Roger CPA Review Course & Study Materials

Roger CPA Review is one of the most popular CPA exam study guides because it’s energetic, interesting, and retains candidates’ attention. This review course is built on the Roger learning method that integrates lectures, study text, and practice questions to help candidates learn and remember information about complicated topics. This study guide is most known

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CIA Exam Pass Rates Explained

According to the Institute of Internal Auditors, the CIA exam pass rate is 39% – 42% over the last four years. This is a relatively low passing rate as compared with other professional exams despite what you may have heard about the certified internal auditor exam. If you are considering becoming a CIA, you might

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Yaeger vs Roger CPA Review | Which CPA Review Course is Better?

Yaeger and Roger CPA Review have been two of the most popular CPA exam study guides for years, which makes them difficult to decide between. The core components and features of each course are similar, but they are completely different CPA exam prep courses. So how do you decide which one is better? That’s a

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