Fewer people know the importance of preparation like Professional Surveyors. Much like with any certification governed by the NCEES, it’s crucial to draft a plan of action when preparing for the PS exam in order to have a more fruitful outcome. 

But while a professional land surveyor work site has clearly defined boundaries, PS exam prep can be a little more difficult to prepare for.

So where do you start looking for PS exam prep?

We’re prepared to help you prepare for and pass your exam and become a licensed surveyor. The information listed below combined with your effort will almost certainly result in you becoming a professional surveyor. 

So let’s jump right in and see which of these PS exam prep courses will be the perfect fit for you!

1. School of PE

School of PE Logo

School of PE offers a comprehensive 60-hour course that also includes PS exam practice sessions. Additionally, their emphasis on the NCEES PS Reference Handbook when teaching their students is extremely effective— the end result is quality and quantity.

The course makes sure to focus on key topics from the exam. Throughout this course you’ll be reviewing topics such as standards and specifications, professional surveying practices, and legal principles. Additionally, information regarding areas of practice as well as optimal business practices for professional surveyors are also covered in the course.

But what if you don’t want to study by yourself? 

School of PE offers its exam prep in both Live Online and On-Demand format. The Live Online option is designed to keep you accountable by having you attend scheduled online class sessions. It also includes live practice sessions as well as instructor support.

Alternatively, for those looking to get started sooner and not have to adhere to a schedule— the On-Demand option is probably more your speed. The course content isn’t too dissimilar from the Live Online course, as you’ll still enjoy lectures and practice sessions. The main difference to note is that lectures are recorded and available to view at your own pace. This format is available on a monthly subscription plan, though longer subscriptions can also be purchased.

School of PE Bottom Line

School of PE stands out as one of the stronger online options for PS exam prep. Their bundles are truly comprehensive, and the support across all devices ensures that you can take them on the go with you at all times.