roger-cpa-reviewRoger CPA review is one of the most popular CPA exam study guides because it’s energetic, interesting, and retains candidates’ attention. This review course is built on the Roger learning method that integrates lectures, study text, and practice questions to help candidates learn and remember information about complicated topics.

This study guide is most known for its lectures present by Roger Philips, the founder of the company. Roger is a flamboyant lecturer with a sense of humor and personality. He explains topics with jokes and creates ingenious memorization devices like mnemonics that candidates can use to recall important topics or steps in a series of events. This course is great for candidates who are tired of the same old boring accounting lectures and want something that will hold their attention and even (gasp) entertain them.

The overall Roger Elite course format looks like this:

Roger CPA Course Format

The Roger CPA study materials are split into chapters covering different topics. Each chapter consists of several different review components and modules that help candidates study in different ways. Let’s take a look at each chapter component and explain what’s inside.

Video Lectures

The Roger video lectures are probably the biggest and most well known component of this review course. Roger himself is the instructor in all the lectures. He delivers fun, energetic performances that will grab your attention, entertain you with his antics, and educate you on the important information all at once.

Roger covers each chapter topic in great detail in each of his video lectures. He presents the information on a white board and works through problem sets and explains his unique memorization techniques and mnemonics.

Study Text and Workbook

The Roger study book follows the information presented in the lectures and allows candidates to follow along while Roger is speeding through the information. The interface on the digital course allows you to stop each lecture at any point and pull up that section of the study book to read about the topic in more detail. It also allows you to bookmark the study text and the video at the same time, so you can go back and review both at a later date.

Roger CPA Test Bank

This test bank isn’t the largest in the industry, but it includes many features that other prep courses don’t. The 5,000+ questions include explanation of the correct answers, so candidates can review what answer was correct and why the other answer were wrong. It also includes a custom quiz generator that allows you to create custom quizzes from any chapter or topic. Thus, you can focus on practicing specific topics instead of answering questions about topics you already understand over and over.

Task Based Simulations

All of the course options come with a full set of task-based simulations. These simulations include many different topics and emulate the real CPA exam format. This is an important part in your study process because the simulations are becoming a bigger part of the overall CPA exam score. They can also be tricky to understand because the format of each simulation is usually different. The Roger simulations are developed to expose you to several different layout and question formats as well as different types of topics covered.

Exam Simulator

Roger offers a complete practice exam that candidates can use to improve their test taking ability, time management skills, and overall awareness of the CPA exam format. The simulator acts and looks like the real exam environment and is timed like the real exam as well.

Audio Lectures

Many courses do not come with audio lectures, but the Roger Elite course does. These audio version of Roger’s energetic lectures allow candidates to listen lectures and study while in the car on the way to work or out on a jog. You can take the audio lectures anyway and listen to them when it’s impossible to read the study text or watch a video lecture.


Roger’s flash cards come in two different formats: printed and digital. The printed cards are great for people who want physical note cards that can be used to jot down note and make reminders. The digital flash cards are great for people on the go who can’t carry bulky printed cards with them where ever they go. Both sets of cards cover the same materials including: practice questions, key terms, and problems.

Roger Cram Course

The Roger CPA cram course is a great final review for anyone whether you use the full Roger study guide or not. It’s a comprehensive final review that candidates can use in the final two weeks before their exam date to refresh on important topics and make sure they memorize all of the necessary facts for each exam section.

That covers the entire overview of the CPA review course format. Let’s look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of these study materials.


Free Trial

If you aren’t sure about Roger still, you can test drive the course for FREE! If you don’t like it, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t cost you anything. If you do like it, on the other hand, you can pick your full course after the trial period. It’s a no brainer!

Video Lectures

Roger’s video lectures are nothing like any other course’s lectures. Roger is energetic and helps you stay focused with memorization techniques, interesting stories, and funny jokes. If you want lively lectures instead of the typical dry, boring accounting lectures, this is the right course for you.

Cram Course

The cram course is a big bonus in the Elite version of this course. This final review really helps prepare candidates for the exam and makes sure they remember all of the topics and key pieces of information covered on the exam. Even if you don’t buy the full Roger study guide, you should consider getting this cram course.

Audio Lectures

Unique to this set of study materials, the audio lectures let you study wherever you are. Whether you are in the car or at the gym, you can listen to lectures and learn about the topics you haven’t covered yet.


Video Lectures

I know what you are thinking. “Wait, wasn’t this a benefit?” Well, it is a benefit for some people. Other candidates have complained that Roger speaks too quickly and his jokes aren’t funny. International candidates, particularly, have a difficult time understanding Roger’s speedy lecture style. Thus, if you want a slow-paced, detailed lecture, this course might not be right for you.

Expiration Date

Unfortunately, this course does have an expiration date. You can only use it for 18 months before it expires. After that you will no longer have access to it unless you pay for a discounted 6-month extension.


Roger CPA review is a perfect course for someone who wants study guide with more energy and is sick of boring classrooms. This course includes everything you will need to pass the exam and then some. It also includes some unique features like the audio books and cram courses that other review companies don’t include. We highly recommend this study guide for visual learners who learn best from watching lectures.