Every civil engineer will need to take the PE exam at some point in their career. That makes it extremely important, so you’ll want the best possible chance of passing. In order to reach that goal, you’ll want to sign up for an effective and simple PE prep course.

Lucky for you, Civil Engineering Academy (CEA) offers an excellent one.

Their course has been designed to help you pass the PE exam without stressing you out. It’s accessible and straightforward in how it teaches you. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to learn in a stress-free environment.

Read on to see how it all works!

Civil Engineering Academy is a company focused on helping aspiring civil engineers pass their certification exams and learn the skill required for success in their careers. In order to do so, they  offer reasonably priced courses designed to lead you through the study process. Their courses are extremely effective and eliminate anxiety when getting ready to take the exam.

All of the following are included in this PE prep course:

  • Personalized support
  • Constantly Growing Resource Library
  • Course Flexibility
  • Video Practice Problems
  • Easy to Follow References
  • Community Hub
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Video Lectures
  • Accessible Anywhere

What’s Included With Civil Engineering Academy

Constantly Growing Resource Library

CEA students have access to a wide range of lecture modules and practice problems. However, this pool of resources is not static— it’s constantly growing and adding more subjects and styles. This ensures that you never fall behind while preparing for the Civil Engineering PE Exam. Thanks to that, you’ll always be working with cutting edge materials and information.

Plus, you can even contribute to the resources yourself:

You can make content suggestions If there are specific topics that you’d like to see covered. This ensures that you won’t have to wait and hope for the updates you need. Instead, you’ll take an active role in expanding your knowledge base and study materials. That degree of freedom and interactivity simply isn’t available anywhere else.

Course Flexibility

CEA’s course has been designed to accommodate every student’s schedule. Because of that, you can answer questions and study materials at any time for as long as you like. The only thing that’s required to access these resources is an internet connection. Hence, there are very few limits on when and where you can access your course materials.

Doing so can even allow you to learn on the go, such as during a train commute.

Scheduling becomes much easier when you can slot studying into small breaks. Students can study during breaks at work or even at home just before bed. Basically, your study schedule is completely customizable.

Easy References

CEA has made sure to include references to the official PE Civil Reference Manual from PPI. That’s because it’s a common and popular choice for engineering majors— in fact, odds are high that you’ll already have the book before you even sign up for the course. Now you can cross reference everything you learn about electrical engineering with official materials so you can be confident in what you know.

Civil Engineering Academy Pricing

CEA has three different prices based on monthly, 6 month, and yearly access. The prices are as follows:

  • Monthly access costs $397 a month. I generally wouldn’t recommend this one unless you plan on blitzing through this course in one month. Even signing up for two months under this price costs more than the 6 month option.
  • Next is the 6 month option which costs $697. This is the price that I recommend— almost everyone can finish the course within this time frame and it’s cheaper than paying multiple times with the monthly option.
  • Finally, there’s the yearly price. It costs $997 and I only recommend it to people who know that they need extra time. This is pretty pricey but can still be worth it if you’re a particularly slow learner.

Keep in mind that the 6 month and annual course options can be paid either all at once for a discount or across multiple payments.

Pros & Cons

Still unsure about the quality of this course? Check out some of the pros and cons below to learn more.

  • Pro – Personalized Support: Instructors are available to answer your questions at any time. You can contact them via email or their private Facebook group. Plus, you can even receive personal instruction from them if you need it.
  • Pro – Community Interaction: You will gain access to a private Facebook group as part of the course. In this group, you can talk to other students and teachers about any progress you’ve made or help you need. Thanks to that, you’ll always feel supported by a group of your peers.
  • Pro – Certificate of Completion: Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. This is essential for anyone whose business will reimburse them the cost of the course. Plus it looks nice on the wall with your other achievements!
  • Con – No Pass Guarantee: Unlike other courses, CEA’s PE course does not include a pass guarantee. Their service is good enough that it shouldn’t be necessary, but it’s still disappointing to miss out on that safety net.

Civil Engineering Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions about CEA’s PE course:

🗓 How long is Civil Engineering Academy?

This course should take roughly three months to complete. That’s because each video lecture runs from 10-40 minutes on top of the 150 video practice problems. You can probably finish quicker if you rush through the material, but I would not advise that.

$ Does Civil Engineering Academy offer refunds?

Yes! If you cancel your order within 15 days of starting the course, you will receive a full refund with no questions asked.

🖥 Is Civil Engineering Academy’s course live or recorded?

This PE review course is made up of recorded lectures and video practice problems. These allow you to work at your own pace instead of being constrained by the limits of a live classroom. Plus, teachers are always available if you need help.

Ideal Customer

Are you still not sure if this course is for you? In that case, you should consider the following:

  • If you want a great deal of support before taking the exam, this is the course for you.
  • If you learn well from lectures and practice exams, this is the course for you.
  • If you need a straight to the point study course, this is the course for you.
  • If you want a live or in person study course, this isn’t the course for you.

Final Recommendation

Civil Engineering Academy’s PE course is absolutely worth your time and money. Their course is extremely effective at teaching you what you need to know. Plus, you’ll have extra support from both teachers and your peers whenever you need it.

Civil Engineering Academy

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Physical Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Year Founded: 2014

Exams Covered: FE, PE

Continuing Education: No

BBB Grade: None

Trustpilot Rating: None

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