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Surgent CMA Review is one of the most effective CMA exam prep courses on the market. It’s designed to maximize your readiness and make the most of your study time.

Becoming a Certified Management Accountant isn’t easy, in fact, the CMA certification is notoriously difficult so you’ll need every advantage you can get to increase your odds of passing. Continue reading below to learn how Surgent’s CMA exam prep materials can help you prepare you like a Pro!

CMA Practice Questions

Here are a few CMA practice questions, courtesy of Surgent CMA Review! Taken right from their course, you'll get a great idea of what it's like to study with Surgent.

Overview of Surgent CMA Exam Review

Surgent Professional Education has been a leader in exam prep and education since its founding in 1985. Named after its founder Jack Surgent, Surgent offers thousands of live seminars and exam review courses for their students that includes CIA et CPA review. par conséquent, this pedigree means that every subject a prospective CMA needs to know is well represented in this CMA prep course.

This emphasis on quality has done wonders for the many students who’ve taken Surgent courses.

Recently, Surgent has focused on enhancing their product through their la technologie d'apprentissage adaptatif. This has led to them becoming one of the most effective and fastest growing CMA review course providers in the business.

Here are a few of the features you can expect from Surgent CMA Review:

  • Full two-part cours d'examensurgent cma review course
  • Award winning la technologie d'apprentissage adaptatif
  • ReadySCORE exam readiness indicator
  • 3,460+ test questions with explanations
  • 65+ essay problems
  • Unlimited practice exams
  • PDF textbooks
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Pass guarantee
  • 12 Months course access

What’s Included With Surgent CMA?

surgent cma software

Surgent Adaptive Learning Technology

Surgent uses an award winning la technologie d'apprentissage adaptatif to maximize the effectiveness of your study time. Their proprietary A.S.A.P. technology works to identify and fill in gaps in your knowledge. en outre, it generates custom study plans for you and optimizes them for ultimate efficiency. While it’s doing this, it tracks your progress through the course with a real time algorithm.

Following these personalized plans means you’ll only study what you need without wasting time revisiting areas you’ve already mastered. Surgent respects both the time and money of CMA candidates; they want to make sure you get the most out of both.


ReadySCORE will ensure that you know exactly when you’re ready to take the examen CMA. Based on your performance on the cours d'examen, ReadySCORE will simulate what you’d score if you took the examen CMA on that very day. aditionellement, it calculates how many hours of study time you’ll need to be fully ready.

But that’s not all it does for you:

Throughout your course, ReadySCORE will update your dashboard to reflect the areas how well you’re doing based on each content area and type of question. With this information it will let you know exactly when you’ll be most ready to pass the exam.

Quality CMA Study Materials

Surgent offers three different CMA prep packages. Included with the Essentials Pass are over 3,460+ Questions à choix multiple. en outre, these questions include in-depth full text explanations for the correct answers. aditionellement, 65+ essay questions and unlimited practice exams are included.

En fin de compte, Surgent makes sure that all of their content is geared toward making you pass.

There’s no need to worry about outdated materials either; all questions are kept up to date with the most current version of the exam. With a full year to prepare with Surgent’s cours d'examen, you’ll be more prepared than ever to handle the examen CMA.

Surgent CMA Pricing

Surgent CMA Pricing

Surgent offers three different review course packages, each with a different price. Their cheapest option is the CMA Review Essentials Pass; it costs $799 and comes with all of the features previously discussed in this review. Honestly, this is a great value option for anyone not looking to break the bank while working towards their CMA credential.

toutefois, it’s not the only option being offered:

Next on the list is the CMA Review Premier passage. It’s a bit pricier at $1199, but it comes with more features than the Essentials Pass. In addition to over sixty extra conférences vidéo, it also extends the access time to eighteen months. That means you’ll have even more chances to work on your CMA knowledge before taking the test.

finalement, the last course on offer is the CMA Review Ultimate pass. This is the most comprehensive course with the most features, but it also costs much more than its alternatives at $1699. toutefois, despite its high price tag, it has some seriously helpful features included. Not only do you gain unlimited course access until you pass, you also get access to printed materials such as textbooks and flashcards. But that’s not even the best part; exclusive to Ultimate Pass is one on one coaching sessions with a examen CMA expert.

Thanks to all of those great features, Ultimate Pass is well worth its price tag.

Avantages & Les inconvénients

Still unsure about Surgent’s online CMA course? Read on to see some pros and cons of the service.

  • Pro – Mobile Friendly: Surgent CMA Review is designed to work on all devices. That means you can study wherever and whenever you want. There is no limit on how much studying you can do while working with Surgent.
  • Pro – Pass Guarantee: Surgent is so confident in their product that they offer a pass guarantee. If you meet all their requirements and still can’t pass your exam, they’ll give you a full refund. No need to stress out about spending money, this assures that you’re in good hands.
  • Pro – Free Content Updates: All content updates related to becoming a CMA are automatically given to you for free. No need to pay extra or jump through any hoops to ensure you have the most relevant materials, Surgent’s got you handled.
  • Pro – Free Trial: For anyone on the fence about committing to Surgent CMA Review, there is a free three day trial. This will let you get acclimated with the course before you decide whether or not to spend your money.
  • Con – Printed Materials: Malheureusement, les matériaux imprimés que sur l'offre sont verrouillées derrière le niveau le plus élevé de paiement. Cela signifie que l'accès à flashcards de haute qualité et les manuels scolaires sont exclusivement pour les clients ultime Passe. toutefois, cela peut encore être utile de votre argent à cause de tout le reste de cette offre de niveau. Vous aurez également toujours accès aux versions PDF de ces matériaux dans d'autres niveaux.

Questions fréquemment posées

Voici quelques-unes des questions les plus fréquemment posées au sujet Surgent CMA Review:

Est-ce que je dois acheter le cours complet ou puis-je acheter seulement la partie de l'examen que j'ai besoin?

If you’ve already passed part one or part two of the examen CMA, then there’s no need for you to pay full price for the review courses. Surgent also has the option of buying access to each individual course. Visit this page to see prices for each part.

How does the pass guarantee travail?

Surgent’s pass guarantee offers a full refund if you complete all of their requirements and still fail the exam. To qualify for the refund you must have answered each multiple choice question correctly at least once before taking the test and have spent at least one minute on each question. If you still fail the exam simply send your scoring report to Surgent and they will issue a full refund.

Are there free resources other than the free trial?

If the free trial wasn’t enough to help you decide, Surgent also offers a free CMA review demo webinar. To access the webinar sign up on this page and learn why Surgent is so effective at teaching you how to become a CMA.

idéal client

Surgent CMA Review is an extremely effective service, especially for certain types of students.

  • If you’re interested in a course that respects your time, C'est le cours pour vous.
  • If you want a wide range of test materials, C'est le cours pour vous.
  • If you prefer personalized study plans, C'est le cours pour vous.
  • If you work best in an in person setting, this isn’t the course for you.

If any of that sounds good to you, you should definitely try it out!

Final Recommendation For Surgent CMA Review

Surgent CMA review is well worth your time and money. They offer an extremely competitive service for every platform due to their advanced personalized and adaptive learning technologies. You will never feel lost or left behind when studying with Surgent. They’ll make sure you pass or your money back.

You should check out Surgent today. At the very least, try their free trial to see why they come so highly recommended. With Surgent there’s no need to worry about passing your examen CMA. They’ll ensure that your future is in good hands!

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