Anyone interested in a career in financial management will no doubt see the appeal in becoming a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). It’s a useful certification that can help you go far in your professional life. However, getting there isn’t the easiest task.

If you’re interested in making your exam prep a little easier, here’s what I recommend:

CMA prep courses like Gleim CMA Review work as an excellent part of a successful study plan. They uniquely prepare you in a way that self study can’t. In spite of that, it can be tough to find one that’s worth your time.

They offer a unique set of study materials and methods, but can they compare to the best CMA prep courses out there? 

Read on to find out just how effective they are:

Overview of Gleim CMA Review

Gleim CMA Review Course

In their own words, Gleim’s mission statement is “to maximize knowledge transfer while minimizing your time commitment, frustration, and cost.” 

They do this by providing easy-to-use and effective knowledge transfer systems to any prospective CMA. Basically, Gleim has been helping their students since 1974 and is still going strong to this day.

Here are a few of the features you can expect from Gleim CMA:

  • Digital and Print Books
  • SmartAdaptTM Adaptive Course
  • Support from Personal Counselors and Accounting Experts
  • Video Lectures and Audio Lectures
  • Study Planner and Digital Flashcards
  • Mock Exam(s) and Final Review
  • High-Quality Test Bank
  • MCQ and Essay Walkthrough Videos

What’s Included With Gleim CMA

SmartAdapt Technology

Gleim uses their patented SmartAdapt technology to make sure you’re always working on your weaknesses. This is done by analyzing your study responses to show what areas you’re strong in and what you still need help with. Following this will let you know exactly when you’ll be ready to take the CMA exam.

No matter what you’re working on, you’ll always be improving your weak areas. That’s because the course automatically adapts based on the information SmartAdapt gathers. Doing so means that no extra work or organization is required on your part. You can simply concentrate on your studies while being assured that you’re improving in the necessary areas.

Video Content

Premium course users will have access to Gleim Instruct video lectures. In these videos, professional accounting instructors walk you through tough topics and examples to prepare you for the CMA exam.

Gleim also provides free CMA webinars that cover career advice, study tips, exam information, and more!

Playlist: CMA Exam Webinars

Practice Exams

Practice exams are the bread and butter of any good review course, and Gleim is no exception. 

They offer unlimited practice tests that are intended to be combined with their SmartAdapt technology. These tests all use questions from previous exams and official Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) materials. As a result, these tests are especially effective at training you for the CMA exam.

Once you’re comfortable with your chances of passing, there’s one last test you’ll need to take.

Gleim’s CMA course caps off with a final practice exam designed identically to the real thing. Taking this under the same testing conditions will show you how prepared you are and go a long way towards familiarizing you with the exam format. Plus, you’ll be comfortable with the testing experience before you’ve even entered a testing center.

Gleim CMA Pricing

Gleim offers three different review courses. Each tier costs more than the previous one but they offer plenty more premium content.

The three tiers are as follows:

  • CMA Mega Test BankThis option costs $999 and is a self-guided supplement. It includes thousands of multiple-choice and essay questions, practice exams, and the textbook (digital or physical). This works well if you’re supplementing another review course, but I’d generally recommend paying for a higher tier.
  • Traditional CMA Review System – The second tier costs $1,499 and includes Gleim’s SmartAdapt technology. It adds access to audio lectures, Personal Counselors, a study planner, Mock Exam (s), and more. Compared to the first tier, this is a much better deal; it offers far more content and is built around excellent adaptive technology.
  • Premium CMA Review SystemGleim’s top-tier course costs $1,799 and includes even more content and features. You’ll have access to all the content from the other tiers in addition to Gleim Instruct video lectures, MCQ and essay walkthrough videos, digital flashcards, Accounting Experts, and Access Until You Pass® Guarantee. If you want the absolute best offer, this is the option for you.

Gleim Pros & Cons

Gleim offers a lot of content, but some of it is better than others. Listed below are some of the positives and negatives of taking this course:

  • Pro – Free Demo: Gleim offers a free demo of their Premium CMA Review course. This will allow you to get comfortable with course content before you decide on a purchase. Plus, progress from the demo carries on to the full course.
  • Pro – Award Winners: A large number of students who’ve taken Gleim’s courses have gone on to win CMA award medals.
  • Pro – CMA Blog: Gleim runs a CMA blog in addition to their review courses. This blog regularly updates with helpful articles for anyone interested in management accounting. Each blog entry is also totally free.
  • Con – Price: Gleim’s courses are fairly expensive. Even their cheapest option is $999. However, it’s important to remember that you will get a product that’s worth the money you’re paying— other courses may be cheaper, but they aren’t nearly as effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’d like to know more about Gleim, read on to see some of the most commonly asked questions about this course.

Q: Does Gleim CMA offer any free content?

A: Yes! Gleim offers a free demo of their course, free practice questions, and a free exam guide. They also offer free blog articles, host free live webinars, and post free question walkthroughs on their YouTube channel.

Q: What is the course access period?

A: Premium users have Gleim’s Access Until You Pass® Guarantee, which provides free material updates until you pass the CMA exam. Traditional and Mega Bank users have 18 months of access.

Ideal Customer

Still on the fence? If so, read the following to find out if Gleim is right for you.

  • If you want hands-on experience with the CMA exam, this is the course for you.
  • If you want a personalized study experience, this is the course for you.
  • If you prefer to work with experienced professionals, this is the course for you.
  • If you’re trying to save money, this isn’t the course for you.

Final Recommendation

Gleim’s CMA review course is one of the best in the business. Their adaptive technology and experienced teachers guarantee that you’ll pass with flying colors. If you follow the trend of their best customers, you may even become an award winner down the line.

If you have any doubts about Gleim, eliminate them now. They’re well worth your time and money. Make sure to check out their program as soon as you can. You can try out their free trial and see how good it is for yourself!


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Kenneth W. Boyd is a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and the author of several of the popular "For Dummies" books published by John Wiley & Sons including 'CPA Exam for Dummies' and 'Cost Accounting for Dummies'.

Ken has gained a wealth of business experience through his previous employment as a CPA, Auditor, Tax Preparer and College Professor. Today, Ken continues to use those finely tuned skills to educate students as a professional writer and teacher.