Lorman CPEMany professional accountants are finding that they now have the time to complete their Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits. However, jumping back into the ring with the classes after taking a break can seem daunting. 

Fortunately, you can prevent the act of searching for classes from becoming more work than the actual courses themselves:

Enter Lorman Education Services and their robust catalog of CPE & ENG online courses. While really just a small portion of everything this company has to offer, Lorman’s online course offerings serve as a great introduction point for new professionals. Furthermore, their course catalog also provides an ever-expanding hub of knowledge for the more seasoned accounting professionals— in addition to Enrolled Agents and Professional Engineers.

Over 1.3 million professionals are currently furthering their education under the Lorman umbrella of training products. These students are drawn to Lorman’s hundreds of hours of courses that uphold the following values:

  • A culture of learning
  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity

If that sounds interesting to you, read on below to learn more about Lorman’s course offerings and what a membership on their site entails for CPAs looking to obtain additional CPE credits.

Here’s a snapshot of what it’s like to take courses with Lorman:

  • Continuing Education Credits from almost 600 credit agencies
  • Variable Membership Plan
  • Customizable Training Options 
  • Dedicated Customer Response Team available M-F

And that’s just the basics. Here’s what an unlimited access membership will net you:

  • Unlimited Access to the entirety of Lorman’s course catalog.
  • 16,600 courses and resources
  • Growing library of live and on-demand webinars and manuals
  • Certification options from CLE, CPE, HR Certification Institute, and ENG.
  • Access via tablet, computer, or mobile device

What’s Included With Lorman Continuing Education Courses?

Options for Every Budget

The amount of free time you have to devote towards your education can vary— as can your budget. Lorman understands that different people have different budgets, and has a pricing structure that takes this into account. 

How does Lorman accommodate all budget levels? It’s simple:

By offering a fluctuating price structure that includes the option to enroll in individual programs, an All-Access Pass option, and even the ability to request an entirely custom educational package for teams, Lorman is able to provide options at all price points.

Dedicated Support

To be fair, lots of other online CPE providers have a wide selection of course content. But when it comes to actually supporting their students enrolled in those courses, you can be left without a lifeline. 

Instead of hopelessly requiring users to fend for themselves, Lorman provides them with a dedicated support team available Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm CST. 

Fully Customizable Course Content

One of the great advantages of online coursework is the ability to include several options for when and how different types of people can consume course content. Taking advantage of what is already one of the most customizable forms of education available, Lorman provides students with options that further enhance this convenience.

Not only do you have the option of what type of format to view lecture content— you can also base your pricing off preferred selections. For example, a student that wants to take full advantage of everything can enroll in an unlimited plan. Alternatively, a student that simply wants the basics can select a pricing option for only that. 

Why is this an advantage?

Well, depending on your personal schedule and preference, you could tailor the learning experience to a format you would actually use for a fraction of the price. This is way better than being locked into a yearly rate for something you may not regularly use!

Clarity and Variety

Some may find the sheer number of courses on offer with Lorman to be a bit of a challenge to parse through at the outset. However, Lorman provides a helping hand in a way you don’t typically see from other CPE platforms. In addition to a comprehensive search system that helps to break down courses by their topics as well as the type of credit you will receive, Lorman also provides additional information through a series of helpful tabs.

How do tabs help with course selection? It’s the extra step that sets Lorman apart:

Whereas most providers give you the basics of a course description and who your Professor is, Lorman breaks out key info and gives the details that actually matter to you as a student. These big questions are answered right off the bat:

  • What is this course about?
  • Who is the professor and what have they accomplished?
  • How is the course agenda outlined?
  • What specific credits will I earn for completed coursework?

It may seem small, but this level of extra detail really elevates the Lorman website from feeling like a simple course offering and more like a peek at the actual course syllabus.

Team Curriculum from Scratch

Lorman’s CPE and ENG course offerings also set themselves apart from the competition in their fully custom offerings. Yes, it’s true that you can customize how you partake in Lorman’s CPE and ENG courses; but this is more of a fully custom option that is available for teams.

Lorman has an option under their pricing that allows you to request a custom quote for your team. While specific pricing would differ depending on the number of team members and your needs, this offering can really help to coordinate learning efforts across your organization. 

You can use this to take advantage of customized team options like reporting and dashboards, unlimited access to course offerings, and specialized team training tools!

Lorman Education Pricing

Lorman CPE Pricing

Though many online CPE course providers will allow you to select between a yearly membership and the ability to purchase courses a la carte, Lorman’s pricing allows for an even more personal approach by allowing users to adjust their cost down to the actual assets used. Sign up for unlimited access or simply enroll for a few specific features— it’s totally up to you and your personal preference!

It’s tough not to see the overall value in the All-Access pass that Lorman offers. Every class comes with a suite of its own downloadable content in addition to hours of lecture and study material. Additionally, the sheer number of classes available with this type of content included is truly impressive.

Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at Lorman’s high points and shortcomings:

  • Pro – Courses for Everyone: An expanding course catalog of current and relevant industry topics — as well as access to Lorman’s Webinars (which are live), On-Demand video content, manuals, and digital downloads — means you’ll never be left wanting more. There’s always something new to learn or dive into with Lorman.
  • Pro – Flexible Pricing and Structure: Instead of forcing you to pay ridiculous prices for a ton of study materials that you may not end up using, Lorman asks you which pieces you actually want to use. Then, they adjust your pricing to include just those items.
  • Pro – A Proven Track Record: Having helped to educate over 1.4 million professionals over 33 years, students can feel secure in their choice with Lorman when continuing their professional education.
  • Con – Strict Cancellation & Refund Policy: Lorman’s offerings can be a little strict when it comes to refunds. Unless you’ve completely avoided beginning a class or accessing any purchased content from their site, you’re able to get a full refund within 72 hours. On the other hand, if you start a course and realize that you don’t want to complete it, you’re unable to transfer or cancel this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep reading to see your most pressing questions answered below:

❓Can I get a refund if I decide a course isn’t right for me?

Refunds or transfers may only be obtained within 72 hours of purchasing a class. However, once a class has been started — or content has been downloaded for that class — a refund can’t be received even if it’s been less than 72 hours.

❓How do I know which credits I will receive for a course?

You can find this information under each course description in their catalog. Simply look under the tab marked “Credits” to see this info. Lorman even allows you to search for courses by specific credit types.

❓Can I share my All-Access Pass with another student?

Sorry, no. All-Access membership is restricted to one person per purchase. However, if you need access for multiple people or a team, you can request custom pricing from Lorman based on your team’s needs.

Ideal Customer

Still not sure if Lorman is right for you? Here’s a few points to keep in mind:

  • If you crave variety in your course offerings, Lorman is a good choice for you.
  • If you need a course load that is tailored to your lifestyle and budget, Lorman is a good choice for you.
  • If you need courses that can further your learning offline as well as online, Lorman is a good choice for you.
  • If you prefer being able to transfer to alternate classes after a few days, this isn’t the right pick for you.

Final Recommendation

When considering all of Lorman’s offerings, as well as the amount of downloadable content per course, it’s a pretty sweet deal. Add in the fact that they have an adjustable pricing model and a fully customizable platform and it’s an even better deal. Furthermore, since Lorman has been officially recognized by over a million professionals in the past 33 years, this is one of the safest investments you can make for your education. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

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