Roger CPA Review vs Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review

UWorld Roger CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel are both industry-leading CPA exam study guides. この結果, many candidates struggle to decide between the two. They both offer similar features, but the courses in and of themselves could not be more different. 例えば, both CPA exam prep courses offer test banks, ビデオ講義, study books, and practice questions. So which course is better?

Before we can answer that question, we’ll need to look at each of the components in these CPA study materials. Luckily, I’ve used both of these courses extensively, so I know my way around them far better than someone trying them for the first time. 🙂 Let’s compare the CPAexcel Platinum Course to the UWorld Roger CPA Elite-Unlimited course and see which one comes out the victor.

Wiley CPAexcel or UWorld Roger CPA Review Comparison

Wiley versus Roger Prices

これらのCPAレビューコースのどちらも、かなり高価であり、. 彼らはこれらの企業の両方が提供する最高のコースですので、それを前提としなければなりません. 言われていること, 彼らは同様に、企業が提供するすべての機能が含まれ. それが両社のハイエンドはあなたを取得するかを示しているので、これは本当の比較であります. Surpisingly, これらのコースの両方は、現在、正確に同じ価格を持っています ($2,999) まったく同じアクセス期間について (無制限). It’s a tie!

CourseFull Course PriceSingle Section Price
Wiley CPAexcel$2,999$800
Roger CPA$2,999$649

ワイリー対. UWorld Roger CPA Review Test Bank

ワイリーのテスト銀行はより多くを含んでいます 12,000 multiple-choice questions that can be taken in either exam mode or study mode. These modes give you the option to see the answers immediately or wait until the practice exam is submitted for grading. The Wiley CPAexcel test bank also features more than 600 task-based simulations and 6,250 true/false practice questions. This is the second biggest test bank in the industry!

The UWorld Roger CPA Review test bank includes more than 6,000 multiple-choice questions along with 200 タスクベースのシミュレーション. Although this test bank is nowhere near as large or expansive as Wiley’s, it does include enough questions that you won’t be running into the same one over and over during your study sessions. The last thing you want to be doing is memorizing the answers to questions when you should be learning the concepts and working through the questions. やはり, the obvious winner here is Wiley.

UWorld Roger vs Wiley CPAexcel Study Text

The CPA study books for both of these courses are pretty similar with a few exceptions. UWorld’s study materials tend to be more detailed and provide many more examples and memorization techniques in them. Roger is famous for using several unique mnemonics in his materials. His books are also meant to be paired with his video lectures, which are a key selling point in and of themselves. But more on that later!

一方, Wiley’s textbooks aren’t extremely detailed. They tend to be short and to the point. This can be a good thing for people who don’t want to be bored to death reading an accounting textbook. These study books list information and concepts that are heavily covered on the exam. They don’t tend to have many memorization techniques in them, but that’s what the Wiley Focus Notes are for. This is an added bonus in the Platinum course that is filled with nothing but acronyms and mnemonics in both print and digital formats. 

The Wiley books don’t go into as much detail as UWorld, but there is definitely enough information in there to explain to CPA candidates the most important topics that will probably be covered on the exam. やはり, I think Roger is the winner in this category based solely on the strength of its textbook.

UWorld Roger vs. Wiley Flashcards

ワイリーCPAexcelコースは、デジタルフラッシュカードのフルセットが備わっています. これら 4,000 プラスフラッシュカードは、学習教材の主なトピックのすべてをカバーし、あなたのコンピュータ上で使用することができます, 電話, またはモバイルデバイス. しかしながら, there have been a string of complaints from students about the reliability of this app. Because of connectivity issues and limited features, the end result is pretty disappointing.

All UWorld Roger students can access a substantial library of digital flashcards that are better than any other course’s offerings. 更に, their most recent update allowed students to work with a group of cards hand-selected by Roger himself. The extra time and effort that went into these materials results in a clear difference in quality— especially when you take into account the spaced repetition tech built into the platform. これらの理由で, you’ll want to try UWorld Roger over Wiley if flashcards are your thing!


UWorld Roger CPA Review is the only course with audio lectures included at no extra costs. This can be a big deal for many CPA candidates with an auditory learning style or for those who are short on time. 例えば, it’s nice to listen to an audio lecture while you are in the car on your commute to work or at the gym. These lectures are convenient because you can carry them anywhere and listen to them without an internet connection. What’s even better is that they offer the same engaging style as you’d find in Roger’s video lectures

Since Wiley doesn’t have any audio content whatsoever, UWorld Roger gets the win here as well. Noticing a pattern yet?

Offline Access

Both of these courses offer ways to access their test prep study materials offline. UWorld Roger CPA Review lets you download content through their mobile app to access without an internet or data connection. Wiley CPAexcel’s Platinum course comes with flash drives containing all their study materials, in addition to mobile apps with practice questions and flashcards that can be downloaded on any device. しかしながら, yet another complaint from Wiley customers is the difficulty in downloading app materials for offline use, so UWorld Roger just barely ekes out a win.

UWorld Roger CPA Review versus Wiley CPAexcel Course Format

これらのコースの両方が唯一の自習形式で提供されています. どちらの会社はあなたが取ることができ、ライブ講義やクラスを提供しています. In my opinion, this is a good thing. Who wants to drive to a lecture site each night for months on end to listen to a lecture? I don’t. I’d rather sit at home, eat Mac ‘n Cheese, and study on my own time. 言われていること, the course materials are laid out in a slightly different way.

UWorld’s course is broken into 12-20 large chapters that focus on using the Roger method. Candidates listen to the lectures and follow along in the study text. These lectures are long and cover a lot of information in one sitting. しかしながら, the beauty of these lectures is the way that Roger himself manages to make the material engaging and interesting, keeping the attention of his audience. Each lesson requires about 1-2 hours to complete, but students have said that the time flies because of how entertaining these videos can be!

Wiley’s course is broken into tons of small bite-sized sections that cover specific topics instead of broad concepts. Each lesson only requires 10-30 minutes to complete. This is nice for candidates who have less time to study, but they’re missing out on the fun that comes with the lectures in UWorld Roger CPA Review.

Wiley CPAexcel or UWorld Roger Lectures

The Wiley CPAexcel lectures are short and to the point. They cover small, bite-sized topics and only list information that is most likely to be on the exam. They are also a little like a traditional accounting lecture. In other words, they are very professional and don’t have any jokes in them. The typical lecture is about 10-15 minutes in length.

一方, UWorld’s lectures couldn’t be more different. Roger is crazy and flamboyant. He flails around, tells jokes, and yells. These are great for candidates who want to stay awake during their study time. しかしながら, it’s not so good for people who don’t find Roger amusing. These lectures are way more detailed than Wiley’s and cover more information. Each lecture is about 45 minutes in length.

最終的には, it’s no contest which video lecture is better. You may have a different preference for your study material, but the vast majority of students and reviewers (like me!) prefer Roger’s unique style.

Study Material Updates

Both of these courses come with free updates. This means that if any new updates are released by the companies, your course will also be updated. This sounds like common sense, but many companies don’t do this. You have been warned!


This isn’t too difficult of a comparison. It’s true that both of these courses have their strengths and weaknesses, but UWorld Roger CPA Review offers the better experience overall. Maybe Wiley will improve on their faults in future updates, but for now you’re better off with the other guy!

ケネス・W. ボイド

ケネス・W. Boyd is a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the author of several of the popular "For Dummies" books published by John Wiley & Sons including 'CPA Exam for Dummies' and 'Cost Accounting for Dummies'.

Ken has gained a wealth of business experience through his previous employment as a CPA, 監査役, 税作成者と大学教授. Today, Ken continues to use those finely tuned skills to educate students as a professional writer and teacher.