Game questions
Pen-and-Paper Exam All Scores are submitted

LSAT vs GRE: Which to Choose?

As with all application questions, your individual needs as a student and unique professional goals are the most decisive factors when deciding between the LSAT vs GRE.

If you are a student who has had your eye on law school for years, engages in a debate team, studies pre-law, and envisions a future in a private practice or top firm, 那么LSAT可能是适合你的测试. 同样重要的是在你选择的学校因素; 如果你正在致力于一个梦想中的学校不在名单上 23 现在开始接受GRE成绩, 那么LSAT是你的测试.

除此以外, 如果你是人谁是仍在权衡多种职业道路, 考虑是把整个精力投入到GRE并提交你的分数法学院之一.