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Kaplan is a big name in the test prep industry. For more than 70 years, Kaplan Test Prep has created comprehensive review courses and full length practice exams. Students even have the option to choose your classroom style: in person, live online, or on-demand online.

Kaplan Bar Review offers excellent prep courses for all types of students. Your options include the Complete Bar Review, LLM Bar Review, Multistate Bar Exam Courses, and supplementary study materials.

Keep reading to learn more about what Kaplan’s Bar Prep course has to offer!

Overview of Kaplans BAR

Overview Of Kaplan Bar Prep Course

Kaplan Bar Review is a great course for students who want a traditional classroom setting with the ease of a self-study online course. It’s flexible and comes with a ton of tools and study materials.

Your Kaplan Bar prep course will include full-length practice exams, lectures (both online and in person), a 14-day “final countdown study plan,” multiple choice practice questions, practice essays, quizzes, and excellent student support.

It all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Best of all is that any enrolled students can try their course risk-free, thanks to Kaplan’s money-back guarantee.

What makes Kaplan BAR Review such a great prep course?

  • Thorough BAR Review Study Materials
  • Organized Course Structure
  • Flexible Formats that Works With You
  • Bonus Law School Resources
  • Support for International Students

What's Included With Kaplan BAR

What’s Included With Kaplan BAR Review

Comprehensive Bar Review Study Materials

Kaplan’s Complete Bar Review Course is packed with recorded lessons (or in-person classroom study sessions), as well as over 4,000 practice MBE questions, outlines and notes. You can even use their handy flashcards or try out a free MPRE review course online.

You’ll certainly have enough study material to be successful on the Bar exam. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to get individual guidance on essay grading. It’s clear that this prep course emphasizes both quality and quantity to ensure students have the best chance of achieving Bar success!

Organized Course Structure

Kaplan’s Bar Review courses are no joke. They will keep you on track thanks to the strict classroom/online lecture attendance. After all, when studying for the Bar exam, you need to be focused and stay on schedule!

You will need to complete a set number of homework assignments, practice questions and essays, and final review. Furthermore, you’ll have to attend the lectures, whether online or in person. For these reasons, students who prefer to learn on a strict schedule will feel right at home.

Flexible Formats

Kaplan has a stellar reputation. And it can be available to all types of students, no matter where you choose to study from. You can login online and study right at home in your PJs, or you can go in to the in-person Kaplan classrooms.

But if you don’t happen to live near an in-person classroom, you can see the recorded lectures anywhere and at any time. You can even watch them on your smartphone! I’ve talked about how the class is strict, but you will have some wiggle time to get back on track on the weekends. That’s just one more way Kaplan keeps it flexible for their students.

Kaplan BAR exam Pricing

Kaplan Bar Pricing

Since Kaplan is such a comprehensive course with a great reputation, the courses are on the pricier side. The price for the Complete BAR Review Course changes from state to state, ranging from $1,895 to $3,500.

The MBE Supplemental Courses have a variety of prices as well: The Combination Course price is $1,049, The Foundation Course price is $699, And the Final Review course price is $499.

However, the best price out of all of them is Kaplan’s MPRE Review: it’s free!

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Pros & Cons

Kaplan Bar Review has a lot of benefits, but what’s the full story?

Check out some of this course’s strengths and weaknesses below:

Pro – Employer Payment Options: Kaplan will give you the option to “Bill My Firm” online. This will allow your employer or Law Firm to be billed directly, which is convenient if your boss wants to foot the bill.

Pro – Student Support: All enrolled students will have access to plenty of additional support. The course even has a built in Ask-an-Expert tool where academic attorneys will answer your questions. Furthermore, you can pay extra for tutors to give you personalized coaching.

Pro – Fits to Your Schedule: It’s tough to find the time to study for the BAR exam. That’s why Kaplan gives you the option to watch the recorded lectures whenever and wherever you want.

Con – Expensive: If you are on a budget, you should probably check out some other courses. Kaplan is pretty expensive, but in my opinion, it’s well worth the cost!

Kaplan BAR Pros and Cons

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Kaplan Bar Review’s workload a lot to handle?

A: Truthfully, I think the amount of work can be overwhelming for a lot of people. But this course will touch on everything you could possibly be tested on. Consequently, if you are serious about your BAR prep, then the amount of work you need to take on should not be a concern to you.

Q: How is the quality of Kaplan’s MBE questions?

A: Kaplan stays up to date with the practice exam questions, but there have been criticisms with the “exam-like” quality of the MBE questions. These may need to be supplemented for some students through the aid of additional study materials from a third party.

Kaplan BAR Ideal Customer

Ideal Customer

Still looking for the big picture? Check out these suggestions to see if Kaplan is the right BAR review course for you:

  • If you want to have enough material to ensure you will pass the BAR exam, Kaplan Bar is the course for you.
  • If you are looking for an affordable course, this isn’t the prep course for you.
  • If you want both an in person and online classroom option, this is the right course for you.

Final Recommendation

Kaplan is a very popular course for Bar exam candidates, and for good reason! Kaplan’s courses have a excellent reputation with a money-back guarantee to boot. There’s even a free trial for those that still have their doubts.

Ultimately, Kaplan will keep you on the right track to pass the BAR exam. If you struggle to self-motivate, they’ll have your back with their organized and intuitive course structure. I highly recommend Kaplan for anyone serious about passing the bar exam and becoming a lawyer!


Save $100 on Kaplan BAR Review Course

1 uses today
Expires in 3 days
Last Used: 3 days

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