Compare the Top 5 Best CMA Review Courses & Study Guides in 2018

best-cma-review-coursesDeciding on the best CMA review course that will help you pass the certified management accounting exam and become a CMA in the shortest amount of time possible isn’t that easy. There’s a few different companies that make CMA prep courses and, believe it or not, all of them boast their review materials to be the best. How are you supposed to differentiate between them all and decide on one?

Well, the first thing that you have to know is that there isn’t just one “best” CMA study guide. All of the courses have their own benefits and drawbacks that work for some people and not for others. The important thing is that you check out each of the best CMA study materials to see which one will work for you.

Everyone is different. We all learn differently and different ways of staying focused while we study. Some strategies work well for some people and not for others. It’s important to find a study guide that matches your learning style and will help you stay focused. You will most likely end up spending over 100 hours preparing for the CMA exam. The last thing you want is a review course that will add study time to your schedule instead of speeding it up. You want a study guide that will help you learn faster—not hold you back.

That’s why I’ve reviewed all of the top-rated CMA study guides. I wanted you to be able to look at each one and understand which fits your learning style, study schedule, and most of all, your budget. I review the study text, video lectures, and all of the features of each course, so you will be able to see all of the benefits and drawbacks.

Quick Look at CMA Course Reviews and Rankings

Here’s my list of the top CMA exam prep courses, so you can pick out the right course and start studying for the CMA exam.

Top CMA Exam Prep Courses and Study Guides of 2018 Below:

Here are the best CMA exam study material review courses to help you pass the CMA exam on your first try and become a certified management accountant.

CMA Exam Academy Review

cma-exam-academy-cma-reviewThe CMA Exam Academy was founded by Nathan Liao, CMA. This course is somewhat unique because it offers extensive 1-on-1 personal coaching. Each candidate who signs up for this course will be in personal contact with Liao himself as they go through course.

The study materials include more than 100 hours of lectures present by Liao and over 2,500 multiple-choice questions. You will also have access to audio lectures as well.

This is by far the most personal review course out there right now, but it is also one of the most expensive. Keep in mind, however, this course comes with a 100% pass guarantee. If you fail after taking this course, you will be able to use it again. I doubt too many people fail after working side-by-side with Liao to prepare.

Wiley CMAexcel Review

wiley-cma-reviewWiley is one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the test prep industry. They know what they are doing and they always make a really easy to use product that consistently helps candidates cut tens of hours off their study time.

Wiley CMAexcel is no exception. Their unique bite-sized learning approach helps you stay focused on key topics without dragging you down long rabbit trails that force you to lose your focus. Each lesson is short, sweet, and to the point.

This affordable course includes more than 2,000 multiple-choice questions and more than 23 hours of video lectures. This is a huge help during your study process. Watching the videos and going immediately into practice questions will help you understand and memorized the information extremely fast.

This course also comes with a full set of textbooks that have in-depth, real world examples to help you understand the concepts. You also get a full set of flashcards that you can use to memorize important concepts and topics.

PLUS: It also never expires. Say goodbye to reactivation fees. 🙂

Gleim CMA Review

gleim-cma-reviewGleim has offered some of the most comprehensive and detailed professional exam preparation guides in the industry for over 40 years. Their study materials and textbooks have a reputation for being thorough and filled with detailed examples. This is great for anyone who needs more help understanding a topic.

The Gleim CMA study guide includes more than 4,100 multiple-choice practice questions. That’s HUGE. The Gleim CMA test bank is bigger than any other company. It also includes more than 40 interactive essay problems that you can use to prepare the for essay section.

Gleim also includes more than 40 hours of video lectures taught by the extremely knowledgeable and experience Gleim Instructors.

Another unique thing about this course is that when you sign up for it, you will be assigned to a personal counselor who will help you through the study process. As you need encouragement, your counselor will remind you that you need to get back on track with you study schedule. He or she will also help answer any questions you have about the materials. This is a great resource!

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ExamMatrix CMA Review

exammatrix-cma-reviewExamMatrix is another company that has embraced the adaptive learning approach to professional exam study materials. Their software creates quizzes for you based on your answer history in order to focus on your weak areas.

This adaptive approach enables the course to fit your understanding of the topics. It also makes the course much more efficient because you aren’t repeating sections and topics 100 times that you already understand.

This course includes more than 2,500 multiple-choice questions and 35 essay problems. It is somewhat limited; however, as it does not come with flash cards, video lectures, or a comprehensive textbook. It does include a textbook, but there isn’t much to it. The other courses’ books are much more detailed, but this is a pretty affordable course.

Hock CMA International

hock-internation-cma-reviewHock has been an industry leader in the CMA exam prep market for decades. They offer a wide range of different study tools and guides for CMA candidates.

Their complete course comes with video lectures, audio lectures, and more than 2,000 multiple-choice questions. They also include some practice essay questions and mock exams.

This study guide is pretty complete, but it doesn’t go into that much detail. People who need more information about topics might have a difficult time using this course, as Gleim offers more examples and detailed study materials.

This is not a bad course, but I would recommend Wiley or Gleim over it. They are more complete and a better value for the money.

What is the best CMA review course?

Top 5 Best CMA Review Courses of 2018 – Comparison Guide

CPA Review CoursesBest for:
Wiley CMAexcelBite-Sized Learning
Gleim CMABiggest Test Bank
Fast Forward AcademyAdaptive Learning
CMA Exam Academy1-on-1 Coaching