Almost all CPA exam review courses include video lectures in their study materials because they are really helpful. Video lectures were one of the most important study tools I used to pass the exam and I’m sure they will be important to your success with the exam as well. 但, how are you supposed to know which are the best CPA review course video lectures?

This is a great question. The answer is none of them are the best; they’re all different. Most full-length CPA courses include great video lectures, so there isn’t one set that can really be called the best. They are all different and work for people with different learning styles.

因此, let’s look at each CPA review course’s 视频讲座, talk about their pros and cons, and decide who should use them!

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Top CPA Exam Prep Video Lectures Compared

UWorld Roger CPA Review Video Lectures

罗杰的注册会计师考试学习讲课风格是爆炸性的,充满活力. 他飞过的话题,并尝试与娱乐笑话和新的记忆技术观察家, 作为各种各样的个人顾问. 出奇, 他完成这一点没有任何补充学习技术, 通常站在白板前,写了笔记或说明在演示过程中. 然而, some candidates have complained that his handwriting can be a little unorganized and sloppy while others like this style because it’s more personable. You decide.

FAR Exam Cost and Equity Method


  • Includes 100+ hours of video
  • Lots of details and explanations
  • Lots of memorization techniques
  • Engaging and full of energy


  • Roger can talk too quickly
  • Roger’s energy and jokes don’t amuse some candidates
  • His handwriting can get sloppy and difficult to read

Who Should Use These?

The Roger CPA review course video lectures are good for candidates who are sick of dry, boring accounting lectures. 它是谁拥有幽默感,并希望有所受理并从事人最好的注册会计师考试资源.

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Yeager CPA Review Video Lectures

耶格的讲课非常老派, 传统的会计讲座. 他们的视频CPA学习材料都充满了详细的信息,但也相当漫长. 耶格的团队会计专家和教育工作者的呈现在白板上和PowerPoint幻灯片的注册会计师考试信息. 最终,, 这是传达信息的有效途径, 但有时可能很无聊. 下面是一个例子.

2012 CPA Exam Review Demo - Yaeger CPA Review


  • Includes 100 hours of video
  • 与CPA问题演练的详细解释
  • 慢节奏和易于理解
  • 很好地融入教材


  • 冗长,有时慢
  • 老学校的教学可钻
  • 有时给人太多的信息

Who Should Choose This Course?

谁需要更多的信息和解释的候选人将与这些讲座做好. Yaeger goes through practice CPA exam questions in almost all the videos allowing candidates to see the thought process behind answering each multiple choice question correctly.

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Gleim CPA Review Video Lectures

Gleim started offering video lectures several years ago with their full CPA prep course. These lectures are presented in front of a green screen similar to the CPAexcel videos. Gleim tends to use PowerPoint slides for their examples and draws on them with a virtual whiteboard. As with the other Gleim CPA materials, the videos discuss the topics in great detail. 下面是一个例子.

What is Audit Risk? How Do You Calculate Audit Risk?


  • Includes 100 hours of video
  • Very detailed topics and explanations
  • Professional


  • Can be too detailed
  • Can be lengthy
  • Somewhat boring

Who Should Buy This Course?

Gleim is a great course for people who have been out of school for a long time and need detailed explanations of topics. It’s also a decent cram course for international students. These lectures are very informative, but they can be rather dry and boring.

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Here’s the CPA Exam Course You Should Buy

记得, the lectures are only one part of the entire course. I don’t think that they will make or break your decision, except in the case of Roger. If you don’t like his lectures, you will not like his course. 除此以外, you should take a look at the other courses’ features before you decide which one is right for you.

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