The SAT and ACT are important exams for every high schooler, so it’s important to get a good score on whichever test you choose to take. Choosing which of the two to take is one question you’ll need to answer, but the next question is how do you prepare for the test?

Luckily for you, there’s an excellent service to help you do so, whether you’re interested in taking the ACT or SAT— Olive Book.

This group of tutors, teachers, and a college professor offer some of the best college prep testing materials on the market. Their courses are uniquely suited to helping students prepare for their entry exams well ahead of time. But how do they accomplish this?

Read on to see just how well their methods work for increasing your test scores!

Overview of Olive Book

What is The Olive Book?

Olive Book is a service focused on effective teaching strategies for all aspiring college students. Each course is focused on a potent combination of substance and style, resulting in a uniquely helpful prep course. They do this in three key ways:

  1. To start, they focus on the hardest parts of the course first. This gets you ready to tackle anything that comes your way since learning gets easier as you go. 
  2. Next, Olive Book teaches you understanding over facts. Memorization might help with a few questions, but true understandings of concepts will help during the whole exam. 
  3. Finally, they help visual learners via high quality, professionally-animated learning graphics. Instead of cheaply-made scribble videos or dry Powerpoint presentations, a great deal of effort is put into their visual content.

Here are just a few of the The Olive Book’s features:

  • Hundreds of practice questions
  • 3 English grammar passages
  • Five reading passages with practice questions
  • Professionally animated video explanations
  • Calculator tutorials
  • Test strategies
  • Full length practice tests

What’s Included With Olive Book

Comprehensive Content

Whether you choose their ACT prep or SAT prep course, The Olive Book’s material is designed to help you with every content area on the test. While other services might focus on just the essentials, this review course wants you to be able to understand the underlying concepts behind every question on the test. 

Animated Question Explanations

Practice questions come with fully animated video explanations. This is because the instructors of this course believe that — on some level — every student is a visual learner. Hence, they use these videos to convey information in an engaging manner not seen in other courses. This marks a distinct departure away from dry classrooms and lectures. Engagement is essential to learning, so this decision ends up making for a far more effective review course.

Solve a Rational Quadratic Equation - Algebra 2 SAT/ACT Math Practice

Course Pacing

Both the ACT and SAT courses provided by Olive Book are fully self-paced. That’s because high school students already have a busy schedule with school. Trying to add a timed and structured course on top of that is simply too stressful to be effective. Instead, this prep course is designed to help you learn far better by setting your own pace and practicing on your own time.

Feel free to adjust your study time with Olive Book around your own personal schedule. Perhaps you can learn for an hour after school each day, or you can only study on the weekends. There are no wrong answers when you sign up for this college prep course!

Olive Book Pricing

Currently, there is only one price tier for Olive Book’s SAT and ACT review courses— 6 months of access for $390. That’s extremely affordable when compared to other courses, but it’s also not the only option:

Do you qualify for free school lunches? If so, then Olive Book wants to help you earn a high score completely free. Additionally, teachers and students at public schools that are considered under-resourced will also receive it for free— which is an amazingly altruistic move from this company.

Pros & Cons

If you’re still on the fence about Olive Book, check out our breakdown of the positives and negatives below:

  • Pro – Good Teachers: Each course offered by Olive Book is taught by an experienced teacher. These range from college professors to personal tutors, with an impressive amount of experience covering ACT and SAT exam topics. Because of their experience, you’re guaranteed to learn from the absolute best.
  • Pro – Youtube Content: In addition to their course, Olive Book uploads educational videos to Youtube. These serve as excellent supplementary materials to what you’re learning in the course. Plus, they’re chock full of Olive Book’s engaging animated style— so you can check it out as a trial demonstration of what their full course has to offer.
  • Pro – Olive Book Blog: Olive Book also releases weekly articles on their blog. These typically cover college prep topics, such as how to pick classes and which test to take. SAT or ACT students who read this content will be much more prepared for their test, which can greatly reduce pre-exam stress.
  • Con – No Extra Materials: Unfortunately, Olive Book’s courses don’t come with handouts or textbooks— just lectures and practice questions. This feels like a bit of a missed opportunity to let students brush up on test topics without having to jump online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information? Look no further than these frequently asked questions.

Q: How can I contact Olive Book for more information?

A: Olive Book can be reached either by email or through social media. They have an Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter account and their support email is [email protected]

Q: How long is Olive Book’s test prep course?

A: Typically the course takes around 3 months to complete. However, you are welcome to take as long as you need to work through the material. That time frame is a suggestion, not a requirement. The class includes one-month, two-month, three-month, and four-month sample study schedules. 

Q: Does The Olive Book include anything other than practice questions?

A: Yes, it also includes several study guides and study tips. Each course section comes with several study guides, and you’ll gain access to practice tests for the math and reading sections.

Ideal Customer

The Olive Book may not be for everyone, but you should definitely consider enrolling if any of the following applies to you.

  • If you like to set your own pace while studying, this is the course for you.
  • If you’re a visual learner, this is the course for you.
  • If you want to truly own what you are learning, this is the course for you.
  • If you’re looking for in-person classes, this isn’t the course for you.

Final Recommendation

The Olive Book is one of the best ACT and SAT prep courses available. Their service is uniquely engaging for students among all other college prep companies, and it will absolutely increase your test scores. Make sure to check them out soon so you have plenty of time to get ready for your exams!

Kenneth W. Boyd is a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the author of several of the popular "For Dummies" books published by John Wiley & Sons including 'CPA Exam for Dummies' and 'Cost Accounting for Dummies'.

Ken has gained a wealth of business experience through his previous employment as a CPA, Auditor, Tax Preparer and College Professor. Today, Ken continues to use those finely tuned skills to educate students as a professional writer and teacher.