Gleim CPA Review

Gleim CPA Review is one of the oldest and most popular CPA exam study materials on the market today. Thousands of candidates have used this review course to prepare for the CPA exam. Furthermore, even more people have used various Gleim test prep products as supplements to other study materials.

The Gleim CPA exam course was designed to be comprehensive and explanatory. This premium CPA review has more questions, more examples, more explanations, and more study text than any other course on the market. Consequently, this level of detail is great for candidates who have been out of school for a long time or don’t have a firm grasp on difficult accounting topics. It is also a popular choice for international candidates. If you don’t fit into those categories, don’t worry; this study course also has tons of unique features and benefits that can’t be found in other study materials.

Let’s walk through the Gleim CPA review course offerings and see what they have to offer.

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Gleim Course Offerings

Gleim presents a tiered approach to its CPA prep courses, catering to a range of learning preferences and budgets. They have three distinct full-course offerings:

  1. Premium Pro: This is the cream of the crop, the most comprehensive package they offer. Ideal for those who want an in-depth study experience with all the bells and whistles.
  2. Premium: A step down from the Pro but still packed with features. It provides a balanced combination of guided learning and self-study resources.
  3. Traditional: For students who prefer a straightforward, no-frills approach. While it may be their basic offering, it still ensures a solid foundation for the CPA exam.

For those who don’t need the whole shebang or are working with a tighter budget, Gleim has another solution: a textbook-test bank combo. This option focuses on essential study materials and practice questions, perfect for self-driven learners looking for a more condensed study approach.

Most of what we will outline below will be geared toward their Premium CPA program.

Gleim CPA Course Format

Gleim structures its study content meticulously to ensure candidates are thoroughly prepared for the CPA exam. The materials are segmented into chapters, each zooming in on crucial exam topics. Within these chapters, learners will find a suite of exam review modules that provide a multi-faceted approach to understanding the subject matter. These modules encompass:

  1. Video Lectures: Presented by experts, these lectures break down complex topics into understandable chunks. They’re ideal for visual learners or anyone who benefits from a classroom-style presentation.
  2. Study Text: This provides a deep dive into the topics, offering detailed explanations, examples, and key takeaways. It’s designed for those who learn best by reading and like to have comprehensive written materials for reference.
  3. Practice Questions: Arguably one of the most vital components for CPA prep, these questions emulate the style and complexity of the actual CPA exam. They allow students to test their understanding and get a feel for the real exam’s timing and structure.
  4. … And More: Depending on the course package, students might encounter additional resources like audio lectures, simulation quizzes, and interactive study sessions.

Gleim Exam Prep

Video Lectures

While Gleim might have been a latecomer to the video lecture scene, they’ve come a long way in refining their approach. Initially, when the trend towards video lectures began picking up steam with other companies, Gleim’s offerings resembled more audio-accompanied PowerPoint slides than interactive video lessons. However, they quickly evolved their strategy in response to market demands and feedback.

Now, Gleim boasts an impressive collection of over 100 hours of high-quality video lectures. These aren’t just any regular videos; they’re sessions helmed by seasoned and insightful instructors who dive deep into critical exam topics. One of the standout features of these lectures is the meticulous breakdown of specific CPA exam questions. This hands-on approach ensures students not only understand the theoretical aspects but also gain the practical skills needed to apply this knowledge effectively.

Furthermore, Gleim enhances the learning experience by integrating interactive elements within their video platform. Students can actively take notes as they go through the lectures, ensuring they capture key takeaways in real time. This feature is extended to the course outlines, enabling students to jot down important points and thoughts seamlessly. The result? A more engaged and comprehensive learning journey for every CPA aspirant.

Gleim CPA Review Books

Study Text

The Gleim CPA study book is the most detailed and comprehensive book on the market today. In fact, it’s probably a little too detailed. Some candidates complain that when using Gleim’s book, there is too much information to study. Consequently, they spend more time studying than necessary because the books cover more important topics than what is actually on the exam. This can be true for people who have a good handle on the information, but it’s a good thing for people who need more detailed explanations of concepts and topics.

Gleim CPA Test Bank

Gleim Test Prep

The Gleim CPA Review test bank is the largest test bank in the industry. Furthermore, this mega test bank includes over 10,000 past exams and practice multiple-choice questions in it. Most other test banks and review systems don’t even come close to that number. You might ask, Why would I need that many questions?

Well, unlike extra information in the study text, extra practice questions are good things. You don’t need to keep reviewing the same questions over and over because you will start memorizing the answers instead of reading the questions and understanding the concepts. The test bank is probably the best thing about this course. It’s also available as a stand-alone product without the purchase of the full course. Many candidates use this as a supplement to their other courses.

Task-Based Simulations

Similar to the test bank, Gleim includes an industry-leading 1,300 task-based solutions in their course. This is almost double what other companies include. With simulations counting more and more in the overall exam score, these are becoming more and more important to practice. Gleim gives you plenty of different formats, topics, and concepts to be tested on. If you prepare with Gleim practice exams, you will be well-prepared come exam day.

Exam Simulator

Gleim’s exam simulator emulates the real experience of the CPA exam. They’ve done a really good job on theirs. It is very close to the one used by the AICPA for the actual exam. Also, Gleim lets you use the simulator in a few different ways. You can start their standard quizzes found in each exam section, or you can create your own using the test bank. So, if you wanted to self-study chapters 4 and 9, you could make a custom quiz with only questions from those chapters. As you would expect, after you submit each quiz for grading, you will get explanations for each correct and incorrect answer. Gleim’s explanations are like their textbook, extremely detailed. This is a good thing because it helps you understand the concepts better and learn from your mistakes.

New for 2022 is a second mock exam, so now you have 2 full exams to simulate the real thing on test day.

Intuitive Study Planner

The Gleim adaptive learning study planner is a great tool that will help you set and stay on your study schedule. When you first set up your study guide, the study planner will pop up and ask you for your exam date. Enter that and input the number of days per week you want to study and any days you don’t want to study, and it will do the rest. It will automatically create a calendar for you that shows how many lessons and what materials you will need to complete each day until your final review. If you miss a day, it will automatically update the rest of the calendar and adjust your study time accordingly. Ultimately, this is a great feature.

Those are the main modules and features of the Gleim CPA study materials, so let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of this review course compared with others on the market.


Free Trial

Gleim is generous enough to allow all CPA candidates access to their materials for free to see if Gleim is right for them. You can test drive the course, practice the study questions, and see what it looks like on the inside without having to pay for anything. Click below to test drive Gleim for FREE!

Largest Testbank

The Gleim CPA test bank is the largest in the industry. This is a huge benefit because it allows candidates to practice nearly endless amounts of questions without running into the same ones over and over. This is probably the best study aid you could ask for when preparing for the CPA exam.

Personal Counselors

Gleim is unique to other companies in that they assign you a personal counselor who helps keep you motivated and on track during your study process. Thus, if you fall behind, your counselor will email you to help get you back on track. You can also call your accounting expert with questions about the exam or review materials. This is huge for candidates who need more help with concepts.

Unlimited Access

Unlike other CPA review companies, Gleim CPA puts no time limits on your study process. Thanks to their Access Until You Pass guarantee, your materials will never expire, and you’ll never have to pay extra fees to review or update them. It’s important to note that this is for their Premium and Premium Pro options only, not the Traditional CPA review course. It comes with just 18 months of access. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you want to receive an updated version of their physical textbook, you’ll have to pay shipping costs.


Lots of Information

Detailed information is a good thing. Too much information is a bad thing. Gleim can sometimes walk the line.

Their materials are extremely detailed and sometimes too detailed; however, their adaptive technology, called SmartAdapt, will guide candidates to the information they need to study based on their strengths and weaknesses.

No Mobile App

There is no specific mobile app for the Gleim CPA Review program. This can be a big deal for people who are always on the move and need to study from their phone or tablet. Fortunately, Gleim still provides excellent mobile functionality through browser optimization and downloadable audio lectures, although a dedicated app would be a nice addition further down the line.


Gleim stands out as a top choice for CPA exam preparation. It boasts an intuitive adaptive study system that meticulously assesses and adjusts to your learning needs, ensuring thorough coverage of all CPA exam topics. With Gleim, you’re not just getting resources; you’re getting a personal counselor to guide you every step of the way. This personalized touch is especially beneficial for international students grappling with US accounting concepts. Plus, if you’re keen on honing your skills with practice, Gleim’s expansive question bank is second to none. In short, for a comprehensive, adaptive, and supportive learning journey, Gleim is a prime pick.

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Gleim CPA Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best CPA review course?

Surgent, Roger, and Gleim all offer compelling benefits, depending on what is most important to your study (video content, practice questions, scheduling technology, exam simulations, etc.) Every student is different, so use our comparison chart to see how they all stack up against each other.

What is Gleim CPA Review?

Gleim is an education-based company that provides study materials and review courses for several professional certifications. Founded by Professor Irvin Gleim in 1974, this company provides learning materials for CPAs, CIA, CMAs, and EAs.

How much is Gleim CPA Review?

Gleim’s review courses come at several different price points. The highest tier they offer is the Gleim CPA Premium Pro Course, with a price tag of $3,499 (this amount is often discounted.) This includes study materials for all 4 sections of the CPA exam, in addition to a plethora of extras. Some of these extras include audio lectures, exam rehearsals, study sessions with real accountants, and access to their adaptive learning Interactive Study Planner. Gleim’s Premium offering is just $2,999, while the Traditional CPA review course package can be purchased for $2,499. Their lowest tier is the CPA Mega Test Bank for $999.

Is Gleim CPA Review Good? 

Gleim offers several prep courses and supplementary study materials that can help students prepare for and pass the CPA exam. However, there are much better CPA prep courses available through companies like Surgent and Roger that offer more appealing features, such as mobile compatibility, adaptive learning technology, and live lecture content.

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